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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A bit of stitching..Book..Blessings and My Oldest UFO

hello my dear friends,
look at these days how they are passing so quietly and so quickly..
oh dear so many days slipped and me with out posting has been so crazy and busy around here..i dont know where i am going,what i am doing.. and then day is finished...gggrrr
but i did some stitching too..i finished this scissor fob..
it is a free design from Lynn B
she has a very sweet blog and you can found this lovely pattern here

isn't it very sweet..My Halloween kitty :)
another scissor fob for me.. i am just loving these cute little fellow for our scissor's..they are happy with them ;)
and the oldest ufo...
Evalina mentioned it on her blog "this and that"
Let's do the Oldest UFO SAL. If you have any, dig it out and start stitching. Post the progress on your own blog with the label "the oldest UFO" and let her know that you did it. You can post the progress of your work (on that UFO of course) as often as you like but you must post it also on the last day of every month. That one will count towards a prize! Yep, you are reading right, there will be a prize for the most stitched UFO!!!
it is sound so interesting
hmmnn how many i have?
not much...
but there is an old one somewhere..
yup.. a very old rusty one..but a dear close to my heart..i started stitching it when i started doing the cross stitching..some time ago..
here it is my deary stitching room..
all things my favourite:)
days are truly nice here now..not very hot..and very busy summer here...i found this very lovely book in the book store..i was looking for it from a long time and now i found it..look at the cover of the is so sweet..i love it.. 

                                                      ME and MISS MALOO ^ o ^
i was reading NIA blog post about christmas decoration.. and she asked that what is your fav part of the decor?i told her that i love snowman so much..and i got another one this year..
 snowman in the summer of south africa :)

have a look at this..aww sweetie..he he he i love them so many frostie friends of mine :)
and this little one too..cuteeeeeeeeee is true Nia, it is already smell like christmas
ok my flying back to my crazy much to do..
as always thank you so much for stopping by to visit.
keep well and happy stitching.



butterfly said...

Hello dear friend, love your little cat and also your cute snowmen.


Joysze said...

Great finish, Cucki. :D The snowman is too cute.

Looking forward to seeing the progress of your Oldest UFO. :)

Christine said...

Lovely finish on the fob. Your snowmen are very sweet

Penny said...

What a sweet little scissor fob. The Oldest UFO SAL sounds interesting. :) Cute snowmen ~ love the one with his skates on.

Shannon said...

Cute finish! I love your snowmen too! :)

Lesleyanne said...

A lovely scissor fob. Your snowmen are very cute.

BrendaS said...

Very nice stitching! Love your snowmen too, you can never have too much Christmas stuff:))

Anne said...

Great finish my dear!! I love the tassel! Good luck on working with your UFO!! Mine is eighteen years old and has lots of golf Kreinik to work with, so I will pass and cheer you on!!

Myra said...

Your kitty fob looks wonderful! Those snowmen are really cute.

Sally said...

Your little fob is so sweet!

Love your UFO. I look forward to seeing your progress on it.

Your snowmen are so cute! I love snowmen too:)

Hippywitch said...

Hi Cucki,
Love the kitty scissor fob, I'd just been looking at that on Lynn B's blog and then here's your's all done! Love the snow men, they are very cute ones :-)I have two UFO's, one is from 12 years ago so I guess that counts as an old one, lol! I will stitch it eventually I hope, it's a lovely Winnie the Pooh picture and I have no idea why I didn't finish it at the time. The second one is a Haed that I really must get back to soon but the background is so much purples and blues I got bored!
love Lori xx

Ruth said...

Congratulations on the finish -- I love what you did with the tassle.

An oldest UFO SAL. Hmmm. That could be really handy. I thin I have one major problem though--- figuring out what my oldest UFO is. :)

Anonymous said...

i am loving that scissor fob, like the oldest UFO idea too, but not sure what mine is as i lost all my stitching in my house fire think i need to re-read my blog! memory going now i am getting old lol and thank you for the birthday wishes!

♥ Nia said...

Really good idea to finish old ufo's!! :D I would join you but.. I don't have anything old to finish =) heheheh

Snowman in the summer of south africa!! LOL :D
Your snowmen are so cute! adorable =) Thank you for sharing the pictures sweetie!! :D

Anonymous said...


What a cute scissor fob. The cat looks so similar to your Maloo. How sweet. You have a cute Oldest UFO and I can't wait to see your progress on it. I have one from 2002. I will post about it soon. Have you ever seen the movie Pollyanna? The book is just as good as the movie. I love your snowmen collection. You need some more? Have a good day!

Kay said...

The scissor fob is adorable! Your UFO looks lovely, no time like the present to pick that up and get started again!

MysteryKnitter said...

I like that stitched UFO you have there. I have many UFOs, both knitted and stitched. Even now I'm working on one. OK, I started it some time ago, but as soon as I get the pieces done, I can attack on another, slightly older knitted UFO. And there's a third knitted one too. But let's take one project at a time. The turn of the stitching will come, hopefully in the near future.