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Monday, 25 February 2013

~ Blessed and thankful ~

My heart is so thankful...and so blessed,
                                                       ....For my friends near and far
                                                                   big mug of tea,
                                                                            daily laughter,
                                                                     busy hands,
                                                                    sweet words,
                                                                      garden walks,
                                                             a pile of books to read,
                                                                     maloo's love,
                                                                  needle and thread,
                                                                    long prayers,
                                                                       fresh air,
                                                                a daughter's love,
                                                                    blessed heart,
                                                                 cozy sewing nest,
                                                                       old calico,
                                                                    a warm home,
                                                                  scrappy patches,
                                                                MY BIG SMILE :D
                                                       ~*FOR MY SWEET BIRD~*
                                                                            She makes my heart happy----------
                                                          makes me sing like her----------
                                       HOPE YOUR DAY IS FILLED WITH BUSY HANDS,
                                                                  A HAPPY HEART~
                                                          OH & PLENTY OF BIRDS ><


♥ Nia said...

Sweet Cucki, wish you a lovely week!!! huge hugs to you my dear friend =)

Trace4J said...

Morning Sweet Friend
Oh sheer joy and happiness.
It's so all in the chooosing.
Have a wonderful day filled with sunshine.
Woolie Love and hugs to you Lalooooo

Julie said...

Have a wonderful week Cucki, such a pretty birdie

Siobhán said...

Wishing you a wonderful week, Cucki!

Stitching Noni said...

Cucki, your birdie is gorgeous. Have a wonderful week :)

Margaret said...

I love your list of blessings. Lovely birdie! Have a great week!

Manka said...

Very cute birdie :) , so colorful.

Have a nice day.

Catherine said...

Wonderful way to start the week! Hugs!

Karen said...

Morning Cucki,
How can anyone not be happy and blessed after reading your post.
Always a bright spot in my morning to come here for cheer.

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Looks like a beautiful and very colourful bird. Can't help to make one smile.

Simply Victoria said...

Sweet Cucki, your happy spirit is very encourgaing and contagious! :)Have a lovely week!!

Vickie said...

She is a sweet bird.♥ Have a great night Cucki!

Renae at simple sequins said...

Oh so sweet of you to list your loved ones. Who is Maloo? Just wondering.

Rita said...

Your posts are so uplifting Have a great week!

Lumiruusu said...

What a cute little bird !
I feed birds daily ,it is important becuse they have troubles to find enough food from the snowy forest..
Be Blessed ! :)

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Beautiful words to start my day. Although it is already after lunch :)

Christine said...

And wishing you a day filled with all that's lovely!
What a great list of happy things!

Emma/Itzy said...

Have a great week my dear :) xx

Steph said...

Many happy hugs for you Cucki

Linda said...

What a great bird Cucki. Have a great week.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a pretty colorful bird! We are enjoying goldfinches and warblers at our feeders every day. They are eating a lot and we are filling out feeders every couple of days!

Parsley said...

So sweet! Hope you have a lovely week.

Debbie said...

Just beautiful! A wonderful way to start the week. thanks for sharing.

beagleAnnie said...

How sweet!

Michelle said...

SO sweet Cucki x

Christine said...

How lovely Cucki

gloria. said...

troppo bello per rimanere chiuso in gabbia...glo

Valma said...

not many birds in my days...they are like me...they stay warm =D
But busy hands sure and happy always =D
Big big hugs sweetie

Renae at simple sequins said...

Thank you my miss cucki! Have a grand ol' day okay? (hug)

Kerryp77 said...

so many things to be thankful for. Lovely Cucki. x

Le trame della Galaverna said...

Lovely, it is so beautiful.
have a lovely week Giovanna :)

Nicola said...

Have a wonderful week cucki, sending you hugs

Much Honey said...

ti seguo. passa a trovarmi se ti va