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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

My heart is finished, some books,and maloo xx

hello everyone, me finally back again with my finished heart..when i finished the coffee design after that same night i start stitching this is a square that will go towards the of my online friend asked me if i can stitch the heart for her.the design are drawing on the heart theme that were drawn by disabled children in the was really fun stitching..and then she said you can send the picture of yours or postcard that she can show to the school children who stitch the square i am sending my picture with and the post card of south all the children can see that too..
oops!i am talking so much..let me show you all the heart first..

it is so sweet xx
then here is my picture..i chose this picture..i like it personally so much.its me in the picture and the little boy.. .his name is wusho.i met him on lisbon fall in Mpumalanga.
so its me in the picture..i told you all before..i think..i smile alot..all the sister says they have to double check me on my death bed if i am really dead because of my smile:D)
ok then i chose this post card with big five.i will send it with so all the childern can see the lovely five's.
so its all happy:) i will post it tomm morning.
now i wanted to share my latest shopping of books..i love a "stitcher" and a "book worm"too.
in the morning you will find me lying on top the book or under the book or between the books..
here are books:
at the moment i am reading the top one with the black bird..sweet book..
and with the books i found this lovely tin is so sweet and inside are lovely note cards..
my another treasure box..
and finally my sweet cat..she is cross that my blog is few month old and why i didnt show you all her picture?she was sitting in front of the heater then i took her i will show the Madam her picture in my blog.i know she will be so happy and walk in the house with her tail high..

now i will try to bring my african simba's picture on my is so hard to bring them in camera..they are both so camera shy.. off to bed now..i think all is done..tomm i am going to stitch a biscornu that is also for my exchange..i just have to think what i am going to stitch..??
take cared all and thank you so much for all the lovely comments on my blog..i treasure them always.
love you all xx


butterfly said...

how sweet the heart, also love your books l love ready to, and your tin is so nice, i do collect tins and i now have allot of them .
Beautiful Mallo is so cute.

Teresa said...

Your heart is just lovely. Really like the tin with note cards.
Love cats too nice to meet Mallo.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Carol said...

Your heart will be a very special addition to your friend's quilt :)

And what a sweet kitty!

Hippywitch said...

Well done on the heart, they are cute to stitch aren't they? They'll love the photo and the postcard is brilliant too! Hello Mallo, now you're famous, hello from my Poppy and Daisy too :-)

lenna said...

Hi Cucki ~ I love your cat she is very beautiful. I also love your heart you did a great job of stitching it. It will look wonderful on your friend's quilt.
Keep up the good work.
I will be back again to view your blog.
God Bless ~

Ali O'Donnell said...

Gorgeous heart and such a cute cat!

Crafty-Laura said...

Hi Cucki! Love that heart, it's gorgeous, and I'm sure they'll love the postcard and the lovely photo of smiling Cucki! :) Lovely photo of your cat too, thanks for introducing us to her! Laura x

♥ Nia said...

hahahahha I'm laughing here with that double check thing! :D LOL!!!
Love the pic! Very special :)
What a sweet tin! Lovely =)))

Kay said...

Very beautiful heart, the kitty is adorable, he looks spoiled much like my cats.

МамаФиалка said...

U are so beautiful !!

MysteryKnitter said...

You're young and pretty. The little African boy is cute. The stitched heart is cute. Your cat is awesome! Scratch him a bit for me. I love all cats, big or small.