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Friday, 3 February 2012


I'm feeling quite froggy
'cause the ground is so soggy,
it has rained every day for a week!
my skin's turning green,
flies look yummy to me,
and i'm starting to croak when i speak!
oh, i wish it would stop!
all i do now is hop!
this rain doesn't make any sense!
on the bright side of this,
if you give me a kiss,
i might just turn in to a Prince! (i mean princess)
              Susan Maree Jeavons
 hello friends,
here i am..humming this poem and now a days i look like this with all that rain :)
a happy sweet froggie :)
we are having lots of rain and i am hoping just in and out..
today i opened all the windows and rain sprinkling in the house little by little..
i said to myself..
dont worry cucki..i will mop it later on :)
i love love this happy rainy feb of mine..
i have been painting these MUGS,,,the one i am sitting another favourite corner of mine..
i am loving this mug so i made my little house with a lovely garden around it..
and me also somewhere in it..
a busy day is waiting for me..
some work here..
some work there..
little in..
little out..
wishing you RAINY BLISS~~
a sweet weekend for all :)
 love and smile                                    but of course "STITCH"


ricketyjo said...

Have a wonderful weekend cucki! xx

Michelle said...

That is such a sweet poem :) I wish I could send you some of the Cape Town sunshine and you could send us some rain - there are so many veld fires in the province.

Your frog and mug are both so cute!

Have a great weekend!

Sarah said...

Keep enjoying your rainy days Cucki, it sounds lovely. Here it is nothing but snow!

krealady said...


CATHI said...

Lovely frog! :o) It was snowing last night here, so I would prefer a rainy day instead... :o)


beagleAnnie said...

Enjoy being froggy now, cucki! Your mug and frog are both pretty.

MoonBeam said...

The frog poem is perfect for your weather. Cute.

Glad you can keep smiling. Rain is needed, and the sun WiLL come out soon! Have a good weekend.


Danielle said...

Cucki, have a great weekend! Great mug!

Peggy Lee said...

Very cute poem.
Your mug is beautiful. You are multi-talented!
We are to have rain this weekend in Georgia.
Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

Christine said...

Your happiness is sprinkling over the rest of us like sweet little raindrops of blessing!
Best wishes

Autumn said...

We have a bit of rain here too. Happy stitching :)

butterfly said...

Hi Cucki, can I have your rain and you can have our icy weather it's so cold here.

Anonymous said...

I love the lightness of your blog. Many of my days lately have been intense and this is just what the doctored orderd. I found you by way of the The Simple Woman's Daybook. I look forward to following along. Hugs.

Shirlee said...

Happy Friday cucki! You painted that mug? It looks wonderful! Enjoy the rain : ) Blessings, Shirlee

Ewa said...

I'm glad to hear it's not the frogs that got you! Enjoy the rain, cucki - and bring a little here! :)

Marmalady said...

What a beautiful mug! You are a lady of many talents :)
Enjoy the rain, and when you have had enough, please send most of it to Cape Town and some to Limpopo, ok?
Have a fabulous weekend.

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Such a cute frog! We have had a bit of rain, too. Hope you enjoy your day and weekend :)

tj said...

...You're adorable! And so is that cup! :o)

...We too are going to get some rain later today and I am rather looking forward to it. I love to be upstairs in my Sewing Room when it is raining, I love the sound of it on the roof.

...And try not to go for the flies. Eat some Cheetos or M&M's instead. ;o)

...Enjoy your day dear!

...Blessings :o)

Hippywitch said...

What a fabulous poem, that made me smile a lot :-) You are so multi-talented painting that beautiful mug! Very clever Cucki

Have great weekend my lovely,
Lori xx

Michelle said...

Lovely post Cucki xx

Crafty-Laura said...

Have a great weekend Cucki! It's so cold here, I think we might get snow! xxx

Jan Gartlan said...

Such an adorable froggie! I used to have a frog collection but I'm not sure where it went to. I like rainy weather too! Enjoy your mug painting- your mug looks great.

Friendship Crossing said...

What a cute little poem and froggy! how adorable!

Hugs to you!

Catherine said...

What a sweet mug!!!

Nicola said...

What a cute frog. Wishing you a good weekend xxx

Jordan said...

The mucg looks very pretty :0) I hope you have a nice weekend! XXX

Sally said...

What a sweet frog. Your mug looks very pretty :)

Have a lovely weekend xxx

♥ Nia said...

hahaha I love your frog photo :D how cute =)
here it's so cooolllddd =/ lowest temperatures of the whole winter so far! I hope you're having a sunny sunday :)

Kay said...

Very cute frog! I love the mug as well.

Susan Maree Jeavons said...

As the author of Another Rainy Day, I like to be informed if you are going to post my work on any web site. Just as a courtesy. Glad you enjoyed my work. :) God Bless you.