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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Precious little stitches.....................~~

                                                                   simple beauty *.*

Hello dear friends and folk,
i hope you all doing well and staying is lovely sunny today..i can see some clouds but they are far away up somewhere..making funny faces..and i am loving it :)
Today i wanted to share my few happy and precious stitches with you..
A happy fun embroidery finish..
aww my fav willow tree is there too..and my maloo also sitting and waiting for me..
and my happy joyful heart too in a corner..

it is a freebie from Preferably prim.
such a fun stitching..thank you dear christine xxx
i am so happy for another cutie finish of mine...
A Sweet Goose Love <3
it is a freebie from The Little Stitcher

it is super cute..
my another precious little stitches to treasure..
i was such a happy bunny...i am a one happy bunny when i am working in my stitching nest..
in my happy nest----- if you will peek inside..
you will found this yummy strawberries filled with love..

and they are so sweettttttttt and i love making them :)
such simple happiness..
 oh yes..i am truly one blessed happy woman :)
well deary i am heading to the garden..still have to fill the bird bath..and then some work is waiting for me in the kitchen too..
have a beautiful and fun day my dear friends!
 love from my heart <3


Shari said...

all so simple, yet beautiful!!! I love the little strawberries......too precious....

Autumn said...

Wonderful crafting! I especially love the strawberries!

Trace4J said...

Beautiful new stitching treasures friend. Love the willow with your little sweetie. And the strawberries are just precious.
Hugs Trace

Anonymous said...


Your stitching is lovely.

I enjoyed reading your post today.

I like the strawberries they are so sweet.

Have a nice day.

Manas Duartes said...

Your stitching is lovely.


Shirlee said...

More lovely things from your very creative hands! I really like that little cross stitch freebie ... will have to add that to my pile of "wanna dos" : ) Blessings, Shirlee

Peggy Lee said...

Love your finishes and those strawberries are adorable!

Nicola said...

All so beautiful xxx

McKenna C. said...

They are all precious! I really love the strawberries!


Christine said...

Awww, Cucki it is so lovely! I especially love how you added Maloo under the willow tree!
Thanks so much for sharing!
Wishing you more happy stitching!

stitchersanon said...

Very cute xxx Love the embroidery..almost, almost making me want to learn how to do it!

Julie said...

Lovely strawberries in the basket. Very nice embroidery too.
You have been busy.

Anne said...

Love your sweet little strawberries! Is there a pattern link to make them? Such cute little Valentine smalls too :D


butterfly said...

Lovely little Strawberries, Can you show us how to make them sweetie.

The Little Stitcher said...

I love your freebie, It's so sweet! It's perfect! Thank you so much dear Cucki for made it! I'm happy!! :))))

Lumiruusu said...

You made my day better-I just love your positive attitude !!
- and yes all Your stitchings are pretty, allways !
With blessings from my warm cosy house
here in the Winter Wonderland .
We have had three days of snowstorm here.
So much snow that you cant even imagine it... :D
But we are used to it ,all roads are clear from go to school..
but they have very much clothes on,mittens on their hands :) :)

Catherine said...

Such sweet goodies!

Valma said...

Wow ! just wonderful strawberries !
I love ....
I think like Butterfly (what an adorable name, I love butterflies... =D) it would be great you show us how to do =D
Everything you make is always so cute....
big hugs my sweet friend

#HeatherMakes said...

Fantastic Stitching sis xxx :-) xxxx

beagleAnnie said...

Cute, cute, cute, cucki. I love all of them. Have a happy Friday.

Nancy in IL said...

Your original embroidery and all the sewn strawberries are just wonderful, Cucki! You never fail to delight and lift spirits with a visit to your blog!

Ilumilu said...

Dear Cucki, I'm in love with your strawberries! You are so creative!


♥ Nia said...

I love your strawberries :D Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day my friend!! ♥

Kay said...

As always, well done! I need your creativity. My imagination does not span that far as to my crafting.