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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook ---January 2012

Outside my window... a bright lovely morning day..rise and shine...

I am thinking...about my holiday passed so quickly but we had so much fun time..and about my stitching and that yummy cake that left yesterday..he he he

I am thankful...always..for my lovely life,friends and my family :) HAPPY LIFE

In the kitchen...hmmnn lots of mixed things and little bit morning breakfast dishes waiting for me to get washed..

I am wearing...a skirt and light color t-shirt.

I am creating...a pin cushion :)

I am going...hmmm..i think nothing special.,,but after this post..dishes washing and then some other small chores..

I am wondering...ohh!my mind is full of lots of mixed sort of thoughts..

I am reading..."Emily of new moon" of  L.M.MONTGOMERY

I am get organise myself..i am just so lost now a days..

I am looking forward to...getting back :0)

I am learning..still have to to walk mom used to say..u still dont know how to walk properly..he he he

Around the house...everything seems fine..just the garden is bit need bit help of mr.given..hopefully he will be here by end if this week so it will be fine too..

I am pondering...about lots of things in my rusty mind dancing around..

A favorite quote for today..."To know the road ahead,ask those coming back"
                                                                                         chinese proverb

One of my favorite things...sitting under the lapa hut..drinking big mug of tea reading and my fav biscuits in front of me..and me nibbling..and maloo playing around..

A few plans for the rest of the week: lots of things to do.,,,. oh dear..lots of stuff

Here is picture of thought i am sharing:-
                                                                from cucki home..
                                   this is the entrance and the stairs go down to the home..
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wishing you all a very lovely day..
cucki xxx


BronnyB said...

What a lovely, welcoming gateway. I'm sure the fairies love to frolic there when you are not watching too!

Gabi said...

Love that gateway. You're very creative :)

Crafty-Laura said...

Gorgeous photo Cucki! And yay, another pin cushion! I look forward to seeing it! Happy New Year! love Laura x

Michelle said...

Stunning gateway so pretty x

beagleAnnie said...

Looks like a fairyland gate. Love it, cucki.

Shirlee said...

Enjoyed your post cucki & the photo! Wish I was there with you sharing a big mug of tea & some biscuits : ) Blessings, Shirlee

Jennifer M. said...

How cute! I love the entrance to your home. It looks so cheerful. :)


♥ Nia said...

oohh how I wish to have a bright morning over here.. too much rain and cold =/ I'm dreaming with the Spring!!! ;) hehehehe
I'm already curious to see the pincushion you're making!! :D
I miss my school shopping, when I was little I loved that smell of new books :) so good! good memories!! :)
Your entryway is so cool!!! I love it!!! :D

Fresh Juniper said...

Nice post. My garden needs a bit of work too. Really like the quote.

MysteryKnitter said...

So inviting entrance, C.