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Wednesday 27 July 2011

My heart is finished, some books,and maloo xx

hello everyone, me finally back again with my finished heart..when i finished the coffee design after that same night i start stitching this is a square that will go towards the of my online friend asked me if i can stitch the heart for her.the design are drawing on the heart theme that were drawn by disabled children in the was really fun stitching..and then she said you can send the picture of yours or postcard that she can show to the school children who stitch the square i am sending my picture with and the post card of south all the children can see that too..
oops!i am talking so much..let me show you all the heart first..

it is so sweet xx
then here is my picture..i chose this picture..i like it personally so much.its me in the picture and the little boy.. .his name is wusho.i met him on lisbon fall in Mpumalanga.
so its me in the picture..i told you all before..i think..i smile alot..all the sister says they have to double check me on my death bed if i am really dead because of my smile:D)
ok then i chose this post card with big five.i will send it with so all the childern can see the lovely five's.
so its all happy:) i will post it tomm morning.
now i wanted to share my latest shopping of books..i love a "stitcher" and a "book worm"too.
in the morning you will find me lying on top the book or under the book or between the books..
here are books:
at the moment i am reading the top one with the black bird..sweet book..
and with the books i found this lovely tin is so sweet and inside are lovely note cards..
my another treasure box..
and finally my sweet cat..she is cross that my blog is few month old and why i didnt show you all her picture?she was sitting in front of the heater then i took her i will show the Madam her picture in my blog.i know she will be so happy and walk in the house with her tail high..

now i will try to bring my african simba's picture on my is so hard to bring them in camera..they are both so camera shy.. off to bed now..i think all is done..tomm i am going to stitch a biscornu that is also for my exchange..i just have to think what i am going to stitch..??
take cared all and thank you so much for all the lovely comments on my blog..i treasure them always.
love you all xx

Saturday 23 July 2011

A little bit about ME..

it explains about ME so well..of course i love cross stitch soooo much and with that i am so crazy for coffee too..
cross stitch

Friday 22 July 2011

Miss.owl is ready:) is ready..and it was really fun stitching..i enjoy it so much.
this is for my owl exchange have to stitch a owl and make it a card of it and then you have to write the wise word ..
  and the wise word from my Miss.owl.. now i am going towrads my next exchange stitching..and the weather is really well and so lovely here...i am happy like always..
keep well dear and hugs from my side..
and maloo(my cat) is also saying meow and sending kisses xx

Wednesday 20 July 2011

Biscornu and bits finished..and lovely postie's..a happy busy day:D)

hi,its me i really had a busy crafty day. i am having lots of free ME time..
i finished my biscornu and then i made the card and the scissor fob..i hope my partner like it.. so my summer parcel is going to uk..
 and then i made this book is going to usa..
 and then in the afternoon postie brings lovely post for me...i joined a exchange called"lets go froggy"and i received these lovely frog goddies from a very sweet lady Erika from usa..
wow!it was really fun exchange and i love each and everything Erika send me..
 thank you you xx
and another lovely surprise gift from my lovely friend Giovanna from italy..
 she know me and alizay loves cats so much..the cat postcard and the puppies letter pad she send her.she put the cat postcard i a frame and now its in her room.
thank you Giovanna dear..
now me off to make coffee for myself..phew....and after that i will take out the thread for my next is owl exchange card..i am going to stitch a owl now then i will make a card with is another fun exchange..i love Mr.owl..
take care dear all..
stitchy hugs xxx

Sunday 17 July 2011

My C for cat and cucki needle book....READY is finally i work like a jinny..and finished it..this is my first needle book i made..i was very excited and scared too when i was making it..and in between i made so many boo hoo..and so many time un picking but now it is ready..
so here is the front..

and the back..
 i wrote my name at the back..the letters are from MS book and little kitty i stitched at the bottom is also from MS book..
and now from inside..

so it is here..i really worked so much today...done are coming tomm for lunch so that lots of happening here and in between my needle
now it is 12:45 here night time in south africa..i am half dead..going to sleep now..tomm is another busy day for me..
now i am thinking about my biscornu..
ok dear all, me off to bed..good night..see you all soon with my biscornu..
hugs xx

Friday 15 July 2011

C for CAT

and C for CUCKI..meow....its me:)
i was busy with my biscornu then i firure out that i am far behind with july i thought lets start stitching it..
so today i sat the whole day with my invisible cloak on..and stitch like no one is seeing me..and here is my cat..
i am going to make a needle book with it..i am thinking to stitch something at the back too..still not sure what?
on sunday we are having some guest for lunch.. . so tomm and sunday is going to be busy but i will try to squeeze my stitching in..naughty me..
wish me luck...
ok me off to bed..i cant even stand
good night hugs xx

Thursday 14 July 2011

My biscornu so far..and a lovely day :)

hi, at the moment i am stitching a biscornu for my biscornu exchange..i finished one side of the biscornu and started the other side..

hopefully i will finish it by tomm.if everything stays normal...finger crossed..
today in the afternoon i gone for grocery shopping and i thought i will get the ticket for harry potter movie for tomm afternoon but surprisingly they started the first show of the movie today in the evening..i said to myself..oh!i cant i got the ticket for today evening show..and ran home to get the is really very lovely movie and when i was leaving the cinema ..tears was in my eyes..i will miss it so much.this is my all time fav movie and her books are my fav too..
well me off to bed mcuh looking forward for tomm what it store for me..??
hugs xx

Monday 11 July 2011

A good news..and stitching..

Hi everyone, well its me ..after long doing fine..all is well is going on..nothing special..
but a  good news..finally i received my copy of THE BEST OF MARGARET SHERRY..
yippeee i am so happy..for me its really something very so happy..i was waiting for it from a long time..i hope i received my other stuff too.
well this month is going to be busy for me..i am going to stitch lots of stuff for my exchange..and i am starting a SAL with my friend i prepared my material..i hand dyed it..this is the first time..colors are very light..but it came ok..i am happy.

we are going to stitch woodland goddess of joan elliot..very excited for it..i just ready my material and took out threads last night..i am going to stitch it on 30 count linen.
well this is all..days are lovely and nights are happy..
love and hugs from my side and of course STITCH
love xx
p:s and in the afternoon we are going to watch movie..going to be fun day :)
p:s 2..happy monday xx

Wednesday 6 July 2011

Amazing giveaway:)

hello everyone,
i just read on my friend's blog 'my cross stitch cornor' that the The Stitchersmarket are having a giveaway and strating a craft shop on line and celebrating 4th of july so they are giving this giveaway...a really very swet giveaway..a lovely chart from lizzie kate.
if you want to have a look at there blog here it is.
good luck everyone and thank you xeihua for sharing it..
love and hugs
cucki xx

Friday 1 July 2011

a beautiful day of july and my frosty..

hi, first day of july ..and really lovely day here.we had very bad cold in the last few days but now it is getting better..i am doing fine..but a bit sad..still waiting for my post but still no sign..feeling very sad and a bit depressed..i hope they come home soon by so much waiting...
ok in my sadness i am forgetting to show you all my recent finish and its my first finish of july..
my sweet frosty..

he is a sweet going for framing on monday..and hen he will take place in my room near my biscornu basket..
well the rest is well here..i am thinking to start stitching for my frog exchange..and then..oh dear!list is very long and in july i have to finish quite alot..finger crossed..
keep well all and have a lovely weekend..and of course..