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Monday 29 August 2011

my lovely gifts...and some pictures from cucki's cove :)

hello dear all,
i am doing fine and everything is going smoothly..i think so..except my goofyness..the rest of the folks are doing fine in my cove..
i am still receiving my lovely birthday gifts and i love them all so much..this lovely gift i received from my lovely friend laura who has a blog too..her blog name is "cute crocheted creations"
i really love each and everything so much dear laura..
the lovely pin cushion is my darling and the sweet chick ..lovely birthday card..stickers..heart keyring,threads everything is so lovely..i love them all with my heart..everything is just so perfect..
cucki is really happy..thank you laura:)
                                                 cucki's pin cushion...cucki is happy:)
and can i forget the yummy chocolate..i am eating it and it is very yummyyyyyyyyyyy:D)
i mention in my last post that i won a giveaway..
here is my lovely gifts:
a big THANK YOU to JUNE for her lovely giveaway that i won..i really love everything so much.i will surely use all my lovely goodies.her blog is "butterfly wings"
THANK YOU JUNE really very generous xx
and my maloo.since she is famous..she is so excited for she is again..
awww my cutie..
here is maloo baby resting on her fav place..and that is on the thatched roof of our little lapa hut..

and this is my fav cozy cornor...,,,
i sit on this bench with my fairy houses and read and think..
sometime i just sit and think..
sometime i just sit..
if you all looking for me and you cant find me.. so you all know now ..
where to find me?
love you all so much my dear friends..
with my big beary hugs to you all.
                                            A little note from my heart and from my garden xx

Saturday 27 August 2011


i will truly miss you..oh dear..i am feeling that autumn goddess is going away..
even the wind is smelling springy..
My dear autumn, i  am going to miss you so much..i will wait for you next year in my home here..come back soon..
me xx
and spring fairy is on her way..1st september is a offical spring day here..and i can feel it in my garden too..i will surely miss my autumn..but i am happy for spring too..she is welcome here too.
and i wanted to show you all my autumn pin coushion..another sweetie pie added in my will remind me of autumn till her next visit..

my garden is waking up from his sleep and i find out some more new nests on the trees old folks are coming back..i am happy to see them too..i wave them every morning when i explore my garden with maloo..
And my prayers are all with my friends and families along the eastern coast of the US as they get ready for hurricane Irene!!
please stay safe my dear friends,
i am thinking of you all so much and you are all in my prayers.. ~*♥♥*~
keep well dear all...
me love you all so much..
hugs xx

Thursday 25 August 2011

Happy birthday....

to ME..
i am so happy..i think from inside i am still a kid:)
i wanted to say a hugs big thank you to all my lovely friends for all my sweet birthday presents,handmade cards..i am so blessed to have you all my dear friends with me..i love you all so much..i am incomplete without you all..
i am still opening my gifts...and reading the lovely birthday wishes on facebook too..
thank you to you all:)

my mom just phoned me and she wish me and said.."live for thousand year" and i said then you stay with me because without you it will be so difficult..and we both laughed so much..she is my inspiration..i so much wanted to be like her.
ok dear me off for now..for little while..i will meet you all soon..i am busy stitching..yup..still stitching for my exchanges..will show you all soon..
till then..keep well and hugs from my side..

Tuesday 23 August 2011

Me in Cross Stitch Collection UK Mag:D)

and soooooooooooo happy..i still dint receive this issue is is issue no 200..these uk mags mostly come late here in south africa..i have to wait i think one more month to get it but my friend sheryl mailed me the picture..i am so happy to see it..
cucki..happy kitty:)
well all is well here..i am busy stitching for my exchanges..and then in between i am trying to do some house work too he he he
today i am going to help my son to make a crazy hat for his friday fun day..lots of fun going to happen.. and weather is really crazy is so is like a big wind storm..i am just hiding inside my cove with is not a outdoor day for all of us..
keep well dear off to stitch now..
hugs xx

Saturday 20 August 2011

biscornu finished..with some other goodies too.. biscornu is all done..i am so happy..thank you so much for all your *kicking*i can't finish it without you all..
i made it for my exchange..and i made for my lovely sweet friend sue and it is going to uk..with that you can see a "lapa hut"or you can call it thatched roof african is a fridge magnet for her..just something little for her from africa..i hope she likes i will post it on monday..
me happy...
and then this frame for my another friend in uk..

it is a birthday gift for her,,,i will just now add more goodies in the parcel for her..and then ready to post on monday too..
and then another tin box for mom brought it for me today..she know my love for tins..

i love it so much..
my weekend is going fine..busy like always..but i am having fun crafting time..stitching..making small goodies..
now i am going to start my stitching for my other exchanges..oh dear!i love to do exchanges..i am crazy for them..
keep well dear all..hugs..
till next you all..and  happy stitching xx

Thursday 18 August 2011

start of the biscornu and some postie..

finally i start stitching the biscornu..all your *kicks*are working;)
here is the top stitch of it..
now tomm i will stitch the back and then i will stitch it together..i am stitching this biscornu for my exchange..
today i received some lovely postie..finally my charts are here..cant wait to start stitching them..
they are all my fav..i was waiting for them from a long they are with me.. i just have to beg my mom or someone by to take me to the shop to get the material..that shop is little bit far from my house..i will try to be a good goofyness..then they will see i am in my sences so they have to take
i dont drive..and.i day dream a lot..i think i cant drive..i love to sit at the back seat.or the next to driving seat...and stick my nose to the mirror and love to look outside..and love to lost in my dreams..
my day was fine ..busy like always..everybody is sleeping..i am the only owl in the house..
now me off to bed too..

me soooooo sleepy.
love you all xx

Tuesday 16 August 2011

A happy tuesday for me:)...i won a blog award:)

somebody is very happy cucki stitching cove..
jumping here and there..hopping around..a very happy bunny me today..
me so happy for my "The IrresistiblySweet Blog Award"

this award i got from lovely jordan..she nominated me for this sweet blog ward.
i am so thankful to you dear jodan..
jordan own blog "in it to knit it"is extremely sweet..
once again i am so thankful to you my dear friend jordan for giving me this and hugs xx
and now as part of the award i have to give seven random facts about myself..
so here goes:
1) i am big fan of wild life..kruger national park is my fav game reserve..i took my picture there on one of the entrace of the door with "the world of cross stitching mag" and that picture came in the mag too.
2)i love reading books..i am a real book worm..i can spend hourssssss in library..when i was a child i used to spend all my pocket money on buying books...i am a big fan of"Anne of green gable" sometime i imagine that i am Anne;)
3)i am crazy for autumn..i love autumn colors and anything related to autumn...and willow tree is my fav tree.
4)i love buying bags..and i love hand made  material bags..the quilted hand made bags are my fav.
5)my star sign is virgo and i am a real virgo..i love to make lady faces and stitch them too..i think in my past life(if we have one)i was a gooddess..and autumn goddess..i am sure:)
6)i am crazy for pin coushion,,bird houses, book mark..anything hand made..things made of clay or mud.i love anything old..old books..old house is full of old things...i am a very natural and eartly person..i am so attached to my family.. kids and my stitching..
7) i love to walk in rain:)
SO THATS ME...your cucki:)
ok so now i am still thinking who i am going to nominate for the "the irresistibly sweet blog award"i came to know abut this award in the fternoon so i am still in happiness..and thinking condition..and *blushing* please give me some time..i will soon post my award..

love you all..
and thank you jordan once again..this is my birthday month so it is a sweet gift from you.
cucki gone more crazy..xx

Sunday 14 August 2011

cucki and bird -watching bear :)

hello dear all,
i wanted to say a huge welcome to all my new friends..i am so happy that you are all here with me.i love you all so much..
days are going fine and me smiling like always:D)tomm is monday and i cant believe it that weekend is over..time and days are really flying..
here is my bird watching stitching,

this is my MS August sal..i enjoy stitching it because this is so much me..i love watching birds.with this hobby of mine..i sometime climb on trees and hanging with hubby used to says you will break your neck one day he he he...i love to listen to the spring fairy is on her will find me in a quiet cornor of garden stitching and listening to them..
and there is a little mouse in the bushes..i know his home too..i have some really sweet fellows in my garden..i am just waiting for the spring fairy..
and now me going to stitch..well..what?
oops...i still have to stitch my biscornu for my exchange..
please *kick* me i can finish it..
i mention about it sometime ago in my old i am going straight towards my stitching basket and start stitching the biscomu..not going to look another project..till i finish it..
till then please keep on* kicking* me..
love you all so much..
your cucki..a bit loony:)

Friday 12 August 2011

cucki's sheepie farm...and me won a giveaway..

hi, me we are having lovely days here..and everything is going just fine.
and i am stitching..yup!but i am a snail stitcher this and here is my sheepie farm..

i wanted to say a huge thank you to "bronny's bits" she shared her farmyard with me and gave me a chance to stitch it too..thank you dear :)
and a good news..i won a giveaway from "butterfly wings" i am so happy for it..thank you so much xx
and me thinking to start another stitching journey now..honestly it is really very lovely feeling when you finish something and you start something new..
keep well dear all.till next time..
keep stitching..
love and hugs xx

Tuesday 9 August 2011

pin coushion day..and something more about ME

Hi, its me back again..after some few busy days..i am having fun time busy making stitchy goddies for me and increasing my treasure stash..days are very lovely here..finally  looks like we are going towards spring..i can smell that in the air..i a m going to miss my lovely autumn colors and dry leaves all around the house..i think i told you all that i am pin coushion crazy..i love them so much and i make them and treasure is my crazy patch pin coushion..
and this one for me..i was thinking of spring whn i made it..
so sweettttttttttttttttttttt...
and my postie bring me a lovely surprise from my dear friend Leigh send me this lovely book from uk..thank you Leigh i love you so mcuh xx
and finally my fav things,,,
are i love to collect pins too.another secret about me.. .this is my fav pin and it is ME sitting and stitching..

and anther secret about me is i love to make the mcuh..

she is my fav..she is ME..again..another ME..when i was making her i was thinking about me if i have long hair how i will look like?may be like this..
oh!so much rattling today from my side..
i am so happy to see so many my new friends joining on my blog..i love you all so much..
ok dear keep well off for some more lovely stitching trip ..
have lovely time..happy stitching all:)

Friday 5 August 2011

Crow..and Me..

Happy Friday everyone!
i am doing fine and all is well is very lovely sunny but horrible windy day..maloo is hanging on the swing..and i was on the other both had so much fun outside..she is my playing pal after my kids..
and with my swinging and playing..i did some stitching too..
here is my crow..i made it a pin coushion..another sweet addition in my treasure.
                                          this is a free chart from primitivebettys
                                                thank you dear betty:)
now i am going to stitch my biscornu..that i am thinking from a long time..but in between i start stitching something else...
my to-do-list is getting longer and longer then:D)
and i wanted to sat thank you so much to all who took part in my giveaway and leave so many lovely comments..i am feeling so you all so much..
stitchy hugs

Wednesday 3 August 2011


Greetings from south africa!
hello everyone and welcome all to my first blog giveaway..
i am so excited for it.
i wanted to share that is in my heart ..
My dear friends i treasure you all so much.your lovely comments on my blog are all so special to me..i love them so much.sometime i read them so many really brighten my day and my smile get deeper..i love you all so much.
                                 by Robert Louis Stevenson
well the rules are very simple..
1) you must be a follower(new or old)
2) please leave a comment on this post only.
and you can post about it in your blog too or at your side bar.
3) i will post the winner on 2 september.
4) i will put all the names in a hat and get my son to pick one out.
5) i will post the goddies shortly can enter from any part of the world..i am  happy to post anywhere in the world.
good luck everyone !!!
love cucki xx

Tuesday 2 August 2011

some of my recent finishes and a good news:D)

hello dear all, i really had fun daughter birthday..and we had lovely weather back..finally Mr.sun is back and today is so lovely..nice and sunny..
i so much wanted to share my recent finish with you all..
here is my another scissor was a free download on my fav"blog"Margaret Sherry lovers"
and then i made this for my lovely pen friend in Australia..i am going to write her a letter now and then it is ready to post..
and now the good news..i received a letter from cross stitch collection magazine..with lovely maderia threads..that they printing my letter with my picture in their coming mag..
i am so happy..jumping with joy..
i think i mention in my that i am going to stitch a biscornu..
oops!i was busy making all these lovely bits..i completely forgot about the poor thing..i think i better take out material and thread and start stitching it..
so me off to hunt in my cupboard for the material and threads...till next time...keep well all and of course"STITCH"
love xx