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Monday 31 October 2011


                                                            Have a Spooktakular Day !
                                                                  A GOOD WITCH

Friday 28 October 2011

**Update on my halloween tree **and another** happy day **for me :)

hello dear friends and lovely folks,
i hope you all having a lovely friday..i had a fun day..i was waiting for the rain so much and finally it arrived here..
my friend NIA send it over to me and i send her lots of sunshine from africa..we both are having lovely time..
me enjoy this rain so much..first i had a long walk in the rain then i sat on a tree..oh it was nice..water was falling on me.. halloween tree..i did some stitching on it and here it is looking now :)

now i will stitch at the bottom part of the tree..there are some nice fellow waiting to come out from the chart..
thank you so much for all your wonderful comments on my DD scorpio..she is really so happy and saying a huge "thank you" and sending you all ((hugs ))
she is busy with her frog..i think when i will finish with my tree she will be finish with the frog too then i will post the picture of it too.
this weekend i am going to work on the tree again..
oh dear..i love my stitching time so much..
now we all going to have the chocolate brownie's with ice cream..yumyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Thank you so much for stopping by and it is always so lovely to hear from you :)
wishing you all a wonderful weekend..
and of course " STITCH "

Wednesday 26 October 2011

Halloween tree stitching..and TUSAL time too :)

hello my dear friends,
i hope you are all happy and warm at your side of the world,, and enjoying the lovely fall..
but another hot day is so hot from last few days but now it is evening time here so i can feel it that it is cooling down a bit..wind is blowing and clouds are coming..looks like it is going to rain..
RAIN...RAIN...please come...
i am just not thinking about the summer here,,so much thinking about the fall and the lovely colors of it :)
i just start stitching another halloween is called "halloween tree"
i started stitching this picture from the top..this cute little face was keep on looking at me from the chart when i was preparing the fabric and taking out all the threads..i said: OK i will start from you..he is so happy to be out from the chart and sitting on the fabric..
now i will start stitching the bottem part of the tree and branches..more fun stitching is coming..
NEW MOON...26 0ctober,2011
happy new moon and tusal time..i am still using the old tusal is so tiny but still not full yet..
here is my sweet boo boo sitting with my tusal jar :)
my cheeky boo boo :D
oh my gosh..before i forgot..i wanted to sahre this sweet scorpio with you that alizay made in school for a project..

is'nt it precious?
now she is busy making a frog..when she will finish it i will post the picture here..
my day is nearly over here..but me still going to stitch more..and then may be after a mug of tea i will read..
thank you so much for all your lovely and kind are all so sweet and you truly warm my heart.
 till next time...
lots of love and blessings for you.

Monday 24 October 2011

**lots of love in the mail **

Hello my dear friends,
HAPPY MONDAY....i hope you all had a wonderful weekend like ME..
it is really a very warm day hot today..the weather changed so quickly..
i think SUMMER is here...
i just had to show you these two lovely gifts that came in mail today :)
i am feeling so blessed and so lucky...
recently i won a giveaway from "LORI"
she has a lovely blog
she sent me the most beautiful is full of love and lots of kindness in it..
in the parcel is the most beautiful kitty bag...and the most lovely witchy was nicely sitting in it with the cute heart and the yummy cup cake card...
                                                                   lovely kitty bag
here is my new lovely friend witchy sitting on my stitching chair comfortably...she is bit tired with the traveling..she came all the way from uk..
she is so happy with me..just missing lori so much..and sending her lots of love.
the most beautiful heart with the yummy card :)
dear lori, thank you so much,,you so kind and so sweet.i will always treasure these lovely gifts from you.
still some more kindness to share with you all ..
my dear lovely friend "LILIAN" send me the most lovely gift too..from uk too..
she has a blog
when i read the lilian name on the just made me so happy too..
really my day today is full of love and smiles because of all of you my dear friends..
i open the parcel and there was the most beautiful hand made box and the cutest biscornu inside it..and the stunning hand made card too..
look at the lovely box and the biscornu was inside it..
this is the front of my darling biscornu..
is'nt it sweet?
i love it so much...
look at the pretty back of it..
it is really very sweet biscornu with lovely colors and the beads..
this is the most beautiful addition for my biscornu basket..
                                              the lovely hand made card and the inside is more
                                                                          magical :)
i love it lilian so much..the card is really so pretty..i just love those leaves and flowers..i wish i have a magic wand and then i can jsut wave it and the change the weather outside my window too..made it just like this card.
LILIAN thank you so mcuh for your love and friendship..and your kindness.
i will always treasure my lovely gift from you..
i am just feeling so lucky..the most lovely gifts from my two lovely friends..
i love treasure pile is growing everyday..
JO, my sal friend posted on her blog about having a carpet and on which everything small (like our naughty needles) can easily get lost..sweet post jo..and then after that i read on my another sal friend "kathy's"blog about the carpet and it really made me laugh so i thought i also share my carpert picture with you because i have a similar problem too..
i think we all have something in common :)
 here is my flying carpet...
wishing you all lots of blessings and a lovely start to your week.
have a blessed day and thank you for stopping by..
i love your visits so much..
lots of smiles from cucki.


Sunday 23 October 2011


Hello My Friends,
it is quite warm here now..cant believe it..but it is nice at least now i can hand around more outside..lots of lovely flowers..of different colors...all these lovely things around me makes my heart so happy..
today i did the draw for my "giveaway"and the WINNER is..
a big congratulations to my dear friend carolyn.
please mail me your postal address then i will post the goodies to you soon this coming week.
here at the moment is evening time..getting dark outside..everything is looking so calm and peaceful.
wishing you all a very wonderful day and a lovely week starting tomm.
blessings and lots of smiles from cucki :)

Saturday 22 October 2011

My Lovely Stitching Tool (mystery sampler)part 1a...and a GOOD NEWS :)

My dear friends oh what a week this has been so far..BUSY BUSY BUSY and me running around here and there..but i am so glad that today is friday..and weekend is finally here..
we had a very bad storm last night..windy..and hailing too..and in the morning our yard was a sight..i grab the broom and mop and started cleaning and autumn goddess cleaning the spring fairy mess..he he he
i started working on my sal "my lovely stitching tools" from the gift of stitching..
here is my progress so far..
 i really enjoy stitching it..really it is so much fun stitching.i am stitching it on 32 count belfast linen and using one strand of floss..i am thinking that over the weekend i will stitch more on it..
my good news sharing is that i am feeling so happy that i received a mail and i was asked to do a review on a biscornu for  yiotas-xstitch,when i saw their mail..i just gone crazy(as usual) and happy all know me :)
ok so over all i was jumping with happiness..there i found the perfect line..
yiotas is a small business based in england and all the charts and kits are designed and charted by them,,they have a huge range of lovely charts and kits..and there prices are very reasonable too..
i am so much looking forward for it..
thank you so much for stopping by..wishing you a most wonderful weekend..full of simple joys.
with all my love..

Thursday 20 October 2011

And she is off too..

hello dear friends,
yup!truly and honestly i cant believe it that its time to say bye bye to my traveling pattern..
today is 20th..i did the draw and my son helped me with it :)
The pattern will head out to the East of England,uk.
                                                          JO of Serendipititous stitching                

it was really very difficult are all so dear to me.
a big congratulations to jo..dont forget to follow the traveling pattern to jo's blog for your chance to become part of it next time..
please mail me your postal address so i can post the pattern to you soon.
alright dear jo, we are all looking forward to see your finish.
thank you for everyone who entered !
take care all..i will talk to you soon..
have a lovely stitchy day :)
smiley cucki xxx


Monday 17 October 2011

IHSW (october) stitching..and My NEW SAL :) and FIRST RAIN...

hello my dear friends,,,
fianlly i got some time to come to the computer..i really had a busy day today..i was flying here and there..really i cant believe it that monday started and now it is dark again outside..where is my monday gone to??? so much craziness going on at my nut house :)
yup..and to my lovely hermitters..i hope you all enjoyed the lovely weekend..i had a lovely week with lots of fun hermitting time with all of you..
here is my stitching..
aww sweet..
i love stitching her..sweet little stitching she was ..
the only thing i changed is..on the kitty body the heart was white but i made it red and then i add a collar around her neck with ribbon..(giving her my maloo's look ;)
And i attached buttons on ME ..there were tiny crosses but i add me and miss.maloo are both looking perfect for the halloween party..

                                                         for my friend for the halloween :)
i am so happy today..a good news for me..
i am doing a lovely sal "my lovely stitching tools" mystery sampler,from "The Gift Of Stitching" online monthy magazine..i am doing with it kathy A Stitcher's Heirlooms , Joanne and Clare  
we will post our progress on the face book too. 
                                                      this is the part one and we all going
                                                                 to start from here..
                                                     i will stitch it on 32 count belfast linen
                                                     and i am going to use these south african
 cant wait to start it...
i received a letter from my very dear friend michelle from usa after a long time..i really love reading the hand written letters and i love writing hand written letters too..after this mail ..i will make myself a big mug of coffee and i will write back to her..a long chatty letter..i wanted to tell her so many things ..
then hopefully if i will be in senses then i will STITCH too..
little bit..
few stitches..
but i will..
i cant imagine my day without my stitching..because this is something that makes me ME
oh yes!
how can i forget it..we having first rain of the season..

yup first rain of our is still raining outside while i am writing this mail..
my teacher sarie told me a story about the first rain of the summer..and the paul kruger..
PAUL KRUGER was the president of Transval.
and the story is:
"if the rains comes before PAUL KRUGERS birthday ,,the year ahead will be dry with less rain..and if the rains start after his birthday then the year is nice with lots of rains and crops are good.
so his birthday was on 10th of october so our rain came after his according to this what my teacher told me it is going to be a good year.
i am enjoying the RAIN...and i think my teacher sarie will be too..
now me off to make coffee and letter writing time:)
till next time..keep well..
keep stitching..
may your days and nights filled with joy..
smiley cucki :)

Friday 14 October 2011


Hello my dear friends,
happy friday to you doing fine and all is well here..a lovely warm day here a bit windy but nice..
i cant believe it that it is friday already...phew..
and it is "international hermit and stitch weekend " too,,and i am taking part in it..last time i really had fun stitching time and this time my plans are same again..STITCH STITCH and STITCH.

last night my friend mailed me this lovely cross stitch poem and i love it so much..and i wanted to share it with you all..she dont do cross stitch but she said "when i saw it,i thought of you cucki"..
yup!its me ..truly ME

I started a cross stitch the other day
I've started at least a hundred and one,
and only a handful of those are done.
My problem is simple and plain and easy to see;
I'm hooked on cross stitch, It's not as bad as could be.
I don't drink or gamble, I just sit and stitch.
This is my weakness, my passion, my itch.
Each project I buy is exciting and new,
I can't wait to get started, so that's what I do.
I stitch on the new piece, forgetting the old.
That makes one more piece that I'm putting on hold.
If I bought no more projects ever again,
I'd still never finish if I live to one hundred and ten.
So I'll keep right on buying forever more.
(I'm a preferred customer at my local stitch store.)
And when my time comes, in stitchers heaven I'll be.
With enough unfinished project to last through eternity.
I'll sit and I'll stitch all the day through.
And I may finish a project, perhaps even two!

Author Unknown 

i wanted to share this  lovely looking giveaway by Kathy on A Stitcher's Heirloom.  You can find the giveaway here.
i wish you all a very happy friday with full of fun wishes to you all for a great weekend..
keep well and happy hermitting to all..i am sure we all very excited for it :)
so happy stitching all the way till sunday..
love and hugs and lots of smiles from 
smiley cucki :D)


Wednesday 12 October 2011

10 things you might like to know about me :)

Idea courtesy of  Jo's serendipitous stitching.

1. What was the last film that really moved/disturbed/thrilled you and why? 
the last film i watched it  was "harry potter,part 7" i was more excited than kids..i am a real fantasy lover and all those brooms and wands made me so crazy.everything was just looking so real..i was kind a sad that it was the last part of the harry potter..i just loved it :)

2.If you could be given ANY gift what would it be?
i would love to have a "invisible cloak" (definately for good reason )

3.What's your favourite way to wake up and what's the first thing you do?
aww i love mornings..maloo lazily walking here and there..i love my busy mornings and all the hustle and bustle.

 4. What crafts have you done?
beside cross stitch i did hand embroidery, bit of crazy patch work,hardanger,teddy bear making, fabric painting and card making.

5.  What were you doing before you started this?
i had my supper and make prayer and now after this i will have big mug of tea.

6. When was the last time you cried laughing? 
oh..i cried and laugh easily..but i smile all the time..really even writing this i am still smiling :D)

7.What did you want to be when you were little?
i so much wanted to be a teacher ..but then i studied now me here "jack of all..master of nothing" lol..

8. What is your current favourite TV programme?
there are so many honestly...

9. What would you name yourself?
i would love to call me Ă„NNE" i love anne of green me Anne..i love it..

10. What characteristics do you hate about yourself?
my habit of cleaning..everything is just so terribly cleaned :)

If you enjoyed this post and want to join in then copy and paste to your blog, let me know in the comments section.  If you're too busy then pick one question and answer it in my comments section.

Happy Thinking!

THANK YOU so much dear jo, i really enjoyed answering these questions. 
and jo you are so right we can't have a post without a picture...
here is my "FALL LADY" i stitched her some time 2008.
she is one of my fav out of all my other stitching..i love her with my heart.
so that is all, i think,,
please dont forget to join in my "sisterhood traveling pattern".
and this weekend is
" its hermit time" again...yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee 
i am so excited for it..i planned my stitching for it much looking forward for this lovely stitchy weekend..if you would like to know more about it please click the cute little hermitter on my side bar to check it out.
now me off to kitchen to make myself tea..
thank you for your lovely visit and reading it..
love you all so much..
happy stitching and keep smiling :)

Tuesday 11 October 2011

Cucki's Traveling Pattern.

hello my dear friends,
i wanted to share this with you all..something really very sweet.
i just finished this today..and i was thinking ,looking at the finished piece it can be sweet sisterhood traveling pattern..
i saw and read about the traveling pattern on so many blogs,,so then i thought it might be so much fun to start my own traveling pattern.
this is my "love is best"and i enjoy stitching it so has few colors and very quick to stitch...just stitch it and then send it to the next person..
                                                               cucki's finished piece
                                                                 design: love is best
                                                               designer: Lizzie Kate
If you would like to be part of this new Traveling Pattern there are a few rules:
1. You must have a blog.
2. Comment on this post only, saying you would like to be part of the Stitcherhood.
3. You must have an active blog to participate,, if you have a blog but never post on wont be chosen to be the next stitcher.
4.The stitcher who will receive the Traveling pattern must stitch it (within an acceptable time frame),finish it and display the finished piece for all to see.
4.Then the stitcher must offer up the traveling pattern for another stitcher to use and it will be off on its travel again.

if you would like to be a part of it and be the next stitcher..
please leave a comment here and i will draw a name on 20 october,2011.
i am so excited for it and wanted to see where it will end up over the years.
thank you so much waiting to hear from you all :)
love and lots of smiles from cucki :D)
The Traveling pattern has been stitched by..
1) cucki of ( Cucki's Stitching Cove )johburg,south africa.
2)  Jo of Serendipititous Stitching, Suffolk, UK                            
3)kerryp77 of Rambling of a biscornu addict ,UK
4) ???

Saturday 8 October 2011

And my 2nd sal is done too

ohhhh and i am so happy too :)
here is my second one from the christmas sal..
My snowman ..happily going to live in now my daughter's i need some nice material for the backing then i will make them both into a ornie...i will start my hunt soon for that..
There is a chill in the wind from the definitely does'nt feel like october summery days..i am waring a jersy..again..i think weather is going strange all over the world.
I think now i can say..something for me..LOL..i better stitch something before anything else happen or i join any more exchange..
keep well dear all..
till next time..happy stitching..
Thanks for stopping by to visit :)
lots of hugs from ME

Friday 7 October 2011

SAL NO: 1 DONE..and a very LOVE GIFT xx

Good afternoon friends and folks,
a lovely, sunny and beautiful friday at the cove...
sweet nut house is cleaned,and clothes are washed and hung to dry..
and cucki is panting..and finally found her ME time to visit with you.
i wanted to show you my finished christmas sal no.1

i finished it late last night..
honestly..i was thinking to stitch something for myself..something..something..
then i find out that i still have to stitch my sal i quickly started it..and my son loves it so much..he already booked it and going straight in his room..
now i am heading towards stitching my second sal..that is booked too and going into my daughters room..LOL..
but something i wanted to show you now that came specially for me all the way from california,usa.
yup!for me..all these lovely goodies for me..
dear carolyn send me these lovely goodies :)
on being her 100 follower on her blog and that is
there is
a lovely pouch..i love the colors so much.
and the cutest needle book..
and my fav LHN chart..(cant wait to stitch it)..
and the super cute card..i am going to frame it and i will keep it in my is so special to me..
thank you dear carolyn.
i love everything so much..i am so thankful you for my lovely gifts.i am more than happy.
a big smile on my face today..

ok off to kitchen..
lunch time.
wish you all will have a lovely weekend ..
happy stitching and lots of smiles for you all.
love from the cove!

Wednesday 5 October 2011

so it is done..

Good afternoon my dear friends,
i am doing fine...and a lovely sunny day here..i was so busy from the morning but now finally looks like i found some Me time..
i finished my exchange stitching piece and it is posted today..i hope my partner likes it and receive it soon..i cant say where it is going?it is so secret ..
now i am thinking what must i do now?
i am going to stitch something for me and then i will show you all..
till then cucki is hunt..for her new project..
love for you all..keep well and happy stitching  xxx

Tuesday 4 October 2011

Simple Woman's daybook----- October 04,2011

For Today..Tuesday,October 04,2011
outside my window.. it is really very dark now..i can just see a little light in my garden.
i am thinking... about my day is going to be busy,busy,busy...and definately about my new stitching project too ;)
i am thankful.. really for my blessed life .
in the kitchen.. we just had neat and clean..dishes washed..later i will make coffee for myself and for hubby.
i am wearing... a black dress.
i am creating.. a flying carpet who can take me to far away magic am thinking to start another hand embroidery picture..
i am going..soon in the kitchen to make coffee.
i am wondering...if i can sleep for the whole day and do nothing..what will happen?
i am reading..still my sweet "prunella"only few pages left.
i am hoping... to sleep early tonight.
i am looking forward to.. for our long holidays time..cant wait..
i am hearing.. kiddies noise..maloo playing with her jingle bell ball..running with it.. tv sound and my lap top buttons  tick tick..
around the house... we need to put the fertilizer in the garden..some plants need trimming..and my hair too :)
i am pondering...why i am so dreamy lady all the time..
one of my favourite things..lots of love from my family and friends.
a few plan for the rest of the week....nothing special..except the garden needs me.

lots of ramblings from cucki :)

Helloooo a big warm hello from sleepy cucki ^ ^
it is night time here 11:30 at the moment and me sitting here with half open eyes.. but i so much wanted to share so much  with you all..
firstly my maloo remember monday we have to took her to the we took her and the doctor said she is perfectly fine..even the swelling is gone now..yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee
but he said just give her the antibiotics for 4 more days for the safe side then stop it..
so it is really good news for all of us that she is really well and a happy maloo again..even i can see that she is doing well because today she was hanging with my wall hanging..he he he
so cucki and maloo are both doing happy dancing..
thank you my dear friends for all your prayers and love for my maloo..
what am i stitching?
i am stitching for one of my secret the morning i was busy with the house ..finally feeding the hungry birds i sat with my stitching in the afternoon and i stitch quite a bit..
so far i am here with my i will stitch the bottem border tomm and it will be finished..then i am going to stitch something for ME..
i found another book for my lovely collection..

i am going to read it soon because my prunella is nearly finished..few pages left..she was really fun reading..
today when i was keeping the book in my rack..i said to my mom..i think i need another book rack because this one is full now..and she said.."i think you need another house" am still giggling..
yup..a very sweet giveaway from the "hippywitch crafts blog"
it is a very sweet little amigurumi "witch" and a felt "heart hanging"..
aww that witch is so cute..i love her much..lori made both of them by herself.
thank you dear lori for such a lovely gift.i am so happy for it and so excited..cant wait to receive it..
love you lori xx
when i will receive it then will post the picture of my sweet new witchy friend..
now i am really off to bed..i am sleeping here..he he he
lets continue praying for all our friends, our family and our fur babies.
good night..sweet dreams and i will meet you soon..
good night kisses

Saturday 1 October 2011

***CUCKI'S GIVEAWAY---with all my love***

Good evening to all my dear friends,
i wanted to say a huge thank you for all your love and get well soon wishes for my maloo..i am so glad to say that she is looking much better than yesterday..still little bit swelling but better than before..
i am so happy for her..i just pray that she get well soon 100%
i wanted to say a huge thank you for your friendship and love..i treasure your friendship..our friendship :) so much.
all your lovely comments are so special to me..they really brighten my day..
no wonder.. how sad i am :( they gave me courage to move on.
and i wanted to say that i can never imagine that i can go so far without your support and love..
and your beautiful friendship..
i love you all so much

and for my GIVEAWAY..
this is something special from my heart..i hope you all will like this..

well the rules are very simple..
1) you must be a follower(new or old)
2) please leave a comment on this post only.
and you can post about it in your blog too or at your side bar.
3) i will post the winner on 22 oct,2011.
4) i will put all the names in a hat and get my son and maloo to pick one out.
5) i will post the goddies shortly can enter from any part of the world..i am  happy to post anywhere in the world.
good luck everyone !!!
keep well dear all and have a lovely weekend..
cucki xx