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Thursday 29 November 2012

Dear November *.*

Happy days of deary November!
Its pear time----
i made this little pin keep---
My little trash- to- treasure...
i really like how it turned out..
so simple..and
so much ME :)
i simply LOVE LOVE it <3
we have planted this little pear tree..
awww this cucki girl is so happy here------
          ~~oh me cant wait till he looks like a BIG TREE~~
~i hope he liked his new home and grow happily everyday *.*
---my cozy cove is full of joy---
i am off to do some cleaning here and there...
and then STITCHING TIME-----xxxx
i thank GOD for the happiness it gives me everyday----

May your day be filled with SMILES, SUNSHINE and PEARS!
cucki <3

Monday 26 November 2012

Bless My Bloomers *.*

Good Monday Afternoon Dear Friends!
Summer is in the air----
The bees and butterflies are singing happily----
Buzz ....
Buzz ....
Buzz ...
And---me a happy bunny too---
I am Blessed----
        deary cucki is so very Thankful----
 i am off hide in my stitching corner....
`*~~~time to get busy with needle and thread-----
        ~~~oh..happy day..
-----happy me
                                                            happy summer Joy!

Friday 23 November 2012

~*Friday Musings~*

Happy Friday afternoon!
I hope the week has been wonderful for you!..
mine is going super good---
 the days are flying so fast each day after the other one..and crazy busy...but..i am happy.....
i stitched..
.... and stitched...
..... and stitched... and finally finished my LK mystery sampler part 2...

awww so much fun..I just love these yummy colors...and keep on thinking about fall..i am missing fall so much.....
I also stitched and hand quilted this pins and needle booklet---
my sweet ditty..
a bit of touch of spring in my cosy sewing basket..
tiny little stitches of sweetness....
cucki is so blessed-----

The day is beautiful today..maloo is looking outside and waiting for me to come...and wander a bit..
i think good idea maloo..cucki is coming...
oh and there are so many more projects are floating around my and maloo will think about that too.. on our walk.....
wishing you a beautiful spring day..and happy stitches.....
sweet smile ~

Wednesday 21 November 2012

~*An African Day ~*

what a sweet sight...
 a man happily sitting under the shady tree..
parked his bicycle....
chatting and eating gladly with his friends...
and selling jeans.... sweet.....
my heat is full of joy and a big smile on my face-----
                 i love you Africa

Monday 19 November 2012

"Wonderful Weekend"---IHSW stitching

hello my dear friends,
happy smile to you----
it has been a busy weekend,full of stitching,house work, kids exams and then some more stitching in between---
i have some happy news to report! i'm very proud to announce that i have completed my WIP....
Ta da......

it is a very sweet pattern by PINEBERRY LANE.."Tansy Yarrow Rue".
deary cucki loves loves it so much ...
Another project this weekend i happily worked was this Lizzie kate sampler part 2...

i truly had a fun busy weekend with my wondering mind and busy hands...
Thank you for letting me share my happy IHSW weekend stitching..
it is a beautiful day outside and i have the happiness down in my heart---
hope you day is filled with stitching and joy.---xxx
cucki <3

Friday 16 November 2012

Enjoy the day.....

Hello Dear Friends!
 T's raining... so what better way to spend the day... but to stitch!
 Wanna see?

i wish you all a very good day!
           i thank GOD for the joy it gives me everyday---

Tuesday 13 November 2012

~*Getting Old~*

Hello dear friends and folks!
Its happy stitchy Tuesday :) 
finally i found some ME TIME...
deary cucki is stitching like crazy ----

i just finish stitching on the lovely Traveling pattern from Craftymoo
me love is sooooooooooooo sweet----
and now it will start his journey towards ireland to Lanybleu...
long journey from south africa to ireland :)
~~~~I wish you all a very good day---
i thank GOD for the joy it gives me everyday---
cucki <3

Thursday 8 November 2012

~*Oh Goodness~*

what a day it is today----
doesn't looks like south african summer days----
we had a very bad hail storm..with lots of wind and rain----
what's wrong with our deary weather??

me and maloo had lots of fun sticking our nose with the window and looking outside---
what fun----
in this unexpected deary hail day..
i received a very sweet parcel just now..what a delight to share with you all :)
it is a halloween giveaway gift from dear cathi
aww look at the lovely stack of goodies...i love everything so much..
the little witch is designed and stitched by cathi..
sweet voodoo doll...charts..cute bracelet..pumpkin bell..
and chocolate...yummyyyyyyy
this sweet parcel came on the perfect is like a ray of sunshine in this cold really warm my heart.
THANK YOU DEAR CATHI ..i will treasure it
so my hail day was a good day at the end---
filled with lots of SMILES and SURPRISE...
me off to stitch now..
big smile
your cucki friend *.*

Tuesday 6 November 2012

~*home tweet home~*

Hello dear friends and folks,
             here in my sewing cove i have been busy..

i am in love.. love and more love with this cute sweet thing...
such a happiness in my cove..
I looked at it so many times...I just love it.
 Have a good day filled with your favorite things to do.
 I am going to stitch...
I am blessed...
                                                              Sweetest and Dearest
                                                          corner of my happy garden<3

Saturday 3 November 2012


                                                            it made me "GIGGLE"...
                                       A wonderful memory,,A precious time in my life------
                                                         i am so filled with joy this day--------
                                                                      love you forever
                                                                  My Dear AFRICA!!!
                                                                        THANK YOU GOD
                                                   I AM BLESSED-----------
                                                                           cucki <3