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Tuesday 28 February 2012


hello dear friends,
i hope you are all doing fine..ME under the weather spell..feverish..cough and flu..trying to get better...
it is nearly the end of the deary feb month..hard to believe!!!
its a beautiful day here today...
i am happy to see this super shiny day :)
i was busy working here and there... i do little work and then i sit a little..i hope this sickly bug go away soon..
nothing much happening in my stitching nest..
i just finished this sweet friend of mine.. she was waiting for me from a long time..
now finally she is all ready..and out from my sewing basket:)

i just love her...
made with lots of love <3
sweet treasure of mine---
me so very thankful :)
                                        wishing you all a very happy joyful day.
                                                        with my big beary hugz----

cucki *.*

Saturday 25 February 2012


Just the simple joy of my happy day *.*
My another quite friend...
a real treat for my soul-------
                           Time to get busy again---
so many more projects...waiting for me in the basket----
few stitches on the linen....a in-complete crochet mat----pin cushions.... teddybears---
and so much,, many more----
oh dear cucki..really time to get busy and lost somewhere in the cove :)
blessings to all of you

Friday 24 February 2012

i'm super blessed---------

Hello my dearest friends,
i am such a happy bunny always but i am extra happy from so many days..
once upon a happy day..
few days ago..
i received a very sweet RAK from MICHELLE from the michelle's stitchcraft place.
la la la...
awww it is so cute..i love it from my happy it is on my dressing my pin cushion basket :)
thank you Michelle dear..
you so sweet.
big hugs for you :D)
 Such a happy friday today...
i received another gift from my another sweetest friend far away from Australia...
it is another sweet RAK from KAYE from the kitten stitching.
here are all the goodies that my lovely friend sent me..

yup..i am truly spoiled...
when i open the parcel tears came in my eyes...
i love everything so much...
here is udder cream..i applied it on my hands and it is so nice...
beautiful bracelet...
yummy threads...
sweet notepad..
sweet keyring..
sweetest measuring tape..
and my cute card.. many treats....
big hugs for you...
another happy gift..
aww such a happy friday..
i opened my computer to check my mails and then i came to know that i got a AWARD from ILUMILU...
she has a very sweet blog A KET KEZEM OROME.
thank you dear so much..
i am truly so happy and so blessed..
sending you big hugs from sunny africa :)
A big and very warm thank you to all my friends for all the lovely gifts...
i will treasure them always...and your friendship and love i will always treasure it..
i am so blessed that you all with me and in my all spoiled me with so much love and sweetness..
big hugs for you all..
i love you all so very much :)

Thursday 23 February 2012

New Treasure In The Cove----

Happy Thursday Friends!
its a brand new day..and me shining like a star and flying in the wind like a happy washing..
meet my new wonderful..happy..fatty...

scrap of fabrics..threads...and lots of this and that----
and made with LOTS OF LOVE <3
of course you already know that---
me so happy and simply love they all turned out---
and ALL treasure always...
 in my head---and my rusty brain---and in my joyful heart....
i constantly have my TRASH--TO--TREASURE--
Have a great day friends!!
well i am off to do some work in my stitching nest..some happy and lazy projects are waiting for me...
i am blessed----
May your day be filled with love and happiness :)
cucki *.*

THE DAY IS DONE-------------

                                              a beautiful evening in my lovely african land----
well--- another day is over---
my happy cove is quite..---
it was a day
but a joyful day it was---
outside my window ----i can see....dark...and some twinkling light...and soft raining...
i treasure each day of my life from my heart..and wait for the new coming day happily and welcome it with my wide open arms..---and big smile---
in this night----i am thinking--
me one happy blessed girl---

                                             sleeping time.....
will meet you all soon..

Tuesday 21 February 2012

New moon..TUSAL JAR...and MY MALOO DARLING ^0^

BOO ^o^......
chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)
here i am.. and maloo were playing hide and seek..i was hiding behind the tree and she here behind this log..he he he
oh..happy happy day :)
oops...i completely forgot about the my tusal jar post..
 i saw lots of tusal jar post then it remind me that it is full moon
so tusal time :)
here is my old tiny tusal with my african ladies..
 --- real full now with lots of threads..
i think time to get a new one---
off to make myself coffee and then some reading time..then may be some wandering time too..
i am a owl too... hoot hoot hoot-------
wishing you all a blissful evening !!
cucki *.*

Monday 20 February 2012

IHSW Stitching (feb) ----HAPPY MONDAY :)

hello dear friends,another week has rolled around again..i have been super busy!! a real humming bee---~~
all is well at this side of the world..raining and sunny..and then raining again..
but it is such a lovely time of the happy garden is looking so lovely with birds and so many of them..the birds are singing..the green grass is abundant..and the roses,tulips and daffodils are in full bloom! and me and maloo happily wandering in there..such a blessings!
i had a super busy week but in between i stitch and happily spent time in my stitching nest :)
i started stitching on "The Marjolein Bastin" ENGLISH GARDEN SAMPLER..i started stitching from the center and here is my progress so far...
i am stitching it on 32 count belfast linen and one strand of is looking so fine but i am loving it so much..
it is a very happy going project :0)
gosh..where is my stithcy list???i am already far behind... cant be true..what has happened to me??it is second month of the new year...and this was the year that i was not going to get behind..and wanted to finish alot from the list...
me naughty..just listening to my heart <3
(but cucki you having so much fun) A HAPPY VOICE FROM MY
anyone else is having that same feeling//??
i do love making these little hearts...they are my simple treasure..
a trash to treasure..
me happy with my joyful heart..
well..there is more house work calling me..i best be getting back to work..
may your day be filled with love and joy~
warm hugs and blessings!
 cucki :)

Friday 17 February 2012

Thinking ---------------ME

oh my..ohhhh my-----where do my days and nights go?summer is all mixed up with deary raining days..
but i love a good summer is so much fun to see the sunshine..and then wind..then clouds mixing up and making funny faces..skies growing darker...then thunder ...lightening...and then lots of rain :)
and me running here and there....sometimes with washing..bringing in...
or sometime touch the
it is raining at this moment and i love the rain.
I hope everyone is well,enjoying good weather wherever you may be..and looking forward for the next season..
as the days go speeding by,and me more thinking about fall...

here is ME..a happy me with fizzy hair..but i think in this face of mine i am thinking something..i am in  wondering mood..but glad from inside...
such a HAPPY and SILLY girl ME *.* today and always...
now my busy scissor is resting happily in ME pouch---
its that hermitting time again..i am excited for it..
me thinking what to stitch or sew over this IHSW weekend...
but i am sure whatever i will chose it will be a happy stitching time in cucki's stitching nest...
summer rainy blessings to all!
happy hugs and much love <3

Wednesday 15 February 2012

Precious little stitches.....................~~

                                                                   simple beauty *.*

Hello dear friends and folk,
i hope you all doing well and staying is lovely sunny today..i can see some clouds but they are far away up somewhere..making funny faces..and i am loving it :)
Today i wanted to share my few happy and precious stitches with you..
A happy fun embroidery finish..
aww my fav willow tree is there too..and my maloo also sitting and waiting for me..
and my happy joyful heart too in a corner..

it is a freebie from Preferably prim.
such a fun stitching..thank you dear christine xxx
i am so happy for another cutie finish of mine...
A Sweet Goose Love <3
it is a freebie from The Little Stitcher

it is super cute..
my another precious little stitches to treasure..
i was such a happy bunny...i am a one happy bunny when i am working in my stitching nest..
in my happy nest----- if you will peek inside..
you will found this yummy strawberries filled with love..

and they are so sweettttttttt and i love making them :)
such simple happiness..
 oh yes..i am truly one blessed happy woman :)
well deary i am heading to the garden..still have to fill the bird bath..and then some work is waiting for me in the kitchen too..
have a beautiful and fun day my dear friends!
 love from my heart <3

Tuesday 14 February 2012


hello dear friends,
a very warm welcome..come on in...
*me smiling*....*maloo purring*
wanted to share something so sweettttttttttttttttttttt
i have a received a very sweet special valentine heart from a "secret stitching sweetheart"
                                                           Secret Stitching Sweetheart
me thinking who it is from?!!
Dear Jo from serendipitous stitching has organised this fun exchange...
now me off to look and search who received mine:)
what happy fun..
thank you dear JO.
thank you dear all for stopping by today..i hope you've also enjoyed this..
enjoy the rest of your day..
happiness and love

Sunday 12 February 2012

I am finished....

hello my dearest friends,
i had a very good and sweet is sunday..
and what a sweet day..full of sunshine..and happiness all around me..
and now my deary sunday is slowly going away..
birds are singing happily..flying back to home..
and i am thinking.. what for supper?hmmnn still thinking..
while i am thinking about supper..
here is little somethingsss from my blessed cove...
after few days..
lovely hours..
happily stitching..sewing..
i am finished...

my sweet finish..
i had this old clay hen button and i add that in the bottom corner..
and i am perfectly happy :)
my deary pillow is now happily sharing his place with all the other chick fellows..
happy them together and happy me :0)
and here me again..i love taking out the old stuff and making something new out of it again..
a piece of old material..still bit shiny though..
some of my ribbons and laces..
and here i am with another of my cherry happy ornament for my room..
i sat the whole day yesterday with it..

i am deary happy with it..
another trash to treasure...
i am blessed---
~~~~~now off to look outside in the fill the bird bath..and just walk around here and there..
wishing you a day with joy and happiness and simple stitches.

Friday 10 February 2012

Good friday morning dear friends,
it has been a cold.rainy week here..and today is cold and rainy again..
just a good time to snuggle up..
drinking coffee..
by the window..
looking outside..
and maloo sitting on the window sill..
The comforts of my happy cove....

it is my sweet heart...
a simple heart that stuffed with love..
and so much ME
My simple pleasure-----
so as for today~~
the wonders will continue..
i am wondering what i will do now??
in my stitching a happy corner my stitchy basket is waiting for me..
and there is a unfinished rainy sampler ...looking for me..
calling me..
i think i will finish it :)
have a HAPPY WEEKEND with many smiles and happiness..

Blessings to you FriEnds!

Wednesday 8 February 2012

what i have been up to...

My deary friends,
oh my goodness..this week has flown by..i hope your week is flying happily..
me doing fine..and happy and so full of joy :)
me stitching finally..i blow the dust off from them..
and grab one of  the project out..and picked up my needle and began..
it was raining outside and i thought that this is the perfect project...
i am stitching happily this sweetie now a days..i love love it so much..
i am nearly there..just little bit border left at the bottom then my "rainy days" happiness is done..
what will i do after that?
me still thinking..there are so many more projects and ideas floating in my dreamy mind..
it was a very good day and i am thankful...
big beray hug to you all :)

Monday 6 February 2012

A New Day...

Good Monday morning my friends,
A mother's work never done..
i really had a busy weekend with full of fun of blessings and lots of work here and there in my HAPPY COVE and of course in my STITCHING NEST too..
it was a quite weekend with lots of raining..but even the rain cant stop me to hope around in the garden..
i happily did that :)
well between working and doing house chores..i have managed to do a little sewing..
aww he is small and sweet and for my Maloo ^0^
And he is all happy and Red :)
such a happy day i had..
threads..and needle..
pieces of felt..
oh my goodness..I AM BLESSED---
*~* this happiness.. happiness of mine..i am completely ignoring my stitchy list..
Dear list,
i was so determined to start stitching..but..while looking for something....
i came this across this material and felt..and there i slip...
forgive me..i will come back to you soon..
i know..i know..i am such a rule breaker and so naught stitchy witch too..**
off to my stitching nest..
will stitch or little sew,,but i am so happy for my busy working hands :)
Have a lovely day filled with laughter..and sunshine and stitching blessings.

Saturday 4 February 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook.

                                                          for today February 04,2012
outside my window... a grey sky with dark clouds.

i am thinking...about my hearts..that i still have to sew..

i am thankful....oh!always...for my happy working,,busy hand..

in the kitchen...a chicken is being roasted with fresh herbs and potatoes baking..yum..yum..

i am wearing..light blue top..and dark blur skirt..

i am creating..yup..something hearts..

i am going...after writing this mail towards garden to put some grains in the bird house for my hungry birds.

i am wondering...hmmnn..lots of things in my rusty rattling mind..(always wondering).

i am reading...such a lovely book called "Emily of new moon"by L.M.Montgomery.

i am finish my hearts by tomm then i can stitch peacefully :)otherwise i will hop here and there..

i am looking forward i will go to garden to feed my birds..what more blessings will found me on the way..

i am walk slowly..i just fly here and there..and

around the house...simple pleasure and lots of them..

i am and everyday about sad un- happy homeless children..

a favourite quote for today..."to the world you may be one person,,but to person you may be the world"

one of my favourire things...watching all the bird coming back home at the evening time to their loved ones.

a few plans for rest of the week....STITCH>>STITCH>>>STITCH xxxx

a peek into my day...
                                              *Happy summer Days from Cucki's Cove*
love and blessings..

Friday 3 February 2012


I'm feeling quite froggy
'cause the ground is so soggy,
it has rained every day for a week!
my skin's turning green,
flies look yummy to me,
and i'm starting to croak when i speak!
oh, i wish it would stop!
all i do now is hop!
this rain doesn't make any sense!
on the bright side of this,
if you give me a kiss,
i might just turn in to a Prince! (i mean princess)
              Susan Maree Jeavons
 hello friends,
here i am..humming this poem and now a days i look like this with all that rain :)
a happy sweet froggie :)
we are having lots of rain and i am hoping just in and out..
today i opened all the windows and rain sprinkling in the house little by little..
i said to myself..
dont worry cucki..i will mop it later on :)
i love love this happy rainy feb of mine..
i have been painting these MUGS,,,the one i am sitting another favourite corner of mine..
i am loving this mug so i made my little house with a lovely garden around it..
and me also somewhere in it..
a busy day is waiting for me..
some work here..
some work there..
little in..
little out..
wishing you RAINY BLISS~~
a sweet weekend for all :)
 love and smile                                    but of course "STITCH"

Wednesday 1 February 2012


hello dear friends,
ohh goodness..time does is 1st of happy FEB..
happy joyful wednesday to you all :)
i hope you having lovely days with full of fun and joy..
i am truly having some over here..after the long rainy days we had some little sunshine today but the wind is so cool and weather lady was saying..more rain is coming soon..
me waiting..
and here ME again with my naughty behaviour..
no stitching done from my list..
and i just could'nt wait any longer...!!
for this..
my sweet little trash to treasure..
my sweet yummy cup cake..and my treasure..
my pin keep..happily sitting with my old teddy..on an old bench..and enjoying the little sunshine we have today..
i am such a sweet i will have this sweet cup cake in my stitching nest with me..
now it turn out so yummy..cant wait to try more..
my simple pleasure:)
and i wanted to share my gifts with you all..
so many friends have sent me my yummy giveaway winning gifts..
i am truly delighted to share these fabulous gifts with you all..
here is the lovely is from "cross stitch queen".i won this on her blog.
thank you dear so much for my lovely gift....i love it so you xxx
and this sweet gift "NIA"sent is my lovely christmas gift from her that i won on her blog too..
i love it so much..such a sweet santa bell..and you can stitch on his bib too..i am surely going to stitch a cute motif on the bib..
thank you dear nia..i love my gift so much..and my hubby likes the stamps too.he is so happy for it.
a big hug for you deary..
dear "loretta"sent me this cute chart..i won this chart on her blog too..(three) is such a sweet chart and a must stitch..thank you dear loretta..i love it so you so much.
I am a luck girl :)
my dear friends you are all blessing for me and i am so thankful for my so many lovely friends.
sending you all big beary hugs.
tomm is supposed to be cold and raining..but i can see some dark clouds are coming already..i think they all arrived here little sunshine is fading away..
me better run in with my chatterbox..
i cant think of a better way to enjoy the dark clouds,,,and little faded sunshine..and this happy day..straight off to my stitching nest..
wishing you all sweet smiles on this yummy wednesday..
love u all