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Tuesday 31 May 2011

me in cross stitch crazy issue 152..yippeee

i received the mag yesterday and i am so happy to see myself in it..
me happy ..very much..

Saturday 28 May 2011

my june surprise:)

today i sat and finish this Mr.happy frogie diving in flower bed..i made it as a fridge magnet..i hope my partner like my june surprise goodies...

ready to fly..

to her new home:)
and with that i made this little summer card,,happy
so my third biscornu is going to start his
bye bye dear,,have a lovely trip:D)

third biscornu..

getting ready to go.i stitch this one for my summer biscornu exchange..

my postcard

for my uk...

Thursday 26 May 2011

and my biscornu..

oh dear i love making it so second one and i am so sad saying good bye to him:(
and here it is ready..
to post...
bye bye dear..have a safe journey xx

something for my exchange..

i was just busy making things and stitching for my exchanges..
here is something i made for my partner in "All crafters craft swap" on swap is not cross stitch but i really enjoy making them..i hope my partner likes it too..

Sunday 15 May 2011

Happy sunday..

me and my thinking..i love to sit and think..and sometime i just sit..then my thinking roam around me...i love to day dream..
today is a lovely day with lots of sun..i thought it is a perfect day for washing..and now all is done and my washing is happily waving the in the may is autumn here..and lots of dry leaves are running here and there with the air..looking so lovely.i dont feel like to sweep them..look like they are also lying and thinking something..there colour is changed too..look like autumn goddess is came to live here now for a while..can we have snow here in south africa?strange and snow..we had once and i love it so much..i wanted to live a place where i can see snow everyday..i wish..may be soon one day..finger crossed for that..
i am day dreaming see..
well me going to make coffee now..i am drinking so much coffee now a days..soon i will turn into a coffee think i born in a wrong time..i should have born long time ago..may be in 1801 something like that..i am in 2011 but my soul is still in that day dreaming again..
well i truly love autumn from my heart..and this is the season that i wanted to live in forever..better go and get my coffee now..and start thinking again..under a lovely autumn tree.

postie bring some post.......yipeeeeeee

i am so happy finally today my parcel came..and what is inside?
what else...
my new stitching cross stitch kit..
cant wait to start them..

Thursday 12 May 2011

my day..and some stitching xxxx

well my day is nearly over..we all had supper just now.i washed the dishes..and now finally some ME time..
i finsihed my two biscornu todat that i was stitching from last two days.both of them are for the is for the summer exchnage an dthe other one is for swap-bot exchnage.they are finished and looking so sweet..i love them both so much..i so much wanted to put the picture but i cant because then if my partner saw it then it not wont be a surprise for them so i will till they will get it.
ok then after that i stitched something for me...i am raeding this book "eat pray love"..such a nice book..and it is written in the praise from "Elle Macpherson"that every women sholuld read it..and it is so true..such a lovely book..and today i stitch this is from "the sampler lady"and i made this little ornie.
and here i am hearing the pittar patter of my little one feet..story time for him..i better run now..

Happy Thursday..

Tuesday 10 May 2011

10/05/2011 feeling so poorly.. AACHOO

ACHOO.ACHOO...ACHOO...where is my tissue??me not feeling sick,,..flu..and fever...spreading germs here and there..oh dear!!!
i was stitching the get well soon card for my i need one for
and cherry on top..i gave it to my friend to post it..and after that i realise i didnt took the picture of it...gggggggggrrrrrrrrrr ..

Sunday 8 May 2011

IS IT ME ????

my friend gave me this miss.froggie few days ago..and he said when i saw it..i thought of you..
ME..croak croak croak
and my heart says yeah she is just looks like YOU.
ME croak..croak..croak..

Saturday 7 May 2011

For my Mama.

My mother, my mama dear mama..
i love you so much..with my heart and soul..
you were there at the start
as i was learning to stand,
you steadied me,hold me
and gave me your hand.
and all through the years,
you've been there to help blend
the role of caregiver--
good mother and friend.

And my first biscornou :D)

and this is my first ever biscornou of my life..

My recent stitching..

I am stitcing now from some time ago..i will soon put the picture here..of my old stitching..
but this is the picture of some of my recent stitching..

My Love -------- Pin cushion's

me and my pin cushion'ssss ..i love them..i collect them..i have so many..i dont even know how many???
they are everywhere, in my room..on the shelf..some in my basket..some in the cupboard..
but there is this one i made it..long ago..and he is my fav one because he is my first pin cushion that i made with cross stitch xxxx

Friday 6 May 2011

WOW! what a day!!!

i still cant believe it..that finally i have a blog..thanks to heather my cant be possible without her..she helped me how to do it..and i eat all her brain and chops..he he create this blog..
you are my star heather..a twinkle star of my life:)
so finally 06 may 2011 i own a blog..and 5 followers..all my lovely so happy because i so musch wanted it from so many long time ago..and today is the day..
oh dear..i am so sleepy eyes are paining..i am half hanging from this chair while i am typing this and making so many mistake..backspace and typing again..better go to bed now..
i am happy today..very..
and sleepy ^o^

something about me..

hello dear all, its me cucki..i am living in south africa, is a very lovely town.
i love to do cross stitch,knitting and reading.i love writing letters too.
i love to smile ..i am always smiling:) always family call me busy bee..
my whole life revolves around needle and threads..
i am a happy simple person.