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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Happy sunday..

me and my thinking..i love to sit and think..and sometime i just sit..then my thinking roam around me...i love to day dream..
today is a lovely day with lots of sun..i thought it is a perfect day for washing..and now all is done and my washing is happily waving the in the may is autumn here..and lots of dry leaves are running here and there with the air..looking so lovely.i dont feel like to sweep them..look like they are also lying and thinking something..there colour is changed too..look like autumn goddess is came to live here now for a while..can we have snow here in south africa?strange and snow..we had once and i love it so much..i wanted to live a place where i can see snow everyday..i wish..may be soon one day..finger crossed for that..
i am day dreaming see..
well me going to make coffee now..i am drinking so much coffee now a days..soon i will turn into a coffee think i born in a wrong time..i should have born long time ago..may be in 1801 something like that..i am in 2011 but my soul is still in that day dreaming again..
well i truly love autumn from my heart..and this is the season that i wanted to live in forever..better go and get my coffee now..and start thinking again..under a lovely autumn tree.

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MysteryKnitter said...

Of course. You live in such a place even the seasons are upside down. In my world May means spring. I can't imagine, that June is winter month in your world. In my world it is hot summer.