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Thursday, 12 May 2011

my day..and some stitching xxxx

well my day is nearly over..we all had supper just now.i washed the dishes..and now finally some ME time..
i finsihed my two biscornu todat that i was stitching from last two days.both of them are for the is for the summer exchnage an dthe other one is for swap-bot exchnage.they are finished and looking so sweet..i love them both so much..i so much wanted to put the picture but i cant because then if my partner saw it then it not wont be a surprise for them so i will till they will get it.
ok then after that i stitched something for me...i am raeding this book "eat pray love"..such a nice book..and it is written in the praise from "Elle Macpherson"that every women sholuld read it..and it is so true..such a lovely book..and today i stitch this is from "the sampler lady"and i made this little ornie.
and here i am hearing the pittar patter of my little one feet..story time for him..i better run now..

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MysteryKnitter said...

You sure know how to stitch.