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Wednesday 29 June 2011

My june challenge stitching xx

hello! a lovely and bright day here..
finally today is 29 june and i am so happy because i was waiting for it from so many days..since i finished my june stitching..phew..
i posted my picture and now i am confused like always that it is not the right

well finally it is done and now i am thinking to go back to my old stitching..i am going to stitch something for my birthday..i know i am going to stitch something for me but not sure what is it?i will go and dig in my stash box..
and i am still waiting for my MS book and my chart pack "rules of  halloween"but still no sign of any of them..i hate when this happened..and i hate waiting too..i hope they turn up soon..
ok i think i better buzz off..and stitch something..i think i better finish my snow man then i can start stitching for alizay..
and maloo my kitty is looking in a very good mood today..she is keep on coming and jumping in my stitching basket..she is my stitching buddy..she loves it when i open my basket and then she can look at all my little treasure and touch them..she loves my blue pin coushion so much..that is her favourite one..

oops..i was talking of buzzing off..and i am still rattling..ok me going..going..going..
but keep stitching dear all..
love xx

Sunday 26 June 2011

My scissor fob's

here are my scissor fob..i really enjoy making i made with hardanger and the other one with cross stitch.they are my other love after the pin cute little scissor fellow:)
and this one is my fav one..i made it some time ago..i love it so much..
now back to my is so cold here..and windy..i wish for lovely sunny days back now..
ok dear..till next time..
happy stitching..xx
cucki x

Wednesday 22 June 2011

my handmade bears..

here are my handmade bears,,one is papa bear and the other small one is baby bear..i love them with my heart..they sit in my lovely angel wodden box in my room..sometime my son bear come and visit them..they are real friendly:)

Thursday 9 June 2011

some lovely post today for me..

well..what can i say i received so me lovely post from my very lovely friends.

it just brought tear in my eyes when i saw all these lovely goodies..just for me..the cute bookmark and my love biscornu and sweetest scissor fob.and the lovely postcard.all these things my friend sara send me in all crafter exchange..and all in autumn theme..i love autumn so much.
really i am so blessed to have friends in my days are shiner..
thank you so much dear sara..i am so chuffed and so thankful.i will always treasure all these things..and always keep close to my heart..thank you dear so you xx

And a lovely letter from my friend Sara Giles from uk..i just love her letter.going to write the reply in little time..

And then a lovely post card from postcard exchange. it is a postcard of DUNDEE very lovely town indeed..
ok dear me going to do some stitching much wanted to finish so much in this june month..
happy stitching all xx

Wednesday 8 June 2011

finally something for me..and a post card..

after such a long time..YES..
one of my friend Sinead McCafferty said to me..aneeba make something for yourself too..and i said to her..yup!one day soon..
whn i saw this design i said to myself i so much wanted to it for myself..and here i am ..i made it a book mark..
my two love..cross stitch and books..

 and this post card  i posted it to of my postcard swap..i personally like this post card very is the whole map of southern Africa.

ok so me running towards my next project..finally my june challenge..
till then keep well ..and of course "STITCH" :D)

Sunday 5 June 2011

Archie is ready..

to go to framer and me out of my invisible was really fun stitching and i enjoy every moment of it..
i lov him so much..this picture is called"thinking of you"
now i better run to kitchen now and feed my hungry folks otherwise they will eat me
till next time..keep well and keep warm and of course "STITCH".

Hello Archie!

wow! what day here..a very lovely day with lots of is cold but sun is very nice..last night i was stitching late night.i am stitching a lovely Archie picture for my me..
i think i can finish it i just have to stitch the grass and then back stitching... and i am going to wear my invisible
so dear me going to disappear now in my cove..soon i will show you the complete picture of my ME....oops!archie....

Thursday 2 June 2011

my of the day..

hello dear all, is just flying..i cant believe it that it is already june..and here is a very cold day of june..
in my stitching cove nothing much is happening..i just buzzing here and there with my daily life i posted my tote bag for my tote and note exchange and my bag is going to is so nice that somewhere somebody in usa going to use the bag that cucki bought for her..and same will be here..i love swap..i think they are really so nice..
and then i got my partner detail for my "people on post card exchange "..i wrote my card and it is ready to is going to usa too..

and another lovely news..i am going to stitch for "love quilts uk"i am so happy for that.i already chose my design and they approve it so i am so happy ..( happy bunny always).. i am stitching for the quilt is called "stitch-a-long-hearts"..
now i am going to look for my stitchy bug and start my stitching..but before that cooking time..gggggggggrrrrrrrrr
till then keep well..stay warm and of course "STITCH"