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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Archie is ready..

to go to framer and me out of my invisible was really fun stitching and i enjoy every moment of it..
i lov him so much..this picture is called"thinking of you"
now i better run to kitchen now and feed my hungry folks otherwise they will eat me
till next time..keep well and keep warm and of course "STITCH".


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh! He turned out ridiculously cute!

xoxo Kim

cucki said...

thank you kim..xx

lenna said...

Cucki ~ I love him he is so cute. You did a great job on Archie. Your stitching is gorgeous. I like you blog too and now I am going to join and follow you.
thanks for the nice comment.
God Bless ~

♥ Nia said...

So cute!! =) Congrats on your work!
I'm Nia, I'm the admin for Margaret Sherry Lover's Blog. Would you like to join the group and publish your works there? :)