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Wednesday 31 October 2012

BOO HOO~~ **Halloween Blog Hop**

                                           U                     U                      U
is my letter from Jo for the halloween blog hop-----
please fly to the next blog which is Count it all Joy - for the next letter---
                                                         a spooky HELLO to you----
                                                     my fellow WITCHES and FRIENDS----
                                                      HAVE A HAPPY HALLOWEEN
                                              spooky and wickdy SMILES from the COVE
                                                              HAPPY HAUNTING!!

Friday 26 October 2012

~~~Another Delight~~~

                                                              PIN CUSHION!!
                                                       My happy trash to treasure-----
ME and MALOO  =^0^=
And happiness in my STITCHING COVE *.*
a very good day~~~~
May your day be filled with happiness, stitches and simple pleasures----
                                                                  like MINE <3

Thursday 25 October 2012

super sweettttttt *.*

Hello dear friends,
Happy Thurdsay to y'all :)
it is raining here..and days and nights are so beautiful----
i so much wanted to share my two super sweet gifts...
such delight in my happy cove---
it is a sweet giveaway prize from dear Steph
aww look at the beautiful green man..i love him so much.
i am super excited for him.
and steph is so generous that she sent me all these acorns and some extra cute little goodies..
so many cute buttons and charms..
 she made all those cute acorns and leaves.....
and cute fairy card..i put it in my album....
awwwww so sweet---and so precious to ME
You have been so generous! I will treasure it always...I LOVE IT!!!!
Here is my other sweet giveaway gift from MII

 it is a very lovely mag and it is full of so many yummy christmas projects,,and there are some extra threads and card with it too....
Thank you dear Mii..i love my gift so much---big hugs for you.
I am very blessed to have been gifted these most wonderful items.
see was a super happy day..
wishing you  a lovely day with full of joy.
cucki xxx

Tuesday 23 October 2012

May Love~~

Hello Dear Friends!
I hope your weekend was blessed with family, friends, stitching and all things happy...
mine was certainly a very blessed one-----
The weather has been most wonderful and me and maloo truly enjoying it..great for long walks to enjoy the seasonal changes...
I was stitching happily on a very sweet project...
here it is---

a sweetie that kept me busy the past couple of days...
it is a very cute design from The Primitive Hare...
I just LOVE it!
How sweet it is!
simple & sweet...
This one is just a true TREASURE!
Well... the nice weather is calling me. Time to fly outside for the day....
Blessings and happy bloom from the cove.

Saturday 20 October 2012

Africa ...I LOVE....

A very good Evening from my Happy Homeland----AFRICA!!!
Life is beautiful and i am happy with my blessed evenings----
Happy Weekend!!

Thursday 18 October 2012

cucki's book ---

                                                      CUCKI'S BOOK <3
Good Thursday afternoon dear friends,
It poured again last night..there is nothing more sweeter then hearing rain fall...i love the sound of rain ..
...How excited I am over my rainy days...
It's definitely sewing and stitching project time in my cove!..
so what i am busy on now a days...or you can say from so many dayssssssssssssss

i am taking part in a very interesting SAL that will start from next year..This sal sound so much fun.. it consists of stitching a needlework book that will hold all the monthly stitching pieces. One page is a month so we need twelve pages, we can choose any type of needlework like crochet, quilting, cross stitch, knitting etc...  or any favourite designer.... You can read more about this SAL here.
awww sound so much funnnnnnnnnnnnnn.....and a such a sweet idea..
i so much wanted to share MY OWN and very pretty ..sweet..
it is the cover of deary cucki book...i made the cover with crazy patch and then i did embroidery---this crazy patch work really made me more crazier but i am happy with the end result :) on the cover you will see all the stuff that deary cucki loves...everything that describe ME---

now look inside..
oh my! i am here a real thinking mood----
and on the right size you can see my pages to attach my monthly thoughts on them----
and my happy little book mark for the book..a book is so incomplete without a book mark---it is just me idea---silly me---
so a book mark---
 and now..
in the last... back cover of my book...
you will see ME AGAIN---holding my stitchy basket and again in wandering mood---
This patch is one of my very favorites too...i bought this patch long ago..and now it is on my sweet book..
It brings back many sweet memories.
i am happy--------
 awww what a sweet TREASURE this book is for me..i am sure when my grand kids will found it somewhere in a attic or in an old trunk....they will love it too..
granny cucki's little treasure..
I will be a  happy happy Granny!
                HAPPY!!  HAPPY!!
                      JOY!   JOY!
i am so thankful for my happy heart <3
May your day be filled with simple pleasures.
ME xxx

Monday 15 October 2012

Pumpkin Bliss *.*

Hello dear friends and folks,
It poured over the weekend and yesterday and all night longggg~~ seem like one long grey days..where you just see dark clouds everywhere~~~~
Looks like it is a WELCOME RAIN for our MISS.SUMMER -----
The weather is just right today-------------
I am too busy---with so many things---at one time---*giggle*
you all know how i wander here and there with my happy thoughts----
its the small things that make me SMILE :)
I love Autumn-----oh----i think i smell pumpkin----and i just have to smile-------

Ahhh-----My Trash-To -Treasure---
Miss.Maloo feels to wander a i'm with her :)
A very lovely day is calling ME---
Wishing you all lots of HAPPY SMILES and a happy start to your week.

Friday 12 October 2012

uHHHHHhhhh.....Busy Hands.....

                             She watched and taught the girls that
                                  sang at their embroidery frames
                                        while the great silk flowers
                                             grew from their needles-------
                                                                                    ~~~Louise Jordan Miln,  The Feast Of Lanterns.
what a gift it is to be able to create....
"with my happy busy hands"
it soothes my soul and i STITCH my day away------
i am blessed-----------

Thursday 11 October 2012

`~Thank You Kindly ~~

~hello dear frinds,
i am doing fine...just crazy busy with my crazy patch work book..will show all you soon :)
          ME sooooooooooooooooo happy today..
 I just had to show you these gifts that came in today's mail!
 This is from my pal carolyn ...

Isn't this precious? awwwwwwwwwwwww i am soooo excited..she is my new friend ,,i already gave her a name ANNE..she is now sitting on my favourite rocking chair.i love her from my heart...from my very deary heart <3
and look at the all the other yummyyyyyyyy goodies from carolyn...
i am feeling sooooooooooooooo happy and i was jumping with joy when i opened the box.. The glow of happiness really showed on my face when i opened my loving gift.
 carolyn is  so kind & thoughtful!I'm so thankful and just tickled that she thought of me
Thank you, carolyn for your kindness, generousity, and friendship.
And this lovely PIF gift from my dear friend Shirlee
what a happy super day for me today...
more yummyyy goodies :)
 a real joyous day for me...
I love all my goodies & am just so lucky! Thank you shirlee! Thank you for your kindness! :)
i won this sweet giveaway on Loretta blog.
here is my sweet gift...

Thank you Loretta..i love my gift so is a treat for me.big hugs for you.
i am happy as a mouse..jumping up and down and bumping
Thank you for allowing me to share!
Well.... after a fun, full day.... t'is time for do some more stitching on my home really need a good cleaning but this book i cant leave... so i am happily stitching..keeping busy----
Have a beautiful day & happy stitchin':)

Monday 8 October 2012

Spring is in the air~~~~

Happy Stitchin Day!
spring has sprung here and It's definitely Spring project time!
what a happy day i had :)
                                                            My simple heart is happy <3

i hand stitched the cover for the retractable tape measure..with felt and beads..i just love the spring colors and flowers..
i'm thinking it turned out pretty sweet..
             i love hand stitching...and this is one of my very favorites now..
ME always happy but more happier when i am in my deary stitching nest..nothing like stitching the day away...
oh my!!spring is in the air...and it is a very good day....a bit windy but niceeeeeeeeeeeee
Thank you again Friends for all your comments, emails and love...
cucki is super blessed with friends :)
simply joy and laughter!!

Saturday 6 October 2012

And the winnner is-------

Evening Friends,
oh how..i could wish you all could be winners---
you are all in my HEART <3 ....MY FRIENDS.
I wrote all the names on the paper slips and my little one picked one ...TAMMY
i am off to mail her just now...
thank you all for joining in my LITTLE TEA PARTY FUN!!
i treasure you all so much...
love you

Friday 5 October 2012


hello dear friends and folks,
what a busy day here..but a very lovely day..
look what's happening here in my happy cove~~~~
          MR.sun is a perfect day for repair our lapa huts...for the coming summer weather and rainy days-----
alot of work --huh??
well you need...lovely weather...lots of wild grass----
and lots of busy hands...and lots of BIG SMILES

Domy is here with his friend to help us with lapa huts and i am learning from him is so easy..
may be next year you will find me and maloo hanging on here :)
maloo is so excited..she refused to come in..she jumping up here and there like she is a lapa
This is how it looks this afternoon----

Today is a fun-filled, interesting day---
i wonder what tomm will bring??
well two more lapa's to do----it is going to be a busy weekend---but sure to be a super one :)
i am in country heaven---
off to make some more bundle of grass....
domy is a good boss..he gave me a little break to come and meet you all---
                hoping your weekend is a lovely one...
                       doing what you love to do most!!!
                                          happy friday,friends xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday 4 October 2012

~~~~while i was looking for something in my cupboard...
i found this sweet a dark corner..waiting for ME---
OH DEAR!! i bought it this winter and i completely forgot about the poor thing----
so forgetful ME---
it made me smile too---
and my knitting fever came back :)
i knit this scarf for myself--it is a treat for me---and a reminder of this winter--
oh!i adore this scarf--it really came out so sweet <3
i'm eager for cool days to wear it--------
                 ~~~~~off to find some more treasure-----
who know's what i will find next ??-------
I AM BLESSED---------
                             “Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, 
                                                     and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either.”
                                                                                                          ― Elizabeth Zimmermann
       ME one happy spirit here..

 welcome Dear Spring!!!

Tuesday 2 October 2012

Beary Special Day ~~~~

hello my dear friends,
Today is october 2nd---where does the time go??? it is really flying so fast.
well...that time of year is slowly coming when the days grew longer..
its mean..more time with Mr.african sun :)
it has been a great day here so far..i had a great time making my dear friend :)
my beary special friend..
please meet cucki's new friend "TED"
 he is so new friend..
i made him with polymer clay and then i baked him..
he is going to stay in my treasure box with his others beary friends.
and what else...
more treasure...

 oh they all so sweet..
even extra special because they all made with so much love and happiness..
wishing you a day filled with cucki's big "BEARY HUGS"