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Monday 30 January 2012


hello dear friends and folks,
i hope your weekend has been wonderful..and you all staying well and warm..
we are cold here and having rain and rain and more rain everyday..
well so it is getting cooler now..and i am seriously preparing ..and feeling like to "hibernate".
the weather is rainy and cool and i think we will have early winter here..
ME stitched on whole of my weekend..on my deary weekend..
it drizzled the whole weekend and made for a cozy stitching day..and ME happily stitched my spring design..
ohhh..i am so happy for it :)
i stitched it some years ago for one of my exchange..and feeling so sad when i was posting it..
then i said to myself..
dear cucki..dont be sad..
i will make one for you too..
and here is now ..this one for deary cucki too..
such a happy dance me doing too with dear bunnies..
naughty part is..i supposed to work on my monthly stithcy list..
not on my "heart list".. naughty cucki..
i finished Halloween Rules no 1 too.. was also not on my stithcy list..
naughty again;)
1--A lovely day with rainy smile.
2--My happy and joyful heart.
3--Fresh homemade bread.
4--My little xxx on the fine linen.
5--My big mug of coffee..with my book..and maloo purring next to me.
           My dear friend TJ posted this on her blog "humble origins"and i also wanted to share my gratitude list with you all and TJ.
now that my housework and kitchen work finished for a bit..i am going to stitch..
guess i should get back to working on my list..i am ignoring the poor thing from so many days..
hope you day is filled with HAPPY STITCHES and JOY.

Friday 27 January 2012

Halloween Rules Sal..AND An Award :)

hello dear friends,
A joyous HAPPY FRIDAY to you all..i hope your week has been lovely.
it is simply a cool but a deary day here..the weather is rainy and cool..rain rain and more rain here :)
and i've been keeping myself very busy inside..
my dear friends,i am working on my far i am doing good and working and working i finally reached to my HALLOWEEN SAL that i am doing with lovely MINDI , RANAE , MYRA...
here is my sweet spooky sal..
boo hoo..

while i was working on the graves..i thought that it is such a long time that i visited a graveyard..
you all know my love for graveyards..
it just remind me of that warm afternoon..
my nanny was a bit superstitious..she never come inside the graveyard..she look for my name from outside the door but never came in..
one day she looking for me..and i am in..sleeping or may be reading..i heard her voice..i ran outside..holding my pillow and books..and one i put somewhere i dont know..
she standing outside with cross face..
then a man came holding a paper in his hand asking for that street..and address..he was showing me the paper..
then my nany said.. asking the address from a wrong person..ask her about the graves and graveyard..
she can tell you better who is sleeping in which grave..which grave is where..
she know graves and dead people better than living people..
that man looked at us and ran away,...and me giggling..
i am writing this and still giggling.. i am 100% sure that man thinks we two crazy ladies or ghosts :)
standing outside the graveyard in that hot afternoon..and me with one shoe and
ohh dear..THOSE WERE THE DAYS :)
my happy deary days..
look at me..i am just talking and talking..
and i wanted to show this award :)
this award i received from dear LORI and her lovely blog is Hippywitch crafts
THANK YOU DEAR made my whole day..i am so happy for it and so thankful.
big hugs for you with kissess xxxx
after receiving the award you then need to :-

  1. In the same post, add the Versatile Blogger Award.
  2. In the same post, thank the blogger who nominated you in a post with a link back to their blog.
  3. In the same post, share 7 completely random pieces of information about yourself.
  4. In the same post, include this set of rules.
  5. Inform each nominated blogger of their nomination by posting a comment on each of their blogs.
  6. ooh and forward it to 15 other bloggers.
and one of it too tell 7 things about me :) life is so simple..

1-- i love graveyards..that you all know now about mom used to say one day she will bring a spirit with her from the grave yard :)
2--i love willow trees so much..i so much wanted one in my home..when i will have one then i will call my home"cucki of windy willow"
3--i am crazy for Ă„nne of green gables" i am so much like her..only i dont have red hair..
4--i love autumn so friends called me "autumn fairy ".
5--i love much..i can never live without books.
6--i always have joy in my heart...simple things always make me so happy..
7--i am happy all the time :)
phew..long post today.. now i am still thinking who i am going to nominate for this award ..
i came to know about this award in the morning and i am still in happiness and thinking..mood..
and merry thoughts in my mind..
so please give me some time..for RULE NO 5 and 6..i will post about it soon.
so sorry about the rule breaking here..(naughty,sleepy cucki)
back to my i will leave the halloween rules here and i will start stitching on the last stithcy of the month is "BAP challenge"..few days left from the rainy january...
Have a merry friday with lots of smiles :)
Wishing you all a great weekend with full of fun and lovely stitching time..

*Happy Cucki*

Wednesday 25 January 2012

Happy Scrapy Wednesday :)

hello dear friends,
what a days are here..rainy was raining so much but today no rain but still i see some dark clouds are coming fast..
and me spending most of time inside now,,
no more wandering outside in the garden..looking for new nests and hanging on the tress..
i am missing that so much..
but i am wandering in the home the old drawers and store room..and their i found some old bits and that..
i get together that lovely bits..a old piece of calico..and torn old lace..few beads,,ribbons..
and then..
the rain has given me an excuse to play too !
i get lost in my stitching nest..and my busy hand working..
me forgot about everything..
da da

now i have this sweet little bag for my small treasure keep..
simple joy..
i am a one happy girl with my treasure..
i am imagining myself holding this old bag,,wearing a big floral dress..walking on the muddy path going to the field..
ohh deary..i love olden time so much..well i am sure for that i born in wrong era..
now i better wake up from my dreams and cook some lunch..otherwise my hungry african kids will eat me up..
better run now..going to be a busy girl again..then hopefully some stitching time too..
may your day be filled with joy..

Monday 23 January 2012

UPDATES:- IHSW january..(NEW MOON) TUSAL..and a sweet mail :)

hello dear cucki's friends!
i hope you all had a lovely weekend..mine was full of super fun time..
well it has been a busy weekend full of busy day..eating cakes..laughing and lots of cleaning after that..
i am blessed..
Thank you so much my dear friends for all your lovely messages made my dear simba more all so sweet xxx
Here is happy monday my this post is full of little bit of everything..and i am going to start with my IHSW stitching..
My happy wee snowman..both are looking so merry and glad for their new travelling..
he is by Sylvia.i just changed it little bit..i add the wording on the side..
now they are off to their new home..bye bye dear frosty,,have a lovely journey :)

Another project this week was the rr stitching..
and this is my little coner on janet RR piece..she is living in usa..her theme was flowers.
my little bunch of flowers for her..
this is the last RR piece that i the round..
oh dear! am going to miss them..RR are always so much fun..they always brighten my post box my post box will have a empty feeling.
 NEW is the first TUSAL  post of the year..and first new moon already..
here is my tiny jar again with my sweet little quilt..there was still little place in it so i thought i can use it for some more i think poor thing is really full :0)
one more thing i would like to share with you today is this..
my lovely giveaway gift arrived from MINDI
what a sweet gift..really we dont get these lovely charts and special threads here in south for me it is a treat..i love everything so much with my heart dear mindi.i put the koyala bear card on my fridge..there i can see it all the time..and the scissor fob you made for me is so cute..
thank you so much Mindi xxx
i really do feel blessed to have such great friends.
thank you all for your kindness,generosity and love.
day is passing by..i better get back to my stitching nest to STITCH before it is too late and i stat doing something all know my wandering habitats..
Have a sunny stitching day.

Sunday 22 January 2012

*Happy Birthday to my dear Simba*

Pick up trucks..
Racing cars..
Finding rocks..
Bugs in jars..
Cowboy hats..
Pony rides..
Making huts..
Places to hide..
Shinny pennies..
Treasured toys..Pocket filled..
My sweet little simba turned a big "9"today...
this is his favourite picture..
he says..its me mama and i am holding your you all saw my fancy tail too)
                                                             Happy Birthday  :)
                                            its my simba fav cup cake and his fav teddy..
                                                                  happy day :)
                 So quickly you grow with bounds and leaps but the sweetest memories
                                                  are mine for keeps!!


Thursday 19 January 2012

Theme-a-licious 2012...Jardin January :)

Hello dear friends,
Happy Thursday..i hope your day has been lovely..weeks are flying past so quickly and this one was really fastest one..but i had fun in this week too..flying here and there with it too..
today is another lovely day here..well it is still hot and sometime really hot and me inisde mt heart thinking of autumn..hmmnn but i am glad with my lovely summer too because my sweet garden looks happy and merry with it..
And our Theme-a-Licious for Januray is also to relax in the garden after the stressful holidays just gone by..and stitch on any piece with flower or garden..
here is my finished piece on this sweet Theme-a-licious
~one bird having some friends over~ of Bent Creek..
i am really very excited about my this sweet finished piece..i love watching birds..while i am in garden relaxing and stitching i love to watch and listen to birds..and sometime i just follow the lovely voices from which tree is coming from..and maloo is following me...with her happy purr...he he he
that is ours favourite time of the day :)

i wanted to say a huge thanks to all of you for reading,following and commenting on my blog..i really treasure our friendship..i am full of joy and happiness.**a huge thank you to all of you**
I am so happy that things are moving nicely and finally i am getting a bit organised too..
now i will stitch on my dear snowman and my last rr piece over this IHSW weekend..and then i will start stitching on my "Rules Of Halloween"sal with my dear friends..cant wait to start that..
well, now me off to my deary kitchen and then i will start preparing for my IHSW weekend stitching..tomm is happy friday :)
wishing you all smiles and happiness :)
                                                        Any day spent sewing,is a good day
                                                                                             ~Author Unknown

Tuesday 17 January 2012

Wipocalypse Update..January

Hello dear friends and folks,
here i am with my BIG smile..i hope all is well at your side of the world..
this side is bubbling hot and when some dear clouds comes and hang around then it is much better..
ME so loony..i mixed the date of tusal jar and the date of my goofyness and sleepy mind..
wipocalypse is on FULL MOON and tusal jar is on NEW MOON.. forgot and mixed both of them..
so it is my late update for the january..
i managed to stitch on one of my wip..and finally made some progress on it..
This is my lovely sampler of "Tea With Jane Austen"of "The Sampler Girl"i really enjoy stitching it..
but with the kitty..i changed the colors and made it looks like my Maloo ^o^
awww cutee..
and ME following her at the back :)
i am stitching it on 32 count belfast all time fav linen..

i am thinking that wipocalypse will help me to stitch on my wip's and keep me going with lots of joy and happiness..and my basket will be little lighter too..and my walls fuller :0)
i am really enjoying looking at all the projects everybody working is truly so much fun..
well next month..i will stitch on this same piece and i will try to finish it..
So Happy Stitching everyone..
May your days filled with sunshine and love and stitching ...

Monday 16 January 2012

HOME IS.........

                  the HUT is...
        My Love..
        My Home..
        My Joy...
          I am a HAPPY GIRL here..
Wishing you all a very happy and sunny week from my little heart and from the heart of Africa!!!

hope your day is filled with lots of "sunshine" and happiness :)
be back soon..
Summer Blessings and Joy :)
Happy Cucki

Friday 13 January 2012


Hello dear friends,
i am going a bit loony and working like a bee..i wish i have a fairy or elves here to help me..we had alot of rain yesterday and garden is over grown..
my jungle is looking pretty but i have to make it a bit busy working in...and all the hustle and bustle in the house..(sniffle)
BUT me still taking my time out for my lovely stitching and sewing and patching and bumping here and there :)
                                                           SMILE EVERYONE!!
here is our Lady.Roveena :)
a lovely addition in our family..i made her for me and i loves her with my tiny sweet heart..
we all had a giggle when we saw her finished look ...
well it is always my special fun..making and creating something sweet..
its going to be a crazy week..i far it is looking like this...i've got so many projects going on in my stitchy cornor and in my mind too..
but i think i am having fun..from that i am going to start another one this afternoon after working in my busy kitchen..
i am sure and do hope i will finish something else over the weekend too :)
have a fun weekend!!
wishing you a weekend filled with stitching joy and happiness..
Lady Roneena

Tuesday 10 January 2012

ME ~~~Good Girl :D)

hello dear friends,
here ME again...A VERY GOOD GIRL :)
yup!i finished my stitching and i am super excited for it :)
                                                       Designer:-    The Sampler Girl
                                                       Deign:-   You Are The Only Fish..
it is still raining here and days are dark so i took the full advantage of every minute..i sat quietly inside and i stitch..and today in the evening time i put the final stitch on it..
tomm it is going to framer now..
SO all is done happily :)
i wanted to say a big thank you to you all.. my dear friends for all your love and support..
without  you it wont be possible so HUGE THANK YOU for you all with lots of my BIG BEARY SQYEEZY HUGS..
 A beautifyl love surprise came to me all the way from FRANCE..

my first beautiful gorjuss card and sweet material from dear friend VALMA ..i love them so much :)
i will use the material for my another special pin cushion..
*THANK YOU * so much dear valma for the wonderful so sweet...lots of love for you my dear.. xoxoxoxox
i am feeling so happy and relaxed is evening time here..i can hear thunder and lightening outside..
now me off to make coffee for myself and with that i will have some biscuit's..
and in between i will think what i am going to stitch next???
alot to do..
i will think about it with my big mug of hot tea...
Thanks for letting me share,,and supporting me...all your kind words are meant so much for me..
thank you!
have a blessed week with lots of love and big smiles :)

Monday 9 January 2012


Hello dear friends,
HAPPY MONDAY-------------start of another joyful week..but another busy week..for sure :)
i truly had the most busy and working weekend..*a big sigh*
i work and work..cant tell you..
cleaning..and in the cleaning..i gave my kitchen a spring cleaning..
and bumping my head with the walls..he he he
and at nights i was sleeping like a "dead frog" my kids was saying that..
WE had lots of rains in this weekend and the weather man is saying more are coming at this side..but  sometime we see the sun too in the afternoon for little while with his small smile :)
well today everybody is busy..and i thought before start doing anything i show you this lovely garden picture..
i called it happy garden..everything is so happy looking in it..

really---these berries made me took me a big whole day to finish them..and then i put them on their right place..
i think they are now looking so sweet..and my cute little tortoise at the bottem..i so much wanted to finish my wee garden..
well it is all because of my wondering mind...
Sometimes i think it is a problem.or it is my rusty mind.... having too many projects going.. or in the brain.
Hummm... what do you think?
am i just real crazy?
or may be i need some *nice KICK* from you all..
then i can finish my neglecting gift..
so please send me lots of *kicks*...
now me off to start my lovely monday afternoon with big smile and lots of stitchy plans in my mind..
and *promise*i will work on my hubby gift now..
no more wandering here and my basket...with other projects..
       is raining again..i love it..
sending you all lots of love and rainy smile :)

        ~* cucki *~                

Friday 6 January 2012


A big Hello from "MAMA BOOI"
my happy mama booi :)
here are happy long summer days..
sometime lots of sun shines..
sometimes with rain..
but happy days are here..
hope you days are filled with lots of sun shine and stitching..
mine days now a days are full of that :)
Me and MAMA BOOI wishing you JOYFUL weekend..
                               BIG HUGS ALWAYS

Thursday 5 January 2012

**Happy Thursday**

hello dear friends,
cucki warms and sunny smiles to you all :)
here it is raining and me so happy with this bless rain..i was sticking my nose with the window and looking much fun to do that he he he
all is well at this side of the world..
I stitched on angely rr from USA and it is done..she wanted me to stitch a dragon for her..
so this is all done and flying away now to his new home..
me in wondering..and looking for that stitching was in my clothes cupboard..i accidently found it last night..some time my wondering do some GOOD for
i am thinking i will quickly finish my stithcing on it and then after that i will start my challenge stitching and wip's..
good idea..
i think,,
this poor gift is already very lets finish it first...
i found another little treasure to share with you ...
ohhh look at this pretty little sewing box..i found it on a merry day..
i am loving it so much..
this is how its look like when you open it..
oh little treasure is growing..i am keeping all my little stuff in it..
this is my little fun filled merry box of my stithcy goodies..
now me off to look for more rain and stitching too :0)
wishing you all a very happy day with lots of fun..
happy stitching    xxxx

Tuesday 3 January 2012

From Cucki's Heart...

hello dear friends,
here is ME happy and dancing more than ever..i had such a lovely day yesterday..eating cake and enjoying..we had a little tea party in the lapa hut in the was a lovely day..i invited aunt sophie and uncle too..we all together had a great afternoon :)
thank you so much for all your beautiful wishes all so close to my heart..i am feeling so blessed to have you all with me my dear friends..
so yesterday was  a good day and i am very thankful  :0)
something from my little merry heart,..
oh i am so happy for this..
well it is done..and cucki little heart is very happy and glad :)
and i am really thinking that i am loving it so is one of my fav pin cushion now in my sweet basket..
so another happy day for me today after seeing the sight of my sweet fellow...
i have been a very busy girl..and i think this year i am going to be more busier..
yup..i found out about it few days ago..and i become so happy..A REAL very HAPPY ..and i said to myself..cucki wanted to join it..
you can find it over on Becky's blog..

 today is a very lovely day so thankful for my little life and simple pleasure..
now me off to stitching..i have to finish that rr that i started few days ago..
alot to do..
wishing you all a very lovely happy day :)
cucki ~~
                                                                    THANK YOU
 what a lucky girl i am..
this beautiful card and gift NIA send me all the way from portugal..
THANK YOU dear so sweet ..
i am feeling so happy and so thankful that i have such lovely and wonderful friends.
NIA you one of my sweetest friend.

The Simple Woman's Daybook ---January 2012

Outside my window... a bright lovely morning day..rise and shine...

I am thinking...about my holiday passed so quickly but we had so much fun time..and about my stitching and that yummy cake that left yesterday..he he he

I am thankful...always..for my lovely life,friends and my family :) HAPPY LIFE

In the kitchen...hmmnn lots of mixed things and little bit morning breakfast dishes waiting for me to get washed..

I am wearing...a skirt and light color t-shirt.

I am creating...a pin cushion :)

I am going...hmmm..i think nothing special.,,but after this post..dishes washing and then some other small chores..

I am wondering...ohh!my mind is full of lots of mixed sort of thoughts..

I am reading..."Emily of new moon" of  L.M.MONTGOMERY

I am get organise myself..i am just so lost now a days..

I am looking forward to...getting back :0)

I am learning..still have to to walk mom used to say..u still dont know how to walk properly..he he he

Around the house...everything seems fine..just the garden is bit need bit help of mr.given..hopefully he will be here by end if this week so it will be fine too..

I am pondering...about lots of things in my rusty mind dancing around..

A favorite quote for today..."To know the road ahead,ask those coming back"
                                                                                         chinese proverb

One of my favorite things...sitting under the lapa hut..drinking big mug of tea reading and my fav biscuits in front of me..and me nibbling..and maloo playing around..

A few plans for the rest of the week: lots of things to do.,,,. oh dear..lots of stuff

Here is picture of thought i am sharing:-
                                                                from cucki home..
                                   this is the entrance and the stairs go down to the home..
you can visit The Simple Woman's Daybook here
wishing you all a very lovely day..
cucki xxx