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Saturday 29 September 2012


Hello dear friends and folks,
we having such lovely days here..looks like all four season in one day :)
may be i am feeling that way...but these are lovely DEARY days...
and what i have been up to? now a days-----
flying here and there....a busy humming bee----trying to finish so many things---
 hardly getting time to hide in my sewing nest....but today i just left everything and hide myself in my cosy nest----

i made myself a pin cuhsion---my sweet little treasure---

a sweet birdie came from no where to visit my little flower pot :)
so sweet..and spring like---
 you know..........sometimes, it is just the little things that make us smile....................
my little heart is bursting with joy!!
wishing you love,laughter and a grateful heart like mine.

Thursday 27 September 2012

so sweet.......

awwwww------Sweet Jacaranda,
dont you just love the beauty---
looking at them and feeling the wind while you standing there----
is the most simple pleasure!!!
There are the blessings----
              just like this "sweet Jacaranda"---
                 How Thankful I Am---
                                                       Love and Blessings Dear Friends--

Wednesday 26 September 2012

This Day means a lot,
Much more than any another day;
I celebrate my love for you,
And cherish you in every way.
Through passing time, our love still grows,
A caring relationship to explore;
Our life together gets better and better,
And I keep on loving you more and more.
                                                                                         By..Karl Fuchs 
15 years..
Oh My! how time flyies..
i really love you more-----
i am one very blessed woman----
warm- happy-smiles <3 

Monday 24 September 2012

"Love Quilt UK" AND "My Sweet Gift"...

                                                                Lillie May Heart Quilt <3
is'nt she adorable..look at the happy smile..
aww so sweetttttttttttttttt
She is sweet Lillie-May..she is so happy with her beautiful quilt.
 i also stitched the square for her quilt..and i am so pleased that i am part of this lovely has put a smile on her face and my little heart is VERY HAPPY HERE too.
 here is my square that i stitched ....i am overjoyed...whenever i look at Lillie big is
filling my spirit with joy..........PRICELESS.......i am indeed overwhelmed with

A treasure from a very sweet friend..
ME such a happy bunny happyyyyyyyyyyy
i won this lovely "GIVEAWAY GIFTS" from KERRY from her blog Rambling of a Biscornu Addict.
look at my lovely treasure..
 the sweet biscornu..
cutest needle felted russian super fav..i am keep on looking at her so much..
and a bag full of charms..buttons..and so many little cuties in it.
THANK YOU Kerry i love everything so much.lots of love for you xxxx
 Our weather today is beautiful with just a little wind to keep me happy and flying.. It's what I call a perfect monday.
time to get me better fly now..
        Happy Stitching!!

Friday 21 September 2012

MY ** Giveaway**

Happy day!
Welcome dear friends!!
Here in my happy cove and in my cosy sewing nest i have been busy making something special..
 i hope you will like my little creation :)

 so to enter in this giveaway..
it is very simple..
1. be a follower of my blog.
2. leave me a comment here on this post.
3. i will announce the winner on October 5th.
 Tell me one thing that you like about" tea or coffee".

                                                           Me loves my happy tea time <3

Wednesday 19 September 2012


Hello dear friends,
Today has really been a great day! i am so happy.. like always..
finally i finished my secret stitching gift ..i was quite as a mice in my was so much fun..
hiding...seeking...smiling..falling here and there...
here it is..
laaa looooo leeeee laaaa
peek-a-boo ^.^
i am super excited for it...and bursting with joy..
He loves light i know he will love it so it is secretly flying to the framer..**phew**
what next now???
oh my!!
so much coming in my mind...
but i am sure i will be a busy girl today---
wishing you LOVE,SMILES and A HAPPY HEART.

Monday 17 September 2012

Primitive Summer Sal part one...(IHSW weekend)

Happy monday dear friends,
it was raining here from last few days..and now mr.sun is shining.
it's a beautiful brand new day---i am so thankful---
i had a busy weekend but i manage to finish my primitive summer sal part one stitching...
sshhhhh i am late for the sal..but getting there slowly---Thank you to IHSW weekend---

i love love love the sweet lady in the stitching...she is so sweet--
 This darling sweet picture stitched by my sweet friend Loris and i just finished the last top three rows and now it is going for is my another sweet little treasure.i love it from my happy little heart..THANK YOU LORI *.*
<3 <3 <3
and i busy stitching a "surprise gift" ..soon i will post my stitchy progress..
 the lovely weather is calling MY NAME..time to wander a bit and then i will hide in my stitching nest- with my "secret stitching"--
hope you day is filled with sunshine,happiness and stitching treats like mine!

Friday 14 September 2012


Happy Friday dear friends,
And what a lovely one it very beautiful.
i so much wanted to share with you my happy news--
la la la la
my letter came is British cross stitch crazy magazine issue 169...
i am hopping here and there with joy...
sweet GERRI posted this picture for is a big surprise for me then JO mailed me and told me about my letter too..THANK YOU...THANK YOU...THANK YOU..
yay i am getting famous---
i stitched this picture for my sweet friend SHERYL in USA..for her round robin..i am still waiting for the mag comes late to south africa..but i saw my letter
 ME so happy :)
May your days be filled with laughter and hopping joy like mine---
lots of blessings!

Wednesday 12 September 2012

**GOODIES !!**

Hello dear friends,
A very lovely day here and lady wind is still here and happily enjoying herself and me her visit too..
today i received two lovely parcel of goodies for me.i feel so spoiled too and so happy too..
you know i just have to share with you :)

Dear Loris from Luckypup Quilter sent me the most cute cross stitch kits..and she really did spoil me..

look at the beautiful fine stitching,,she stitched this many years ago but never got it finished..
i will surely stitch it and will finish it..i love it sooooooooooooooo much.this piece is a true darling..and i will always treasure it dear Loris..

my other cutie kit...
so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee..
sweet loris, thank you so much..i love both of the kits so are a sweetheart.

This sweet parcel is from JORDAN ..recently i won her 2nd blogiversary giveaway..she sent me a parcel full of lovely goodies..

everything is so sweet..super cute..i love my pair of socks and sweet buttons and bows so much..
i am a very happy bunny today..
thank you dear jordan ,,i love my gift so much..lots of love for you.

My days are busy here.. and i am busy writing my assignment too..but i am still putting some stitches here and there on my secret stitchy project and on my late sal..
i will soon post my stitchy pictures..
time to run now-----
wishing you a happy day!!!
big warm smiles...

Monday 10 September 2012

A windy day ~~~~

What a windy day!
I went out to check the mail,
 and almost got blown over;
My hair is going into different directions;
Can't hold onto my mail;
The leaves are racing down the street;
There goes my hat;
What a windy day!
                                  ~~Reva Niner
and whispering voices -
ME and WIND---
               it a wonderful life---
Wishing you windy joy,lots of laughter and blessings!!

Friday 7 September 2012

My Love---

                                                                Hello South Africa!
                                                                      i love you <3
Happy weekend!

Wednesday 5 September 2012

Cucki's blog---A happy story :)

                                                                    I Am Blessed---

Happy wednesday dear friends and folks,
today i came to know about such fun challenge...
karen over at My colonial home is hosting a challenge to tell the story of "how you came up with the name of your blog" and "when did you start blogging"???
ahh it sound so much fun..and here i am with my happy story--
Once upon a time i was a happy lady(still i am) to write and read and of course "stitch" too..
my deary friend Heather started her blog and i always visited her and read her blog..then one day she said yup!you can also start your own blog..
so on the Friday 6 may, 2011 with the great help of heather i started my blog..
THANKS to heather my cant be possible without her..she helped me how to do it..and i eat all her brain ..he he create this blog..
you are my star heather..a twinkle star of my life:)

so where did the name came from?
My papa and Mama always called me cucki and cuckoo sometime..because i was always a happy child..a happy bird and always chirping..flying here and there..and i got this name as a nick name :D "CUCKI"
Well i am a happy busy stitcher..always busy in my sewing nest.. and even i stitch in my dreams too..
so the "STITCHING" part came in..
***** deary home is in a very pretty krugerdotp town..and my sweet home is on the top of the hill..but interesting part is on the top of the hill is driveway and garage..and then there are stairs to go down..with lots of flowers bushes and big tress on both side .. and then here is my home in a "cove" such a deary home in a happy ,warm cove..
from here my "COVE" came in---
                                             A BIG SMILE HERE :D
                                               I AM A HAPPY GIRL

well and now i am so happy that i am a part of the blog land..and i am thankful for this so much.
i made so many true friends here and i love them all so much..from my heart <3 <3 <3
if you wanted to join you can click on karen's blog and join in the fun--
hope you day is filled with love and happiness..
big beary hug for you dear friends!!

Saturday 1 September 2012

First Day Of Spring ****

First day of Spring~~~
I keep thinking about
the end of Autumn`~
                                    ----by Matsuo basho
its a'very beautiful day!!
wishing you love,pumpkin joy and a happy heart <3
you are blessed cucki

Back to my happy cove~~~and a lovely surprise....

                                                     A beautiful wall hanging at volmoed
hello dear friends and folks,
what a week it has been...?>?
i had the most wonderful five days in volmoed...FUN FILLED for sure...
full of joy..
lovely feasts..
and stitching with my lovely stithcy buddies..
My teacher" lynne laver" is the sweetest lady on earth.i love her so much...and i was her PET..a real teacher's pet ---

your deary cucki won three prizes there:-
1 for being the most younger student over in ighali.

2 for the best happy ighali moments..
3rd one my teacher gave me for being a enthusiastic student...
"ahh i am so thankful for my happy life and each and every single moments"
 Volmoed is outside the coastal community of Hermanus, 2 hours SE of Capetown. Volmoed  means “Courage and Hope,” and was founded in 1986.
                                                             lovely chapel at volmoed
i had a lovely cottage to stay there and my cottage name was FAITH..
i was a prairie dollie there..running here and there,,laughing ..chatting..and exploring..
flying like a happy kite in the free wind..
a real MOMENTS - TO- TREASURE for me..always..forever...
i was happy..
i am happy..
simple joy*.*
This isn't all..when i returned home today..i found this lovely surprise gift from my sweet blogger friend"valerie" she has a very lovely blog Fee le point
look at this the most sweetest needle book.

Thank you valerie, You have been so generous! I will treasure it always! I do just LOVE it!!!!
love you too so much <3
so... it was a happy week for me..tomm is the 1st day of the deary september..
happy 1st september to each and everyone of you!!
1st september is the spring day here in south africa,,,
 HAPPY SPRING day to all of you:)
me going to be super busy now..lots of washing waiting for me..and cleaning here and there,,,and most of all i am LATE for SAL stitching.. Ssshhhhh.... sorry for that!
hmmnn alot to do..
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend ahead...
warm smiles to you :D)

                                                      Some best days of my life at volmoed <3