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Friday, 30 September 2011

My Finished Biscornu And My Sad Maloo :(

Good evening dear all,
here in south africa a cold and cloudy day is raining in some part of the country but johannesburg still no rain..but looks like it will be raining soon..

oh maloo is so sad today..she is not feeling so i saw that her one side of the face is swollen then me and we quickly took her to the vet..
doctor gave her two injection and antibiotics and he is saying "that it is because of infection in her teeth..she will be fine soon..and bring her back on monday"..
ohh me not happy today..i am just so sad with maloo..our whole family is very sad..i even gave her my tusal jar and take out all the threads for her to play but she is till not playing...
but thankfully she is eating well..she ate nicely and now she is sleeping in her blanket.

please pray for maloo that she get well soon..i am so much sad for her..i cant see her like that..she is always very playful..
i even grab her friends (our neighbour cats)and bring them inside my home to play with her but she is not looking at them..i hope she feels better soon..
please pray for my maloo princess baby.
oops..i forgot to show you my biscornu..
i finished it last night..
here it is:
top of it ..
                                                   bottem part of it..
ok my dear off to kitchen now..
hope you all have a lovely friday..and lovely weekend..
cucki is just so sad today :(
hugs for you all with kisses

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

New Moon---My TUSAL ..september 2011..and part of my stitching :)

Good Evening to all my dear friends,
me doing fine and all is well here at my side of the world..
i really had a fun and busy day like all the
new moon and tusal time..
here is my little tusal jar..nearly full..i think from next month i have to use my new one..
aww my maloo is sitting with my jar and with her fav toy..
that is maloo's fav kitty toy and she sleeps with her..
my jar is her fav too..when the lid is open she likes to put her paw in and loves to bring the threads out..
and this is my little stitching..this is the top square for the is done..
now tomm i will start the bottem part of it..
and this lovely card i received from my sweet friend jenni from Australia..
i really love this card.
it is Anne Hathaway's of my fav one too..
thank you dear jenni xx
now me off to make coffee for myself...
a real big mug :) and with that i will read my book..i am still reading the book "princess prunella"it is really very sweet book.
ok my dear running now..have a lovely time..
keep love you all so much.
big hugs with butterfly kisses :)

Monday, 26 September 2011

Alot of new yummy stuff..and my new friend xx

Happy monday to all my dear friends,
woshhhhhhhhhhh weekend was like this..i was thinking to do this and to do that just gone..and its monday time..
well it is start of another week and monday is always crazy here in cucki's cove..
from the morning i am just running around now finally i found some ME time..
i wanted to share some of my recent yummy treats..
 here is my wee birdie trying to eat the worm..finally it is done..i really love it so much..
again i did ribbon embroidery for the flowers and needle painting for the bird body..i nearly gone blind to stitch his body alright..but now i am happy..he is ready to go framer..
and this is my little needle book..i made it with was so quick to make and i enjoy making it :)
and my pin cushion..another one??
yup..ohh this was really so much can see a little doll is sitting there to look after my needles from naughty pixies:)
you can see i really had a busy weekend..but i really had lovely time..
here the weather is changed a it is getting warmer but still the nights are cold.
our garden is really coming back to spring and grass is getting greener too..we need little rain then it will be fine..and lots of birds are coming to my bird houses..
i wanted to say  a big thank you to all my friends for you lovely comments on my humble post..really it always made me so happy and i am so thankful for your love and friendship..i love and treasure your comments..
love you all so much :)
happy cucki:) can i forget my sweet angel..
sorry dear..i just saw her face turning more pink while i am typing and rattling and not showing her pictures to you all..she is sitting in front of me..
she is my new angel friend..
her name is angela..
she is my sweet another dear friend..i nearly forgot to post her picture then i saw her sad face..
aww so sweet..
now what am i going to do? i think i will walk around in the garden for little while and then i will stitch.. it is cross stitch time..i still have to make another biscornou for my exchange and then i will be it is going to be the last stitching for my exchanges..
then i will stitch something special for me..
keep well dear going to have a ghostly walk in the garden..
then after that it will be ME and my STITCHING..
so you all take care and and have a lovely week
me love you all so much.
happy stitching..
big hugs ..

Friday, 23 September 2011

My Halloween Biscornu and an **Award** and Lovely Post :)

Hello my dear all and HAPPY FRIDAY :)
fridays are coming so quickly,,,they are just coming like on flying magic carpets..days and weeks are flying and we flying with them too..
today we really had a lovely and a warm day here..i thought this is the best day for i quickly did it and now my washing are happily waving on the washing line..
house is nice and clean a very good girl today and finally i finished my halloween biscornu ..this is for my exchange stitching..posting date is far away but i so much wanted to stitch it and now it is happy:)
AND again a good news for dear friend Sari share this award with me.she has a lovely blog too and it is "PINKIT KASITYOT"
thank you dear sari xx
here is my award..

i am so happy for it:) but now its mean i have to confess 8 things about me..
and they are..
1) when i was in school i used to read the books in grave yards..i used to take my pillow with and there was a big old tree i love to sit on the branch...with my pillow and then i read...and sometime i sleep there too..and once i fell from the branch while i was dozing :)
2) i am a real sweet tooth..i can leave food but cant forget the sweet dish;)
3) i love to father used to call me sleepy bunny..i can sleep for hourssssssssssssss.
4) i was so mad about Anne of green gable..(and still i am) and because of that i once dyed my hair red..oops! and i hide myself in the bathroom for a hour and my mom was looking for me and she took me out...and then a long lecture..and me sitting with my red head..
5) when i was a child i used to spend all my pocket money on buying books...and i still do.
6) i love to live a place where i can see lots of snow..i wish i can see snow falling from my window.
7) i will cry so much on my wedding day..because of the thought that i will never sleep from now in my own room in my mom's house ..(lol..i am laughing on that thought now)
8) i love grave much..i love spending time there.

here is a picture of me in a very old grave yard..this graveyard is 200 year old and the grave behind me is a grave of a sailor..and he passed away on 1817.this graveyard is in a very old miners town.
so here is ME again with my now you know little more about cucki :)
and what else happened today??
today mr.postie bring a lovely post for me..
guess what?
my first christmas card and present..
from my dear friend jean.
thank you dear so much..
big hugs xx
is'nt it cute?
i really love it so much..and in the little pocket she added
a skein of dmc thread..
a piece of sparkling material..
 charms and beads..
my first christmas card of this year..really i am so happy to see it :D)
i really had a fun day today..i clean, i wash, i cook and i stitch..i truly blessed day for it is getting dark outside..evening time at this side of the world..
now me running to the kitchen for supper preparations..other wise these hungry african simba's will eat me up..
i am going to feed these little tiger and my sweet monkey...and my
and my next stitching will be???..let me think while i cook supper..
keep well dear all and have a lovely weekend..
love you all so much..
my hugs and butterfly kisses

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

My Stitching For *Love Quilt's UK*

hello my dear friends,
                                     i am doing fine..and feeling a warm and lovely day here in south africa..wind is blowing but it is nice..maloo is happily jumping in the garden:) she so much wanted me to join her but really i have to finish a lot today he he he like many chores are waiting..and me naughtily was doing back stitching on my latest stitching project..
but now its done and ready to show you all..
this is my square..and it is going to uk to "love quilts uk".
Love Quilts UK is a world-wide group of volunteer stitchers who cross stitch squares for British children under the age of 19 years, who have life threatening or life-long illnesses.
i made this square for the "hearts quilt" í finished it just now now..done the back stitching and it is ready to post.
bye bye square and make a lovely  and happy patch in the quilt from my side:)
with that i just start another stitching last is just few stitches but i wanted to share it with you all,,soon i will stitch more on it..
it is my one of the fav stitching is called"Tea With Jane Austen" of "The Sampler girl"i am stitching it on 32 count belfast linen..that is my fav linen too..i am so excited for it..
i started the picture from the top..i started with the lady is really a fun stitching:) still rattling,,now its high time ..i must run and finish my chores..
then stitching time again.. time..
lots of love for you all and happy stitching

Monday, 19 September 2011

IHSW (september) ...Cucki's Stitching..

Happy Monday Morning!
here am I..a busy monday morning here..i am running..i think i better say *flying* here an there..
maloo is having her i can sit and relax and talk to you all..
so i really had a lovely ihsw stitching weekend..i really stitch like crazy..well that i am always he  he he but really i had a fun time this weekend thinking that there are so many my stitchy friends all over the world stitching with me..this is really great feeling..
here is my stitching..the first one...
and then this is the other one.."my prince charming"
then in the sunday afternoon i have to go on a lunch..
and guess what?
i was so much thinking about my stitching that i started in the morning..i was sitting in the car like a swollen then we came home late..
... there madam maloo was trying to fit in my stitchy basket..took her out and start stitching..
and i finished it before gone to bed..
i so much wanted to say a big thank you to JOYCE for hosting this lovely weekend for all of us..and i really had a fun stitching time with you all..
i hope you all have a lovely week my dear friends..i will talk to you all off to kitchen for my breakfast..
lots of my big beary hugs for you all

Saturday, 17 September 2011

happy saturday..and my books:)

Happy saturday to all my dear friends,
here in south africa..a very lovely and warm day..
me doing fine and hermitting..and having lovely hermit stitching weekend but my family is saying looks like you hibernating with your stitching he he he

this is really very true and i love it so much..with that i wanted to share some of my new books with you all..these were on my  list from a very long time..
aww these books are my fav..i love them so much..i think from inside i am still a child:)..
and i think Felicity is just me..i enjoy reading these books so much..they are my real treasure..i have huge collection of them..
and the others are..
oh dear,,.i am so excited with all these books..cant wait to read them all..
ok my dear friends have a lovely hermit week with full of fun stitching..i wll post my stitchy pictures on monday..till then..keep well
happy stitching and happy reading too:)

Thursday, 15 September 2011

two more down..

me so happy for that..
happy thursday to everyone and good morning!
today here the morning is very lovely..and i decided to be a early bird today..
i finished two of my exchange stitching and feeling so good..finally i am getting there..
here is my stitching for one exchange..
 and the other one is called "star sign exchange"i have to stitch the star sign of my partner..her star sign is gemini.
and for my next exchange threads and material is ready..going to stitch shortly on that too..
in my last post you like the bird nest so much..i find out some more nest in our back garden too.
that bird is called "southern masked weaver"it is a small yellow bird..
here are some pictures for you all to see..
he start making his nest like this..

here he is with complete nest:)

he is so sweet and sing so beautifully..they are my lovely stitching buddies too..i listen to them and stitch:)
keep well dear all..and happy stitching xx

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

My First *IHSW*

good morning all my dear friends,
like i am always wondering and pondering that time and months are just flying by..and next weekend is IHSW weekend which i love to take part in..
it is my first time that i am taking part in it:)
it is really sound so much fun...either u can just keep on stitching like i am thinking and planning or little is going to be so much fun..

i came to know about it from my lovely friend xeihua's blog..thank you dear :)
ok to join in you just need to press the lovely cutie hermit crab on my side bar and it leads you to JOYSZE blog who is hosting the event.
me so happy and so excited for i am going to inform my family about my lovely plan he he he
have a lovely wednesday dear all.
love and hugs xx

Sunday, 11 September 2011

my dear diary:)

another day of my life...
i am many stupid things today;)
in the kitchen..i just made some fruit salad..and washed the dishes..
i am wearing.. a green dress.
i am pray after writing this mail.
i am creating..these faces..i will show u all just now..
i am the days are is sunday already..
i am reading.. princess prunella by katharine l.oldmeadow
i am looking start my new project of LK autumn stitching..
i am pondering..about my new
my dear diary...i am having a lovely sunday..woke up late today....a sunny and little bit windy day today....tomm is start of another week..i am thankful for my life and my lovely family and all lovely friends.xx

time is really flying..and me thinking about all my long to do list..and the days are passing quickly..
here is my another pin all can see all the colors are so much ME and the girl is ME too..

and another face of MINE :)
she was really very fun making..i enjoy making her so much..when i was stitching her i was thinking of my life..that u can see on her face that she is also in thinking mood..
oops i forgot to post the picture of thought i am sharing..
here is the picture..

this big tree is at the back of our kitchen..and i can see these nests from the kitchen window too..
ok dear all..
keep off to start my sunday work..
happy sunday to you all..
hugs xx

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

cup cake is ready to..

Eat.. post..
it is for my tea time exchange stitching..the big cupcake is a fridge magnet..we dont have the plastic ready made fridge magnet case in south i make it like that and i put the magnet at the back..and the other one is a card..i really hope my partners like it too..
now i am thinking to think something..and then i will start stitching for my next exchange..
well..all is well here and me fine..just thinking so much now a days:)
keep well dear..
love and hugs xx

Monday, 5 September 2011

some embroidery time..and cute treasure..

                             hello my dear friends,
                                                        5th of september today..and really it was a warm day here..i think we are stepping into summer so fast..but its least now i can wandered around in my garden without thick wooly sweaters..even i can see maloo is like a wild wind..
my one of the fav embroidery picture..i am sending it for framing tomm..but firstly i so much wanted to share it with you all..
i really enjoy making it..the cat,, hat,,the cute bow on the hat,,flowers,,everything,,
i did ribbon embroidery and free style embroidery on this picture..
well i did mention about my treasure..
yup!my family gave me this..i think i am a good girl now a days..he he he
 are'nt they so cute? i love them so much..
and few of my fav things u can see..bears,,sewing machine,,basket of threads, books,,scissor,,
they are so cute..
sitting together..
maybe thinking..
what to stitch next?one is already reading a pattern..
one nice story is already coming in my mind of three stitcher friends:)
it is must one of my treasure..straight going in my room and a cornor of my heart too..
i really had a lovely day today my diary and dear friends..
just thinking that i must stop thinking and day dreaming and start stitching fast..i really need to catch up with my exchange stitching and so many things..phew..
keep well dear..cucki is off for stitching now..
with all my love and elephanty hugs xx

Saturday, 3 September 2011

And the WINNER of my **FIRST GIVEAWAY BLOG** is..

hello my dear friends,
firstly so sorry that i am announcing the winner late because we had a  telephone line breakdown due to the storm yesterday,,then i could'nt log on the internet:(
it just got fixed now..
and i have a winner son took out the name from the hat..
and it is........................................
a huge congratulations to her..with all my love :) (please mail me your postal address then i will post it you by next week)
and THANK YOU so much for all my other friends who took part in my giveaway..i am so thankful to you all..
with all my love and hugs xx

Thursday, 1 September 2011

The Simple woman's daybook----september 01,2011

 For Today        
outside my window: it is dark and night time.
i am thinking: so much about my stitching things on my to do list. 
i am thankful: to GOD for my family who are always with me.
in the kitchen: cooking is over and it is nice,neat and clean.
i am wearing: jean and t -shirt.
i am creating: lots of drawings in my diary.
i am going: to make some coffee.
i am wondering: oh is already september..time really flies..
i am reading: a little princess of frances hodgson burnett.
i am hoping: to finish my stitching for my exchanges soon.
i am looking forward to: a lovely spring.
i am hearing: lots of cricket sounds.
around the house: is my lovely garden.
i am pondering: at the moment... nothing..
one of my favorite things: are pin cushion,bird houses.
a few plans for the rest of the week: stitching, stitching and stitching xxx
here is picture for thought i am sharing:
 and my picture: 
Please my other friends visit daybooks  here...
thanks Peggy!


My August TUSAL,..lovely gift and a part of my stitching..with happy spring in south africa:)

hello my dear friends,
                 new moon here..and start of the september:)
and here is my first ever TUSAL jar..i am not part of a TUSAL blog..but i love the idea so much that i wanted to make a jar for myself is really very sweet idea..even maloo loves it too..everytime when i open the lid she like to put her paw in the jar..
                                                        my little kitty is guarding it..
i received this lovely gift from my friend lilian and she has a blog too..her blog is "my fun time"
                                            thank you dear lilian..i love my gift so much...
                                           everything is so pretty.i am so thankful to you
                                            and so you so much xx
i am stitching little bit here and there..
                                 this is my cup cake..i am nearly there..hopefully i will finish
                                it today..i am stitching it for my exchange..
today is 1st september here and it is the first day of the spring here in south africa..
                                                   HAPPY SPRING TO YOU ALL

         with all my love and hugs xx
p:s and today is the last day to take part in the giveaway..and tomm in the evening i will announce the winner.thank you so much for taking part in the giveaway.