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Friday, 23 September 2011

My Halloween Biscornu and an **Award** and Lovely Post :)

Hello my dear all and HAPPY FRIDAY :)
fridays are coming so quickly,,,they are just coming like on flying magic carpets..days and weeks are flying and we flying with them too..
today we really had a lovely and a warm day here..i thought this is the best day for i quickly did it and now my washing are happily waving on the washing line..
house is nice and clean a very good girl today and finally i finished my halloween biscornu ..this is for my exchange stitching..posting date is far away but i so much wanted to stitch it and now it is happy:)
AND again a good news for dear friend Sari share this award with me.she has a lovely blog too and it is "PINKIT KASITYOT"
thank you dear sari xx
here is my award..

i am so happy for it:) but now its mean i have to confess 8 things about me..
and they are..
1) when i was in school i used to read the books in grave yards..i used to take my pillow with and there was a big old tree i love to sit on the branch...with my pillow and then i read...and sometime i sleep there too..and once i fell from the branch while i was dozing :)
2) i am a real sweet tooth..i can leave food but cant forget the sweet dish;)
3) i love to father used to call me sleepy bunny..i can sleep for hourssssssssssssss.
4) i was so mad about Anne of green gable..(and still i am) and because of that i once dyed my hair red..oops! and i hide myself in the bathroom for a hour and my mom was looking for me and she took me out...and then a long lecture..and me sitting with my red head..
5) when i was a child i used to spend all my pocket money on buying books...and i still do.
6) i love to live a place where i can see lots of snow..i wish i can see snow falling from my window.
7) i will cry so much on my wedding day..because of the thought that i will never sleep from now in my own room in my mom's house ..(lol..i am laughing on that thought now)
8) i love grave much..i love spending time there.

here is a picture of me in a very old grave yard..this graveyard is 200 year old and the grave behind me is a grave of a sailor..and he passed away on 1817.this graveyard is in a very old miners town.
so here is ME again with my now you know little more about cucki :)
and what else happened today??
today mr.postie bring a lovely post for me..
guess what?
my first christmas card and present..
from my dear friend jean.
thank you dear so much..
big hugs xx
is'nt it cute?
i really love it so much..and in the little pocket she added
a skein of dmc thread..
a piece of sparkling material..
 charms and beads..
my first christmas card of this year..really i am so happy to see it :D)
i really had a fun day today..i clean, i wash, i cook and i stitch..i truly blessed day for it is getting dark outside..evening time at this side of the world..
now me running to the kitchen for supper preparations..other wise these hungry african simba's will eat me up..
i am going to feed these little tiger and my sweet monkey...and my
and my next stitching will be???..let me think while i cook supper..
keep well dear all and have a lovely weekend..
love you all so much..
my hugs and butterfly kisses


Teresa said...

Nice biscornu. Love reading the 8 things about you. I have the same sweet tooth, but not the fascination with grave yards. Love Anne of Green Gables, was so happy when my daughter had red hair.
Enjoy your reading.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Myra said...

Your biscornu finish is great Cucki. I have never been one to enjoy graveyards - they give me chills but there are some fascinating things to be seen in them.

Sari said...

Oh what lovely confessions you made. Reading and sleeping at graveyard, that sounds a bit eery or funny... :)
Your biscornu looks great, and I just love you first Chrtistmas card...Thank God it's still 3 months to Christmas.
But I guess that up here in north we shall have snow by late October, November the lates. Wish I could send some of it to you too, if we get the same bounty as last year... :(
Hugs from Finland

#HeatherMakes said...

I love your post Sis! I will admit I had a good laugh at you falling out of the tree whilst snoozing.

I love your stitching and the gift you received! Happy stitching sis :-) xxxx

Hippywitch said...

Love the biscornu. Your confessions are great, I love graveyards too! They are so peaceful and really interesting places, I like to read the old gravestones but I've never fell asleep in one, lol! :-)
Have a great weekend!

Lumiruusu said...

Hello Cucki and thank you for the nice comments on my blog :)

Well done with the biscornu,You did also receive lovely stiched gifts by post.

I have a sweet tooth too ,especailly I am almost addicted with the dark mint-chocolate,gives me more energy when stitching !

Jordan said...

The biscornu is brilliant! And congratulations on the award :-) I haven't been to many graveyards, maybe I should as you enjoy them so much!

Happy crafting xxxx

Nancy in IL said...

Cucki, you're really a very cute little girl!!! Love seeing pictures of you and reading the 8 things about you; so very interesting! I think graveyards are quite interesting places to read stones... can be very sad if you know the people there, but such is life (and death).

The Halloween biscornus are wonderful!!! I have yet to make one, but I'm gathering freebie patterns to do so. Also, I'm really wondering about the little black cat design from your friend Jean. It's adorable and appears to be a freebie from somewhere, but I would love to know where!

Rhona said...

Lovely biscornu!
Great reading all about you. have to confess I love reading and graveyards too, I just don't like to read there! lol As for sweet too! I could miss all the savoury things and go straight to dessert.
Wow, first christmas card! I guess i better get stitching my xmas cards as i feel quite behind schedule now!!

♥ Nia said...

Hi sweetie! I hope you're having a great weekend :D
Here we are starting to feel the chilly mornings :p But, whether hot or cold, days fly either way!! hehehe
Your biscornu looks very nice! and such a cute gift you have there =) Lucky you! :D

grannie said...

Cucki such a lovely spooky biscornu!

And congratulations on your award - it was nice to learn more about you :-)

Jenny said...

Hi Cucki- I loved to get to know more about you! I love to read and sleep too, so we have more in common than just stitching! :-)
Your Halloween biscornou is very cute - I love those little spiders on the back-corners.
The gifts you got a lovely too! You have some very wonderful friends!
Take care and talk with you soon again!

Siobhán said...

Your biscornu is lovely! What a cute design. Wonderful gifts, too! I can't believe that you have your first Christmas card already. Wow! Time sure is flying this year.

I enjoyed reading more about you. I love graveyards, too.

mdgtjulie said...

I love your gift Cucki. It's lovely. I especially love the kitty cat. They so remind me of my Yes Dear!! I can't wait to see what you stitched. And I've always loved to read too. I'd go up in the tree in the side yard and hide from the other kids. I was a bit of an outcast!! It's nice to learn some new things about you and grats on getting the award!!