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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

New Moon---My TUSAL ..september 2011..and part of my stitching :)

Good Evening to all my dear friends,
me doing fine and all is well here at my side of the world..
i really had a fun and busy day like all the
new moon and tusal time..
here is my little tusal jar..nearly full..i think from next month i have to use my new one..
aww my maloo is sitting with my jar and with her fav toy..
that is maloo's fav kitty toy and she sleeps with her..
my jar is her fav too..when the lid is open she likes to put her paw in and loves to bring the threads out..
and this is my little stitching..this is the top square for the is done..
now tomm i will start the bottem part of it..
and this lovely card i received from my sweet friend jenni from Australia..
i really love this card.
it is Anne Hathaway's of my fav one too..
thank you dear jenni xx
now me off to make coffee for myself...
a real big mug :) and with that i will read my book..i am still reading the book "princess prunella"it is really very sweet book.
ok my dear running now..have a lovely time..
keep love you all so much.
big hugs with butterfly kisses :)


МамаФиалка said...


Teresa said...

Cute Kitty with her toy.
Can't wait to see your biscornu when it is all done and put together.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

butterfly said...

Great stitching, lovely card, Oh yes and a good book.
Have a great day.

Myra said...

Maloo doesn't look too happy to see the top on the ort jar. LOL Your biscornu is cute!

Lumiruusu said...

You Maloo-kitty is so cute with the pink toy.
Isn't it sweet when the kittyes carry their toys in the mouth and sleep with them.

The reindeer biscornu will be pretty!
Enjoy the good book!

Kaisievic said...

Hi Cucki, you have changed your blog - it looks great. Anne Hathaway's cottage is one of my favourite things, too. I have a paper weight of it which my parents gave me many years ago.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

Anonymous said...

I love your Maloo-Kitty. Your Kitty is so pretty and cute with its toy.

I did that biscornu a few years ago. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Love your card.

Have a wonderful day!


Francesca Violetta said...

Hi Cucki! what a lovely template for your blog!
and the kitty is so lovely!
I love reindeer and you biscornu will be very nice!!
have a wonderful week end
p.s. the card is lovely!!

Hippywitch said...

Great stitching, my kittens love to try to steal my thread ends too :-)

Sally said...

I'm having problems commenting today so if you get this three times I'm so sorry! Your kitty is so sweet. She is a beautiful colour.

Love your reindeer. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished biscornu

♥ Nia said...

I still can't understand the goal for the TUSAL :p I've seen it everywhere, so many blogs for so many time.. still can't get it! It's really totally useless LOL :D

MysteryKnitter said...

What a sweet kitten! Stroke that pretty fur and listen to that lovely purring. I stil remember, how lovely it sounds.
You sure can stitch! I couldn't stitch anything that complicated without stamped canvas.