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Monday 28 November 2011

Happy Monday.. ME..Mr.Given..and some Stitching :)

hello my dear friends,
i hope you are all happy and warm..and had a wonderful weekend..
and its ME..not alone this given is joining me too..
we had a busy here and there..bumping with each other and eating peaches from the tree he he he but we fixed our amazon jungle is looking more like a garden now..thank you to my lovely Mr.Given..
aww he is so sweet..look at the big warm smile...
weather was nice..sunny but not hot sunny so we chose this weekend to fix our beloved garden..and today again it is windy and cloudy..(inside my heart me loving it ;)
mr.given is our dear jinny..if you look at him he is here and in two second he is up there somewhere..phew..our super hero :) i am so thankful for such a wonderful helper...he was so happy for his photo shot..very excited..
in between my craziness i finished a cute finish..
it is very small but so sweet..
my primitive pumpkin :)
i love it so is a freebie from The Little Stitcher
i finished it yesterday and you cant believe it i love it so much that i slept with it last night..i put it next to my pillow..and i was keep on looking at it..
my mom said..what is this new madness? and i hope you didnt attach a needle with it..LOL
i hope you will like it too.. i am crazy for small small treasures..
i think it is super sweet :) xxxxx 
and my sweet christmas kisses are now ready to hang  too :)

i am so happy to share this with you :)
thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my blog..i really treasure all of them..and love so much that you loving my little cove and reading the little things i always make me smile and my smile is getting bigger and bigger everyday :D)
thank you to all of  YOU xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
now the most sweetest thing in the whole big wide world..
my sweet little simba made something too over the weekend..for his teacher..from his little tiny winy heart..with little sticky fingers..
a gingerbread girl..for his teacher..a christmas gift..
aww is'nt she she is off to her teacher today..and i said bye bye to ginger girl with a kiss..
he was saying to me can you put it on your blog and all your friend can see her too..he is so proud with his little creation..
i said A BIG YUP..
so here is she..
i hope you all will like her too..
now me thinking to go and start cooking something for lunch..i am saying something because i still dont know what i am going to cook..he he he
have a blessed day.
until next time~~~
with love
cucki xxx

Saturday 26 November 2011

la la la back stitching done :)..some goodies...and my TUSAl ..25 nov,2011

hello dear friends, its me :)
finally got some time for is nearly going to say bye bye to all of us and not much days left that miss.dec will be here..i am waiting for her so much...
weather is nice here now..raining is stopped..but lots of work in the garden and in house waiting for me..that i will do from tomm..grass is so long..i truly need mr.given to come and help us with this garden of is looking like a little amazon
i hope you are all having a lovely thanksgiving time and sharing many lovely moments with your family and friends..i am thinking of you all so much.
my stitching is going slow..but i managed to finished back so happy for her.
now i am thinking what to make with her..thinking time for me..
i so much wanted to share my goodies with you all my dear friends :)
you knows my love for the material bags..i love material bags so much,,
this one for me..another one in my lovely material bags collection :)
me happy bunny cucki
awww it is so elephant bookmark..and it is written cape town on his leg..
me more happy crazy bunny :)
they are darlings..i love them..soooooooooooooooo much.
more happier bunny ME
me happy..
me jumping..
me bumping with the wall...

 now its time for another TUSAL jar posting..
here is my old same tiny winy jar..

this time with my african doll..
because maloo and boo boo both refused to sit with my poor i grab the doll..she is looking happy..i think..
now me off to bed..i better..because it is 12:11 night time while i am writing this post..everybody is the only Miss.Owl is sitting here..he he he
well,,after this fun..busy its time for a lovely sleep ^ o^
tomm is another busy day for me and for mr.given..we will wrestle with this garden..hopefully not with each
i hope you all have a lovely wonderful weekend..
until..then..keep well..
me love you all
from my heart..

Wednesday 23 November 2011

christmas kisses..nov sal..

hello my dear friends and folks,
i hope you are well and having a wonderful weekend..
me doing fine too..and it is RAINING here ..SO MUCH..and i am loving it..
today i sat the whole afternoon in front of the window and stitched and listen the rain falling..and maloo sitting on the window sill..lazily was a perfect afternoon..
i am stitching for my nov is a very sweet MS stitching..
my stitching is finished with it,.,,now i have to do the back stitching on it..
it is a very sweet can see a cute mousie and a fat robin..i love it..cant wait to start the back stitching but later in the evening..
my friend hubby is coming lots of cooking and preparations to so happy :)
AND i wanted to show you something very nice..
it is also very beautiful..
my stitchy bag..and a pin cushion with it too..when i am stitching i put all my stitchy stuff in it and now it is on my stitchy chair with me..maloo loves it too..she tried so much to sit in
i wanted to wish you all a very "Happy Thanksgiving" filled with lots of love and blessings.
keep well dear all..
me back to my happy much to do..
so..until next time..happy stitching with so many love

Monday 21 November 2011

here i am....IHSW november stitching...2011

hello dear friends, here i am with happy monday smile and
the rest is going fine..what a busy weekend it was a warm weekend..
but today it is looking much much better.
it is raining..
it is.. and making me smile too..rainy days are coming..
i had a fine stitching time and managed to finish my fav stitching picture..
in between running here and there..
in between crying and smiling...
well i love frogs so much..really i do..they are cute little fellows but not this stitchy ones..

and he visited me quite a few time so i have to stitch this..i will frame it and i am going to put it in front of my stitchy chair..there ME and FROGGIE can see it nicely and everyday he he he
it is a free pattern from ..i changed the colors little bit.. and used my own colors..and add ribbon rose on her dress..i mean on MY dress..its ME..
and the other stitching ...
here it is

again ME :( now in this i am looking sad..
cant believe it...
a good news is that i won a lovely surprise from "Teresa Heartfelt Stitches".
thank you Teresa it is really a very lovely surprise for me...i am so so happy and so thankful to you.
you so sweet my dear friend :)

i finished my dear pollyanna book and now i got another one..

ohh i love miss read books..they are my another favourites ones..i started reading it last night..first chapter strats from month january and all about snow...
it says... snow had fallen,snow on snow,
snow on snow.
                       christina rossetti
ohh it made me big wish for snow...i am loving this lovely book.
it is always so lovely to talk to you all..i am feeling so happy and glad are all my lovely friends and my big family..
now time for a big mug of tea and a big fat rusk with..
hope you are enjoying the day and thank you for stopping by to visit.
till next time..keep well
and ME loves you ALL..and missing My Friend,My DEAR HUbbY

Thursday 17 November 2011

My lovely sewing tools---part 1....AND .....IHSW weekend

hello dear friends,
its me i am feeling like a baked is more hot..hotter than yesterday :( i am in the same style,,and in more thinking mood..and maloo on the same place and in same old sleepy pose..
it is the afternoon time here and not much happening around the house..please call me lazy..everybody is calling me that now a days..i think..
its ok..
it is summer..
but now i am thinking to play the GLAD game...i am always very happy...but now this glad game is making me more happier..that i learned from my "pollyanna " is such a sweet book...i am nearly on the end..i think i will finish it by tonight...
my mom phoned me and i told her about the book and the glad game..
she said when you will grow up? in that tone of hers..
i said
i think
NEVER :) he he he
look at me..i am keep on many other bits and bobs.. but my post title is lovely sewing tools..
so lets talk about that too..i just finished the part one of my mystery sampler..and i truly happy with is coming out so nice..
here is my progress on it..
so part one is done..i am more than glad :)
yup..i am again taking part in IHSW i wait for it every is always so much fun.
so my dear hermitters friends,,get ready for the fun weekend..we all going to stitch along :)
ok,so that is all i got today, sun is setting down..tomm is happy friday..
i am thinking to have some ice cream..
wish you all a happy lovely day and a wonderful coming weekend.
until next time..keep well
happy hermitting.

Wednesday 16 November 2011

Too Pooped

hello dear friends,
here is me cucki speaking from a hot baking oven again..i feel like a crispy bread or a hot baked muffin at this is so hot here..
my dear maloo is so lazy as well all the time..we both forgot our daily strolls..
look at my maloo..

if the weather will stay like my next post you will see my picture as well with maloo on the same couch he he he
OH dear rain please come again and visit us all..we all really need you much (amen)
and this week as well flying is so much hectic here with.. kids exams ,my nut house,sweet family..and so many other stuff but it is good..i am happy..and glad too...i am dragging my stitching and books in between as well..HAPPY ME then :)
me running to kitchen now...time to get ready for my cooking..
wishing you a lovely day..
love from me always :)

Monday 14 November 2011

Yiotas review---and my old tapestery.

hello dear friends, i hope you are fine is still very hot..
hot days are passing slowly but busy busy with normal duties and surely stitching is going with too..
today i was cleaning a old cupboard of mine..and look what i found..
an old tapestry..i started it long ago..oops i dont even remember,,
i think long time i am thinking to finish it too..only some part left..little bit on the dress..her hand and some background..
is'nt she pretty?i love her so much...
beautiful old memories :)

May be you still remember that i received an email few weeks ago about being asked to do the review of  counted cross stitch kits

it made me so happy and i spent a truly joy full time to look at all their beautiful kits..i chose this lovely biscornu is called "love to stitch"
well today i received this package in the afternoon waiting for me in the post box..i know straight away that from where it is because of the big red note(please do not bend)
i opened the package with great excitement and everything is so nicely packed.
i chose this kit and it is such a lovely kit.
have a look at this..
i truly love the cover picture because in that you can exactly see how it is going to look at the end because it is a stitched picture...
this is the back side of the kit and you can see that all the threads are on bobbins already (what a relief)sorted and you can see clearly marked with their numbers...
beautiful soft aida material..
and special cute button for the biscornu.
 aida is already cut in two half dont have to cut for the top part of the biscornu and the other one for the bottom part...
and in the packet is another packet full of filling for the biscornu..
have a look
it is truly amazing..everything is in the kit for you to stitch this beautiful piece.
the chart itself over 4 A4 pages with very clear colorful symbol.
there are separate chart to stitch top and bottem part of the biscornu...
and with that a special another page for instruction"how to make a biscornu"that is really very helpful if you are a that page it is describe so well that you can easily stitch and make the biscornu even if you are trying it first time.
i am so much looking forward to stitching this cute you can see everything is in the just have to stitch it now.
it is a very sweet biscornu kit and the wording is so much like us stitcher..
we all love to stitch :)
 yiotas-xstitch, website is very easy to use with different categories such as angels, fantasy,cottages and lots many looking at the lovely charts and reasonable prices,i am sure i will buy some more charts and kits soon,,i already made my list that i wanted to buy from them.
thank you dear yiotas for the opportunity to review this lovely kit.
i am off to do some stitching before something turn up in between..
until next time..
happy stitching xx

Friday 11 November 2011

stitching for my rr,,,and another face :)

hello dear friends,
a very hot day one..looks like a big baking oven is ON outside :(
i am a bit slow this month..not much happening..and i am missing my small stroll in the garden and my thinking time..
dear november is always a busy month for all of us i think..and in that craziness of mine i joined a RR with my friends..
ohh these RR are so much fun and my theme for my RR piece is witches or anything spooky ..
here is my stitching picture on my RR piece..
it is called "froth and bubble"
it is a freebie that Mindi posted on her blog and the you can found the pattern ..
Thank you Mindi xxx 
another deary face..
simple one..
that i made from scraps
a sweet thinking face, roses on her dress..ready to go somewhere in this summer day.
something straight from heart..
tomm is a cleaning day for me..and then after that i will pull out my stitching..i have to do alot in this month..
a ufo stitch..must
and sewing tool sampler..another must..
anything from basket..i know it will bring lots of pleasure for me..
well, i am thinking tonight i will watch coraline and stitch..
wishing you all a very joyful weeknd..
thank you always for visting me in my cove..i do enjoy your lovely company :)
hugs xxx

Wednesday 9 November 2011

A bit of stitching..Book..Blessings and My Oldest UFO

hello my dear friends,
look at these days how they are passing so quietly and so quickly..
oh dear so many days slipped and me with out posting has been so crazy and busy around here..i dont know where i am going,what i am doing.. and then day is finished...gggrrr
but i did some stitching too..i finished this scissor fob..
it is a free design from Lynn B
she has a very sweet blog and you can found this lovely pattern here

isn't it very sweet..My Halloween kitty :)
another scissor fob for me.. i am just loving these cute little fellow for our scissor's..they are happy with them ;)
and the oldest ufo...
Evalina mentioned it on her blog "this and that"
Let's do the Oldest UFO SAL. If you have any, dig it out and start stitching. Post the progress on your own blog with the label "the oldest UFO" and let her know that you did it. You can post the progress of your work (on that UFO of course) as often as you like but you must post it also on the last day of every month. That one will count towards a prize! Yep, you are reading right, there will be a prize for the most stitched UFO!!!
it is sound so interesting
hmmnn how many i have?
not much...
but there is an old one somewhere..
yup.. a very old rusty one..but a dear close to my heart..i started stitching it when i started doing the cross stitching..some time ago..
here it is my deary stitching room..
all things my favourite:)
days are truly nice here now..not very hot..and very busy summer here...i found this very lovely book in the book store..i was looking for it from a long time and now i found it..look at the cover of the is so sweet..i love it.. 

                                                      ME and MISS MALOO ^ o ^
i was reading NIA blog post about christmas decoration.. and she asked that what is your fav part of the decor?i told her that i love snowman so much..and i got another one this year..
 snowman in the summer of south africa :)

have a look at this..aww sweetie..he he he i love them so many frostie friends of mine :)
and this little one too..cuteeeeeeeeee is true Nia, it is already smell like christmas
ok my flying back to my crazy much to do..
as always thank you so much for stopping by to visit.
keep well and happy stitching.


Saturday 5 November 2011

*A little something from cove * ~~~

hello dear friends,
this are some little finishes for ME..a sweet trash to treasure...
strange..i was thinking that i will stitch but~~!! ~~
once upon a time there was a piece of felt lying in a dark cupboard cornor..a happy cucki was looking for something..then she hear a squeaky sound..looks like somebody was calling her..she looked and looked and then she finally found this piece of felt..oh!what a nice pumpkin u can be..she thought:)
then she took her out and sat with needle and threads..and stitch..and stitch,,and more stitches..
and here i am now..
Happy little pumpkin :) and i got a little fellow friend too...
yup! truly when i saw that piece of felt ..i felt that it is calling me..he he he
after finishing him i thought he is looking a bit lonely so his new buddy they both are happy together..and ME happy too.
something more to share..
here is my hand knitted bag..that you can wear it like a necklace
i knitted it with a very thin crochet cotton thread with very thin needles and lots of beads..they are so much fun to make..i will surely make some more..soon..

Jo received the traveling pattern so happy that it made his first journey nicely..cant wait to see jo's stitching with it.
and all is well; is going fine..everybody is busy..almost.
weather is behaving too..after the rain last night we had it is nice and clear today..sunny and bit windy..a joyful day i believe..
i spent my day today cleaning the house..some mess madam. rain made last night..phew..
hopefully i can do a little cross stitch in the evening..
wishing you a happy day..
until next time..keep well
and of course