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Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Simple woman's daybook----november 03,2011

MY thoughts,

                                                                       For Today
outside my window:  is sunny and little windy.
i am thinking: really so much today..about so many things specially about the time.. how it is flying and it is already november..cant believe it...and about my next stitchy project..and about my book.. last night i put my book somewhere now i cant find it....
i am thankful: for my whole life and for my each and every single day.
in the kitchen..ohh..i am not thinking about it now..i cleaned it in the afternoon and now it is closed..i dont know for how long..he he he
i am wearing: a cotton dress.
i am creating: yup..i am secretly knitting a bead bag i will show u soon.
i am going: just now after writing this mail..towards my peach tree to check the peaches.
i am wondering: where i put my magic carpet..i think Ali Baba borrowed it last at my wild imagination..i really wanted it back...soon..
i am reading: oh..yup..i took out the book last night and i now i am looking where i put is safely..ggrrr it is  "and then face to face"of Susan Ertz.
i am looking forward to: long a long walk..
i am hearing: birdies sweet noise..sound of leaves with the blowing wind..and my son singing a poem.
around the house: well nothing much happening..i did most of the stuff today looks like a relaxing time but when i said relaxing time..something turns yes..peach tree visiting and pick up the fallen peaches and little bit cleaning there too..
i am pondering: still about my lost book..i think some naughty pixies around me..
one of my fav thing: is visiting the garden and talking to trees and plants...and maloo following me..
a few plan for the rest of the week: nothing special..i am at home and i will stitch and will do a bit of thinking too..
here is picture of thought i am sharing:  

                                                      Happiness from Cucki's Cove :)
wish you all a lovely day with full of fun and happiness.


butterfly said...

Love to read your thoughts dear, Your cove looks fab.

♥ Nia said...

ahahah I'm wondering about my magic carpet as well!! LOL ;)
I hope you had a lovely day too sweetie!!

Claudette497 said...

Your joy is so contagious - thanks for sharing your sweet daybook.

Anonymous said...

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Jenny said...

I hope that you find your book soon, Cucki! :-)
What a beautiful bush in your picture - thanks for posting that!