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Saturday, 5 November 2011

*A little something from cove * ~~~

hello dear friends,
this are some little finishes for ME..a sweet trash to treasure...
strange..i was thinking that i will stitch but~~!! ~~
once upon a time there was a piece of felt lying in a dark cupboard cornor..a happy cucki was looking for something..then she hear a squeaky sound..looks like somebody was calling her..she looked and looked and then she finally found this piece of felt..oh!what a nice pumpkin u can be..she thought:)
then she took her out and sat with needle and threads..and stitch..and stitch,,and more stitches..
and here i am now..
Happy little pumpkin :) and i got a little fellow friend too...
yup! truly when i saw that piece of felt ..i felt that it is calling me..he he he
after finishing him i thought he is looking a bit lonely so his new buddy they both are happy together..and ME happy too.
something more to share..
here is my hand knitted bag..that you can wear it like a necklace
i knitted it with a very thin crochet cotton thread with very thin needles and lots of beads..they are so much fun to make..i will surely make some more..soon..

Jo received the traveling pattern so happy that it made his first journey nicely..cant wait to see jo's stitching with it.
and all is well; is going fine..everybody is busy..almost.
weather is behaving too..after the rain last night we had it is nice and clear today..sunny and bit windy..a joyful day i believe..
i spent my day today cleaning the house..some mess madam. rain made last night..phew..
hopefully i can do a little cross stitch in the evening..
wishing you a happy day..
until next time..keep well
and of course


Parsley said...

Looks like you've had some fun crafting time. Nice job.

Sara said...

Your pumpkin is so cute :D and I love the little crochet bag you did :D
You must be very proud of your daughter eheh for going to High School... have a lovely day and I hope you can find some little stitching time to make some more cutie things :D

Anne said...

It's a cute Cucki pumpkin!! I love it's little friend! That beaded purse is so pretty and delicate! Congrats to your daughter!!


Shannon said...

Your pumpkin is so cute! I love your knitted bag too. Congratulations to your DD! :)

Sari said...

Wow! I just love your knitted bag! Where did you find the instructions for it?
Pumpkin looks also very nice. I'm planning to do some Angry birds...Maybe from felt or if not then crochet.
Congrats to your DD! Hugs

Penny said...

What a cute little pumpkin and pin! Your knitted bag is lovely too.
Sending congratulations to your daughter! :)

Kay said...

Your finishes are so beautiful!

Crafty-Laura said...

Gorgeous little pumpkin and lovely little bag! Clever Cucki! And congrats to your daughter! Laura x

Christine said...

Your felt pumpkin is so sweet, and the knitted bag is wonderful

Carol said...

You're very creative, Cucki--I adore your new little pumpkin!!

Wagapapa said...

Love that felt pumpkin and her new little friend, hehehe.

Congrats to your DD.

Have a nice day!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Cuki what gorgeous finsihes! I've seen my Mum do a beaded bag like that, lots and lots of beads! That pumpkin is adorable well done!

Jordan said...

The bag is gorgeous! :) Is it your own pattern?

I love the pumpkin too, very cute! xxx

Shelleen said...

The pumpkin is so darn cute.

Rhona said...

What a cute pumpkin! You are so clever to able to make something like that!

Kaisievic said...

Hi Cucki,

My comments don;t seem to be posting properly. This is my third attempt. In the other two I said how much I liked your new blog design - it is really cute.

Thanks also for your kind wishes re my rant and I wanted to tell you how much I love your crocheted bag - so clever to make it a necklace and purple is my favourite colour. It is just lovely!.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

Jenny said...

I love that little pumpkin! The tiny purse is also very pretty - you have been very busy! LOL

Ally said...

I love the little pumpkin!

Lilian said...

Cucki. I love the pumpkin it is lovely well done. You are so clever it is so sweet, Love th bag as well. Take care love Lilian

Hippywitch said...

The pumpkin is gorgeous with the pretty pin to match too! But my favourite is the little bag, that is sooo gorgeous, you're so clever to do that!
Lori x

Siobhán said...

What lovely pieces! The bag is just adorable--what fine work. The pummpkin is so sweet. Great job on both!

Pumpkin said...

Oh Cucki! I just LOVE your pumpkin pincushion!!!! It's a good thing you don't live close by because it wouldn't be yours anymore ;o)

You make amulet bags too! I just make beaded ones myself but have always admired the knitted ones very much. Such a beautiful job you did!

Kathy said...

What sweet creations! I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your blog - very inspiring and refreshing - like the sun after a rainy day!
I am happy to be your newest follower,

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What a lovely little pumpkin, so sweet! The bag is beautiful too.
The travelling pattern is all stitched up but I'm having problems getting a picture of it! The scanner bleached out and the battery is flat on the camera, try again tomorrow!

MysteryKnitter said...

Nice little pumpkin! The one who spares, she has what to take when the time arrives.