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Sunday 26 August 2012

A little time~*~*

Hello dear friends and folks,
Its a little time to relax,,,
it will be five days of happiness,,,
of making new friends,,,
lots of laughing,,,
and fun stitching time,,,------
"ahh my happy little heart <3 "
i will be back on friday,,~~~~i look forward to posting again soon...
       It's going to be a WONDERFUL week !

                                   i will miss you all so much----until then,,,
enjoy your days-- full of joy!!
cucki *.*

Saturday 25 August 2012


Dear Friends,,Thank you so much for all the sweetest birthday wishes.
all your comments made me so happy..
i am one lucky cucki :D)
... and i am feeling so rich and blessed today to have you all MY DEAR FRIENDS in my little life...
you all brings lots of joy for me..
a big giant beary (((HUG))) for you all!!


Happy birthday to ME~~~
another sweet day <3
happy ME *.*

Friday 17 August 2012

Thankful Friday---

                                   All my scattering moments are taken up with my needle~~~~
                                                                                                 ~ Ellen Birdseye wheaton, 1851

May your day be filled with laughter and sunshine!
Warm Smiles---

Wednesday 15 August 2012

Primitive summer sal-----

hello dear friends and folks,
just a quick post to share..before i start my busy bee broom ride from the house...
i am off to library and have to finish a million things today.. in between...
here and there...(phew)
ok..where was i??? happy news..
i am going to do a sweetheart new sal with my dear friend viloa..and with so many my other stitchers friends...
you will find the relative post here:- La Piccola Ricamatrice - Primitive Summer SAL
and here on my dear friend viloa blog THE LITTLE STITCHER
 This SAl is dedicated to the new and very sweet pattern by PINEBERRY LANE.."Tansy Yarrow Rue".
SAL is starting from today and soon i will post my update too...
it is a wonderful stitching for this deary August month..

i am such a happy lady today :)
i better run now...
cant wait to start my stitching..
  Thank you so much for stopping by..
 enjoy your day.. and I  hope to post more again soon..
love and happiness


Monday 13 August 2012

Another day~~

hello dear friends and folks,
it is just another ordinary day but a happy one :D)
The weather is nice,,a bit warm..and a bit cold..lovely sunshine is everywhere...
i am in a wandering mood today..wandering here and there..
finding and
i gathered some ribbons with my old calico and my needle and threads...
it turned out sweetly cute...
i am thinking i really love it :)
well..the house is quite..maloo is resting next to deary baby =^o^=
i think i will wandered a bit more..
let see what i will find next??
to make another ordinary day a simply happy one :)
i am blessed.......
may your day be filled with happy time and laughter!

Saturday 11 August 2012

Lazy days are here ~~~~


whispering wind

lazy leaves


sighing sun

buzzing bees


roots relaxing

bored branches

click clack

toes tapping

blowing breeze
                      by Nadezhda

lazy today--------
                                                   ~~~~~~HAPPY ME

Wednesday 8 August 2012

Today's work..and sweet postie :)

Happy stithcy wednesday friends and folks,
Another cold day here..i am still thinking about yesterday snow..
it filled my day with lots of more lovely memories..i will treasure those little flakes always :)
now outside my window i can see lots of dark clouds..looks like it is going to rain...
i spend the whole day in front of my heater and deary maloo next to me..
i read..
sipping coffee..
 and  then i stitch...

la la la
and my mystery sampler part 1 is waiting for part 2...
it was truly a fun stitching..i enjoyed it so much..all my fav colors are in there...
happy fall..
my dear friend filled my day with happiness...
dear Maggee send me all these yummy PIF goodies..
awww everything is so lovely..i just love them so much..
cutest little cushion
the yummyyy threads..
beautiful scissor..
lovely buttons..
blue material..
pins and sweet wooden thread holder..
 cute cards...
she has a very sweet blog Stitching devotee
thank you Maggee for my yummy treat ,,
you so sweet..i will treasure everything specially our you so much dear friend.
you made my day :)
well i am off to kitchen...thinking to bake oven is calling me..
have a lovely, happy, yummy wednesday freinds..
like mine :)
cucki <3

Tuesday 7 August 2012

snowy Tuesday~~~~

A happy cold morning here my dear friends,
Good morning!!!
today i woke up and could'nt believe on my eyes..
what i am seeing???
SNOW ~~~~~~
i just love seeing those little flakes fall~~~~
it is simply so beautiful~~~~~~
wishing you lots of warm smiles :)
deary cucki is happy here...with her little snowy time <3

Wednesday 1 August 2012

cold windy day...

Hello deary friends,
it is really a very cold and windy day here...
me and maloo are hiding in,,,and sitting in front of the heater..
maloo is lazily waving her tail in the air..
and me watching tv and sipping cooffee and STITCHING...
finally i got some stitching time in my hustle bustle life :)
i am stitching LK mystery sampler part 1...
here is my little progress on it..
aww it was truly a fun stitching..
i love it so much...
hmmnn... it does not take alot to make me happy...
and my stitching..
it was a super good day..
now me off to bed..
my eyes are closing and i am falling on the couch..
 and deary maloo is  already on bed with alizay with their new quilt..
wishing you a day with happiness and laughter...
cucki <3