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Tuesday, 9 May 2017


                                   ' Autumn...the year's last,loveliest smile'.
Hello My Friends,
Another beautiful May day chilly and snappy this afternoon is!
               ...and my happy finish is a small Autumny pumpkin pinkeep...
                                              {and it looks sweet!}
    its like a little present i can gift to myself!!!
                           HAppy <3
Lookie at the back.....
             My Sweet Autumn Treasure....
                    I'm So Excited...
                         don't you love it?
                                  i do....    
         This cutie design by my sweetest friend TERESA MURGIDA
                                              AWESOME :)
     I'm happy to get back to my stitchy corner.!!!
         oh! in this cloudy day the sun was shining in between this morning
                              making me SMILE
  it's always a good day - isn't it?
    and in typical cucki's fashion....
          off to dream i go!
                         Hope you all have a wonderful may day---
                                    *Blessed Be,My Friends*