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Monday, 14 November 2011

Yiotas review---and my old tapestery.

hello dear friends, i hope you are fine is still very hot..
hot days are passing slowly but busy busy with normal duties and surely stitching is going with too..
today i was cleaning a old cupboard of mine..and look what i found..
an old tapestry..i started it long ago..oops i dont even remember,,
i think long time i am thinking to finish it too..only some part left..little bit on the dress..her hand and some background..
is'nt she pretty?i love her so much...
beautiful old memories :)

May be you still remember that i received an email few weeks ago about being asked to do the review of  counted cross stitch kits

it made me so happy and i spent a truly joy full time to look at all their beautiful kits..i chose this lovely biscornu is called "love to stitch"
well today i received this package in the afternoon waiting for me in the post box..i know straight away that from where it is because of the big red note(please do not bend)
i opened the package with great excitement and everything is so nicely packed.
i chose this kit and it is such a lovely kit.
have a look at this..
i truly love the cover picture because in that you can exactly see how it is going to look at the end because it is a stitched picture...
this is the back side of the kit and you can see that all the threads are on bobbins already (what a relief)sorted and you can see clearly marked with their numbers...
beautiful soft aida material..
and special cute button for the biscornu.
 aida is already cut in two half dont have to cut for the top part of the biscornu and the other one for the bottom part...
and in the packet is another packet full of filling for the biscornu..
have a look
it is truly amazing..everything is in the kit for you to stitch this beautiful piece.
the chart itself over 4 A4 pages with very clear colorful symbol.
there are separate chart to stitch top and bottem part of the biscornu...
and with that a special another page for instruction"how to make a biscornu"that is really very helpful if you are a that page it is describe so well that you can easily stitch and make the biscornu even if you are trying it first time.
i am so much looking forward to stitching this cute you can see everything is in the just have to stitch it now.
it is a very sweet biscornu kit and the wording is so much like us stitcher..
we all love to stitch :)
 yiotas-xstitch, website is very easy to use with different categories such as angels, fantasy,cottages and lots many looking at the lovely charts and reasonable prices,i am sure i will buy some more charts and kits soon,,i already made my list that i wanted to buy from them.
thank you dear yiotas for the opportunity to review this lovely kit.
i am off to do some stitching before something turn up in between..
until next time..
happy stitching xx


Teresa said...

You should finish your beautiful lady. It is so close to being done.
I would love a kit that had everything you needed to finish it. Really like the sorted threads on bobbins. Can't wait to see your finished biscornu
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Lesleyanne said...

Your lady looks great. Hope you manage to get her finished. Lovely biscornu.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tapestry. You should finish it. You will have fun stitching up the biscornu. They are easy to put together. I can't wait to see your finished piece.

Crafty-Laura said...

What a lovely tapestry! You should definitely finish it! Lovely biscornu kit, I look forward to seeing it finished! love Laura x

Unknown said...

Обязательно закончите даму,она великолепна!
Посылки всегда приятно.

Christine said...

Such a lovely tapestry, you should definitely finish it. The kit looks very well put together

Lumiruusu said...

I liked the tapestry a lot ,very romantic style !!
Biscornu-kit look awesome..enjoy your stitching :) :)

Ruth said...

What a lucky week -- a rediscovered treasure and a new tresure (with stuffing!!) :)

Enjoy your adventures!

Penny said...

Your tapestry is beautiful! Stitchy packages are the best kind. :) I'm looking forward to seeing your biscornu ~ it's going to be so pretty!

♥ Nia said...

Oh! just a little bit missing! I hope you'll finish it soon :)
What a great surprise! I hope you'll find some time to stitch your biscornu too :D

Joysze said...

Kit looks nice. :)

I can't wait for you to finish your UFO.... just that teeeenie bit left. :D

Kay said...

Sounds like a great week filled with happy treasures!

Kaisievic said...

Have fun with your biscornu kit, Cucki. Your tapestry lady looks lovely.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

Kathy Ellen said...

How wonderful to discover such a wonderful would be so special to finish her, as she seems fairly complete already.

Lovely biscournu! What is the name of the design and designer? Would you believe that I have not stitched a biscournu, but would love to make one!

Blessings for your week, dear Cucki!

Anne said...

What a lovely lady my dear! I think you should finish her!! That biscornu looks pretty too!


Cindy said...

cucki.... your UFO is beautiful, can't wait to see her finished! and your biscornu looks like such fun and to get all the 'parts' that you need all in one package.... that is so cool! have fun this week!

Shelleen said...

You should finish the Tapestry. It is beautiful. Can't wait to see you finish the Biscornu.

Unknown said...

Cucki, thanks again for the lovely review. I am so glad you like my bisconru :-)

MysteryKnitter said...

The biscornu is awesome. They have kitted it well. The lady is awesome too. You should finish her and after the last stitch has found its place you should find someone, who knows what the word 'framing' means in tapestry context. I know one such person here in my country. He hasn't been so busy because of me lately, but once I've knitted all my knitted projects, oh boy, he'll have his hands full.