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Saturday, 17 September 2011

happy saturday..and my books:)

Happy saturday to all my dear friends,
here in south africa..a very lovely and warm day..
me doing fine and hermitting..and having lovely hermit stitching weekend but my family is saying looks like you hibernating with your stitching he he he

this is really very true and i love it so much..with that i wanted to share some of my new books with you all..these were on my  list from a very long time..
aww these books are my fav..i love them so much..i think from inside i am still a child:)..
and i think Felicity is just me..i enjoy reading these books so much..they are my real treasure..i have huge collection of them..
and the others are..
oh dear,,.i am so excited with all these books..cant wait to read them all..
ok my dear friends have a lovely hermit week with full of fun stitching..i wll post my stitchy pictures on monday..till then..keep well
happy stitching and happy reading too:)


butterfly said...

You have some wonderful books, i love all books and some of the children's
books are always some of the best. Have a nice weekend with your stitching.

Hippywitch said...

Nothing better than a weekend hibernating with your stitching :-) You have a lot of lovely books to read too so you might be hibernating for a while!

Jordan said...

I was doing some hibernating today too, lol :D
Nice to hear you are having a nice weekend :)


passionatelypink said...

Wow so many books to read! How will you fit them all in with all the stitching you have going on at the moment? :) xxx

♥ Nia said...

Enjoy your reading!!! :)
I will be back to see your stitching updates ;)
Hope you're having a great weekend sweetie :D

Teresa said...

I love the American girl books and dolls. We have four of the dolls in our house. When my daughter moved out I told her the dolls stay here.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

MysteryKnitter said...

Just keep stitching. One stitch at a time, and you will cross the finish line before you know it.