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Thursday, 1 September 2011

My August TUSAL,..lovely gift and a part of my stitching..with happy spring in south africa:)

hello my dear friends,
                 new moon here..and start of the september:)
and here is my first ever TUSAL jar..i am not part of a TUSAL blog..but i love the idea so much that i wanted to make a jar for myself is really very sweet idea..even maloo loves it too..everytime when i open the lid she like to put her paw in the jar..
                                                        my little kitty is guarding it..
i received this lovely gift from my friend lilian and she has a blog too..her blog is "my fun time"
                                            thank you dear lilian..i love my gift so much...
                                           everything is so pretty.i am so thankful to you
                                            and so you so much xx
i am stitching little bit here and there..
                                 this is my cup cake..i am nearly there..hopefully i will finish
                                it today..i am stitching it for my exchange..
today is 1st september here and it is the first day of the spring here in south africa..
                                                   HAPPY SPRING TO YOU ALL

         with all my love and hugs xx
p:s and today is the last day to take part in the giveaway..and tomm in the evening i will announce the winner.thank you so much for taking part in the giveaway.


Kaisievic said...

Lovely TUSAL - so full. I love the idea, too, so I posted mine this month, too, even though I am not part of a TUSAL blog either. I have not looked at your blog lately - sorry, so I have only just signed up for your Giveaway - I hope that it is not too late! Also, congrats on being in the UK mag - that is so cool!
love Kaye xoxox

Gabi said...

Happy Spring to you too. Here in Australia Spring has sprung too.
Your cupcake is super cute, and love that kitty guarding your jar.
Lovely gifts from Lilian :)

Denise said...

Nice jar of orts! the pinks must be from your cupcake that you are working on.
Happy Spring

Crafty-Laura said...

Everything is lovely and sweet, as usual Cucki! Fab gifts from Lilian. I love your little kitty! And that cupcake will be fab. lots of love, Laura xxx

Hippywitch said...

Gorgeous kitty and gifts :-) I love cupcakes your's will be lovely!

Jenny said...

Happy Spring, Chucki!
Your little kitty is so cute.

♥ Nia said...

Happy Spring to you cucki! :)
Here we have a little more of Summer, Autumn will come at 23th September.

Lumiruusu said...

Srintime must be very beautiful on your country.
I have seen some documents about the nature you have-so ecotic for me !!

We are having cool autumn days here in Finland,leaves are falling from the trees and many little birds are moved to Africa to avoid the our extremely cold winter.

Vry lovely gifts and the cupcake stitching is pretty too!

Unknown said...

О! Прекрасный подарок!
А у нас первый день осени и дети пошли в школу!Листья опадают и становится прохладно.Удачи вам.

Kerryp77 said...

Love the tusal jar idea, i'd never heard of it before, but what fun. i emptied mine yesterday so will create one for next month. it'll give me something to blog about when my 30 days run out. enjoy spring cucki!! hugs

Rhona said...

Your cupcake stitching is looking good. love the colours.

Kay said...

Happy Spring to you! Summer will be done in a matter of weeks here and it will be finally fall, yea! Your stitching all looks adorable.