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Friday, 30 September 2011

My Finished Biscornu And My Sad Maloo :(

Good evening dear all,
here in south africa a cold and cloudy day is raining in some part of the country but johannesburg still no rain..but looks like it will be raining soon..

oh maloo is so sad today..she is not feeling so i saw that her one side of the face is swollen then me and we quickly took her to the vet..
doctor gave her two injection and antibiotics and he is saying "that it is because of infection in her teeth..she will be fine soon..and bring her back on monday"..
ohh me not happy today..i am just so sad with maloo..our whole family is very sad..i even gave her my tusal jar and take out all the threads for her to play but she is till not playing...
but thankfully she is eating well..she ate nicely and now she is sleeping in her blanket.

please pray for maloo that she get well soon..i am so much sad for her..i cant see her like that..she is always very playful..
i even grab her friends (our neighbour cats)and bring them inside my home to play with her but she is not looking at them..i hope she feels better soon..
please pray for my maloo princess baby.
oops..i forgot to show you my biscornu..
i finished it last night..
here it is:
top of it ..
                                                   bottem part of it..
ok my dear off to kitchen now..
hope you all have a lovely friday..and lovely weekend..
cucki is just so sad today :(
hugs for you all with kisses


grannie said...

Hope Maloo feels better soon xxx

Anne said...

Very sweet biscornu!! I love the moose and I hope Maloo feels better too!


Parsley said...

Poor kitty. I believe God cares about animals so I will pray.

Nice stitching.

Teresa said...

Hope Maloo is up and playing with your threads real soon.
Cute biscornu
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Shelleen said...

I hope Maloo feels better soon. I also hate it when one of my fur babies is sick.

♥ Nia said...

So sorry sweetie =/ I hope Maloo will be better soon!!
See! There's some use for TUSAL ;) hehehe I hopw tomorrow will be better sweetie!!

Steph said...

Awwww no, I do hope Maloo gets better soon, it isn't nice to see a very beloved pet unwell.

Love your biscornu, it is looking great. xXx

butterfly said...

Poor Maloo ,Hope Maloo will be better soon.

Very nice stitching, take care.

Myra said...

Oh poor Cucki and Maloo. I am hoping Maloo will feel better soon. They do worry us when they are ill. Your biscornu is lovely.

Kaisievic said...

Poor Maloo, I hope that she feels better soon. We had to take Furio to the Vet a couple of weeks ago because he had an infection but one shot of antibiotics and he is as good as new.

Your biscornu is lovely - was it hard to stitch? i am thinking that I must attempt one, one of these days.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

Carol said...

Oh, I know how sad it is when your kitty is sick. Do hope Maloo feels better very soon, Cucki :)

Anonymous said...

Your biscornu is cute. Congrats on the finish.

I will be keeping Maloo in my prayers that she gets well soon. It is sad. (((Hugs))

Crafty-Laura said...

Oh no! Poor Maloo! Thinking of you all and hoping she gets well very soon! Lovely biscornu too. lots of love and (hugs) Laura xxx

Jordan said...

The biscournu is lovely and best wishes to poor maloo xxxx

Isobel -Argante- said...

The biscornu is really gorgeous, and good luck for my candy :-)

The Primitive Hare

Sally said...

Aww I hope Maloo is feeling much better soon. Hugs for you both.

Your biscornu is very pretty.

Hippywitch said...

Oh poor Maloo! Hope she feels good again and starts playing with your threads soon. Sending big hugs to you my friend :-)

Love the biscornu!

Cindy said...

oooo I hope Maloo feels better soon! Our furbabies are so dear to us...and your biscornu turned out darling.

Kerryp77 said...

very cute biscornu, hope maloo is better soon. x

MysteryKnitter said...

Nice stitching, but I am sad for your Maloo. :( She must mean a lot to you. We had cats, and once even kittens (a full male + a full female = 4 little kittens), but now I can't have any kind of pet anymore. :(