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Friday, 21 September 2012

MY ** Giveaway**

Happy day!
Welcome dear friends!!
Here in my happy cove and in my cosy sewing nest i have been busy making something special..
 i hope you will like my little creation :)

 so to enter in this giveaway..
it is very simple..
1. be a follower of my blog.
2. leave me a comment here on this post.
3. i will announce the winner on October 5th.
 Tell me one thing that you like about" tea or coffee".

                                                           Me loves my happy tea time <3


Bernadett said...


Am I the first candidate for this beautiful project?:0
I think I am,I do not think so that it will bring me much luck...But anyway...I love it.
I am your follower.
i drink more coffee.I like it to drink while I am creating.Why do I like it?:)I do not know...I think it is a habbit...I do not smoke...I do not drink alcohol...Some thing must there to be...:D

All the best.:)
P.S.:Happy tea time!:)

CATHI said...

Dear Cucki, thanks so much for this giveaway! I would be glad if you could count me in! I am a follower and about tea or coffee: I like drinking coffee at work, because it keeps me awake ( ;o) ), and I like to drink tea more in the evening (especially during Autumn and Winter) - after work it is so relaxing to drink a cup of tea - while stitching! ;o)

Hugs, Cathi

gracie said...

Of course I follow you! It is a wonderful place to visit and find cheer. I drink both coffee and tea. I love the first smell of coffee in the early morning and the relaxing time with my evening tea. I have special mugs for each!

♥ Nia said...

It's party time for us?? Of course I'm in! :) ehehhe
You know I'm a follower already ;)
I like tea but I loooooove coffee! Since my childhood, I always loved to drink coffee at my grandma's house =) of course it was really soft, just to fool the child (me) LOL! But there was no better coffee like that one on my grandma's house :D Today, I still drink coffee every day, can't stay away from my espresso after a meal :) And a good capuccino on a cold evening? delicious! :D

Musicwoman said...

Hi Cucky,
I am a follower and I drink bith. Coffee is to wake me up and I enjoy drinking tea at a cold winter evening. Just sitting in an chair, stitching and drinking a cup of fine tea.
Please count me in your giveaway.

Have a nice day

Margaret said...

So cute! Well, I don't drink coffee -- never liked the stuff, but I love coffee ice cream. Tea on the other hand. I love herbal tea with honey in it. Yum! Thanks for the giveaway! And yes, I'm a follower. :D

Farida said...

That seems like a cute stuff you have created! I'm from the Philippines so I'm far from where you are. Nonetheless, coffee is my love. I am addicted to it but I am happy to have one cup all to myself. It perks me up, gives me the right stimulus to start writing my articles and the aroma is enough to satiate me. Happy weekend :)

butterfly said...

Love a cup of tea first thing, what a beautiful cosy, count me in please would love to have a little of Cucki around, hugs.

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Hi Cucki,

Not sure if I can qualify since I'm so far away and it might be costly to ship, but I'll leave a comment here anyway! I am a follower. I would love to have one of your creations!

Let's see....I don't drink coffee, but I love to smell it. It smells cozy! I get up everymorning and fix my hubby a cup to go in his "to go" coffee cup. I do love tea, but not hot tea like you probably think. I'm a southern girl that loves iced sweet tea! :) I like it sweet too! I like it with meals and I like it in between.

Have a great weekend, my friend!

beagleAnnie said...

What a lovely creation, cucki!!
Well, I am a coffee lover. I can't start the day without having a cup of coffee. In summer time, iced coffee.

Michelle said...

Hi Cucki - your creation is lovely. I would love to be entered into your giveaway. I am a tea drinker and always think that tea makes everything right. Although when we visit Africa I do like the Iced Coffee xx

Steph said...

Count me in please! oo! What don't I love about coffee! It makes my day, keeps me awake to help me craft for longer hours, and makes sure I am a happy bunny^_^

Anne said...

It's the sweetest tea cozy ever Cucki! I would love to be included in your draw. I love coffee and tea. It is always comforting to have a cup of tea in the evening...usually I have jasmine or a rooibus tea in the evening. I do enjoy a nice black chai tea too. Or tea time with my Nana who always tells me I need to warm the pot!!


Rhona said...

Count me in too, please Cucki! I love the smell of coffee, but am always disappointed that it never tastes as good as it smells, so I'm a tea drinker.....and I drink lots of the stuff!

Stitchy Sam said...

It's lovely! I would love to enter! I love the fact that my de-caff tea bags taste just the same as regular tea bags and I feel healthier, but still get that comforting feeling of curling up with a cupp! xx

Sarah Beth said...

Hi there sweetie. I'm a big tea drinker so I'm hoping I will be the lucky one. Your posts are always nice to read and thank-you for always leaving comments on my posts.

Dani - tkdchick said...

That's such a cute tea cozy!

Heather said...

Very cute!

I'm a tea drinker, but usually only in the winter. I prefer Chinese tea, especially pu-erh.

Thank you for the lovely giveaway!

lynda said...

I would love a chance to win this beautiful piece! I do not drink coffee (But I lots of pots of it for my hubby!), but I am somewhat addicted to teas, and have been for as long as I can remember. I used to always have teatime in the late afternoons after school and now can usually be found with a cup in hand. I love all kinds of teas, and always enjoy the warm and cozy feeling I get when drinking them...inhaling the lovely aromas and those first few sips...I think it's time for a tea break right now!
Thanks for the chance Cucki!

Lilian said...

Hello Cucki. I am a tea drinker in fact have one now as I am writting is, I find tea very comforting and love nothing better than to be cuddled up on the sofa with a lovely cuppa in hand,
Thank you for this lovely giveaway.
Love and hugs

Christine said...

That is so sweet! I'd love the chance to win.
I drink more tea than coffee, I find it more refreshing, but I do like a nice cappuccino if I go into a cafe

Inthesky said...

Such a pretty tea cozy. I was quite literally weaned with Tea in my Bottle as a baby! I love tea. My children used to have tea in their bottles too. We are all 'Tea Bellies'. :)

stitchersanon said...

Wow, that is beautiful. I live in Ireland so it would be expensive if I won, but doesn't mean I cant pop on and say how lovely it is xx

Kerryp77 said...

Hi Cucki. How lovely is your tea cosy. I drink coffee in the mornings and tea in the afternoon. I love the fact that tea really does make you feel better.

Stitching Kath said...

How lovely. There is nothing better than cup of tea when get home from a busy day t work! Please enter me in your giveaway

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Hi Cucki,
I used to drink coffee, but now I drink tea every day. Love the way it warms me up on a chilly fall or winter morning! Your tea cozy is so pretty! Thanks for such a lovely giveaway!

Kaisievic said...

Hi Cucki, Oh please enter me in your giveaway - I do not have a tea cosy, it would be great to win one, especially one made by you. I always start my day with a cup of coffee and end it with a soothing cup of tea.
I will also post about your giveaway on my blog.

Love to you, hugs, Kaye

The Merry Stitcher said...

Hi Cucki, please enter me in your giveaway. I drink both tea and coffee :) I love the way coffee wakes me up in the morning and I like it with cream. I love a good cup of english tea. One thing that makes it more special is when I drink it in one of my dainty tea cups from my wedding set.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How sweet of you, dear Cucki! I love this precious creation! You are so talented! Well, I'm a follower and a friend and I love both coffee and tea. I like a hot cup of coffee in the morning...slightly bitter and strong! It wakes me up and warms my tummy! Happy Sunday my friend and thanks for the fun!

Valma said...

ho my, what a lovely piece you made !
Very great job
of course I'd like to enter your giveway =)
please count me in
I can't start the day without a cup of coffee, I'm definitely a coffee drinker, even if I also like tea, often in Autumn or Winter, on Sundays afternoons =)
But I prefer coffee
Black, no milk no sugar, they change the taste of coffee =D
I love the smell of coffee and just for fun 'to read' in my cup after having drunken it =)
big hugs

Trace4J said...

How beautiful.
Please enter me.
I love Coffee. Most mornings with just half and half.
But in the Fall and Winter I like a lil pumpkin or peppermint seasonal creamers.
Hugs & Joy

Caitlin @ Naughts Cross Stitches said...

well I have an addiction to Chai tea :D particularly Chai Lattes. Such a wonderful tea cosy so cute :D

Ilumilu said...

Dear Cucki, it's so cute!!! You know that I love pink... and little- cute-stitched/handmade things.
When I wake up, I drink (fruit)tea (if we have...) sometimes I drink with 2-3 mugs...If we don't have tea, I make cappuccino with milk, honey and cacao. I don't like the taste of coffee, it's bitter for me.
I hope that I will be the winner... :)

MysteryKnitter said...

Awesome item! I like your blog and I have my own way to follow you. An Excel table. Such helps me to keep my knitting and stitching projects in order too. And when it comes to hot drinks, I like tea and drink it a lot.
Oh yes, and I'm reading this in chronological order.