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Thursday, 9 June 2011

some lovely post today for me..

well..what can i say i received so me lovely post from my very lovely friends.

it just brought tear in my eyes when i saw all these lovely goodies..just for me..the cute bookmark and my love biscornu and sweetest scissor fob.and the lovely postcard.all these things my friend sara send me in all crafter exchange..and all in autumn theme..i love autumn so much.
really i am so blessed to have friends in my days are shiner..
thank you so much dear sara..i am so chuffed and so thankful.i will always treasure all these things..and always keep close to my heart..thank you dear so you xx

And a lovely letter from my friend Sara Giles from uk..i just love her letter.going to write the reply in little time..

And then a lovely post card from postcard exchange. it is a postcard of DUNDEE very lovely town indeed..
ok dear me going to do some stitching much wanted to finish so much in this june month..
happy stitching all xx

1 comment:

Sara said...

I'm really, really, happy that you liked so much my Autumn "pack". Thank you =D