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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

My june challenge stitching xx

hello! a lovely and bright day here..
finally today is 29 june and i am so happy because i was waiting for it from so many days..since i finished my june stitching..phew..
i posted my picture and now i am confused like always that it is not the right

well finally it is done and now i am thinking to go back to my old stitching..i am going to stitch something for my birthday..i know i am going to stitch something for me but not sure what is it?i will go and dig in my stash box..
and i am still waiting for my MS book and my chart pack "rules of  halloween"but still no sign of any of them..i hate when this happened..and i hate waiting too..i hope they turn up soon..
ok i think i better buzz off..and stitch something..i think i better finish my snow man then i can start stitching for alizay..
and maloo my kitty is looking in a very good mood today..she is keep on coming and jumping in my stitching basket..she is my stitching buddy..she loves it when i open my basket and then she can look at all my little treasure and touch them..she loves my blue pin coushion so much..that is her favourite one..

oops..i was talking of buzzing off..and i am still rattling..ok me going..going..going..
but keep stitching dear all..
love xx


Sari said...

I just love the way you finished the June challenge. I'm so unhappy that I simply couldn't find time and energy for it, I thought about stitching A little Kate-design for it.
Thank you for your nice comment on my blog! :)
Stitchy greetings

Kay said...

That is such a cute finish! Very beautifully stitched.

Vinniey said...

Awww... that cat is so cute! The finishing is cute too. I hope your package will arrive safely soon.

♥ Nia said...

The most precious pillow!! Beautiful work, congrats once again sweetie :)

Rhona said...

Wonderful finish! Love the cute!