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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

finally something for me..and a post card..

after such a long time..YES..
one of my friend Sinead McCafferty said to me..aneeba make something for yourself too..and i said to her..yup!one day soon..
whn i saw this design i said to myself i so much wanted to it for myself..and here i am ..i made it a book mark..
my two love..cross stitch and books..

 and this post card  i posted it to of my postcard swap..i personally like this post card very is the whole map of southern Africa.

ok so me running towards my next project..finally my june challenge..
till then keep well ..and of course "STITCH" :D)


lenna said...

What a sweet bookmark. It is so delicate ~ enjoy using it. I also love reading. I make cards and I have a daughter who lives in Cape Town, South Africa.
Take care and bless your stitching fingers.

Nicola said...

Love your bookmark. Nice to see you treating yourself for a change xx

cucki said...

dear lenna, thank you that you like so happy for it..this girl in book mark is just like me..when i was stitching it..i was feeling that i making little bit crazy..
keep well you xx

cucki said...

dear nicola, me so happy that you like my was nice feeling to treat myself for a
lots of love and hugs for you xx