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Friday, 6 May 2011

WOW! what a day!!!

i still cant believe it..that finally i have a blog..thanks to heather my cant be possible without her..she helped me how to do it..and i eat all her brain and chops..he he create this blog..
you are my star heather..a twinkle star of my life:)
so finally 06 may 2011 i own a blog..and 5 followers..all my lovely so happy because i so musch wanted it from so many long time ago..and today is the day..
oh dear..i am so sleepy eyes are paining..i am half hanging from this chair while i am typing this and making so many mistake..backspace and typing again..better go to bed now..
i am happy today..very..
and sleepy ^o^

1 comment:

MysteryKnitter said...

Maybe you should rest and take it easy then, if you're that tired.