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Monday, 17 October 2011

IHSW (october) stitching..and My NEW SAL :) and FIRST RAIN...

hello my dear friends,,,
fianlly i got some time to come to the computer..i really had a busy day today..i was flying here and there..really i cant believe it that monday started and now it is dark again outside..where is my monday gone to??? so much craziness going on at my nut house :)
yup..and to my lovely hermitters..i hope you all enjoyed the lovely weekend..i had a lovely week with lots of fun hermitting time with all of you..
here is my stitching..
aww sweet..
i love stitching her..sweet little stitching she was ..
the only thing i changed is..on the kitty body the heart was white but i made it red and then i add a collar around her neck with ribbon..(giving her my maloo's look ;)
And i attached buttons on ME ..there were tiny crosses but i add me and miss.maloo are both looking perfect for the halloween party..

                                                         for my friend for the halloween :)
i am so happy today..a good news for me..
i am doing a lovely sal "my lovely stitching tools" mystery sampler,from "The Gift Of Stitching" online monthy magazine..i am doing with it kathy A Stitcher's Heirlooms , Joanne and Clare  
we will post our progress on the face book too. 
                                                      this is the part one and we all going
                                                                 to start from here..
                                                     i will stitch it on 32 count belfast linen
                                                     and i am going to use these south african
 cant wait to start it...
i received a letter from my very dear friend michelle from usa after a long time..i really love reading the hand written letters and i love writing hand written letters too..after this mail ..i will make myself a big mug of coffee and i will write back to her..a long chatty letter..i wanted to tell her so many things ..
then hopefully if i will be in senses then i will STITCH too..
little bit..
few stitches..
but i will..
i cant imagine my day without my stitching..because this is something that makes me ME
oh yes!
how can i forget it..we having first rain of the season..

yup first rain of our is still raining outside while i am writing this mail..
my teacher sarie told me a story about the first rain of the summer..and the paul kruger..
PAUL KRUGER was the president of Transval.
and the story is:
"if the rains comes before PAUL KRUGERS birthday ,,the year ahead will be dry with less rain..and if the rains start after his birthday then the year is nice with lots of rains and crops are good.
so his birthday was on 10th of october so our rain came after his according to this what my teacher told me it is going to be a good year.
i am enjoying the RAIN...and i think my teacher sarie will be too..
now me off to make coffee and letter writing time:)
till next time..keep well..
keep stitching..
may your days and nights filled with joy..
smiley cucki :)


Lumiruusu said...

I love Maloo The cats red collar and the little red heart on her side :)
If You look carefully You can see that I added the "diamond-collar" to the Melissa Babys neck on my Carriage House Samplings "Cats" Ornament :) :)

The Mystery SAL will be pretty !

Claudette497 said...

You and Miss Maloo are adorable! I love the changes you made. It was supposed to rain this weekend for us but it didn't..grrr. Your SAL looks like fun!

TammyK said...

Love that little Halloween stitchy job. Soooo cute!

♥ Nia said...

Nice stitching :) good idea for the buttons ;)
Here it's autumn and no rain :p we still have high temperatures, not normal in October! It looks that in two days the season will start going as expected :p Summer didn't want to leave us!! heheheeh :D

butterfly said...

Oh again very nice Halloween stitching .
We have had a little rain tonight, but is getting colder now.
Have a great week sweet friend.

Mindi said...

I love your cute Halloween design, it turned out adorable! Sounds like you had a nice hermit-y weekend.

Anonymous said...

What a cute pattern. I love it. You love maloo so much. I can't wait to see your start on the SAL. I love those colors you have chosen. Thank you for sharing the story of the rain. Enjoy your coffee and letter writing to your friend. You are a truly special person. I love coming to your blog. You always bring a smile to my face.

Have a wonderful week!

Dani said...

Your halloween stitching is lovely, I love how you made it your own by changing and adding things to it.

Crafty-Laura said...

Hi Cucki! What a lovely little piece of stitching, it's perfect! And I love the frame- did you make that yourself? Clever you! love, Laura x

Carol said...

Love your little Halloween piece, Cucki!! And the SAL will be such fun to follow along with you--beautiful threads you've selected :)

Sally said...

Your Halloween piece is so sweet Cucki:) Looking forward to seeing your SAL.

Joysze said...

Cute Halloween piece, Cucki. :D Love the color of your South African hand dye threads... .can't wait to see you stitch that up.

Jordan said...

I really like all you halloween crafting! :)

Anne said...

Very sweet design of you and your Maloo!! I will love to see it all finished up! The SAL looks great too and those South African threads are beautiful!!

What a good ISHW!!



Kerryp77 said...

gorgeous halloween stitch cucki, the titchers tools sampler looks beautiful and with thoe threads will be stunning i'm sure. xx

Kaisievic said...

Hello darling Cucki,

Love your IHSW stitchery and your new SAL looks really interesting.

Your Paul Kruger story is so quaint - thanks for sharing it.

Hugs, Kaye xoxo

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Love your SAL threads, what perfect colours!
We have a stitcher from 4 of the continents now, we just need Asia (and Antarctica, but that's quite unlikely!).
You and Maloo ready for Hallowe'en is so cute too.

Wagapapa said...

I love your halloween stitching, is great, and the changes you made are fantastic.

The mystery stitching looks very well, wish I had more time to stitch to join you.

Enjoy the rain and happy stitching! hugs xxx

Kay said...

Your Halloween stitching is so beautiful! Sounds like you made the most of your time.

MysteryKnitter said...

I wish all the success to that SAL of yours. I just wondered, if you have stitched companies to that Fall Lady.