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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Simple Woman's daybook----- October 04,2011

For Today..Tuesday,October 04,2011
outside my window.. it is really very dark now..i can just see a little light in my garden.
i am thinking... about my day is going to be busy,busy,busy...and definately about my new stitching project too ;)
i am thankful.. really for my blessed life .
in the kitchen.. we just had neat and clean..dishes washed..later i will make coffee for myself and for hubby.
i am wearing... a black dress.
i am creating.. a flying carpet who can take me to far away magic am thinking to start another hand embroidery picture..
i am going..soon in the kitchen to make coffee.
i am wondering...if i can sleep for the whole day and do nothing..what will happen?
i am reading..still my sweet "prunella"only few pages left.
i am hoping... to sleep early tonight.
i am looking forward to.. for our long holidays time..cant wait..
i am hearing.. kiddies noise..maloo playing with her jingle bell ball..running with it.. tv sound and my lap top buttons  tick tick..
around the house... we need to put the fertilizer in the garden..some plants need trimming..and my hair too :)
i am pondering...why i am so dreamy lady all the time..
one of my favourite things..lots of love from my family and friends.
a few plan for the rest of the week....nothing special..except the garden needs me.


butterfly said...

Hi Cucki ,Love to read your Day Book, take care have a great week.

Rhona said...

Great post! love the 'Mom's busy' ornament too!

Wagapapa said...

Hi Cucki!

Lovely picture, it's very funny.

Big hugs from here. Have a good day!

♥ Nia said...

If you could sleep for the whole day and do nothing..what would happen? You'd lose a whole day to be awesome and do amazing things! :D hhehehe
Life is too short to sleep a whole day ;) We must enjoy it! :D