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Friday, 7 October 2011

SAL NO: 1 DONE..and a very LOVE GIFT xx

Good afternoon friends and folks,
a lovely, sunny and beautiful friday at the cove...
sweet nut house is cleaned,and clothes are washed and hung to dry..
and cucki is panting..and finally found her ME time to visit with you.
i wanted to show you my finished christmas sal no.1

i finished it late last night..
honestly..i was thinking to stitch something for myself..something..something..
then i find out that i still have to stitch my sal i quickly started it..and my son loves it so much..he already booked it and going straight in his room..
now i am heading towards stitching my second sal..that is booked too and going into my daughters room..LOL..
but something i wanted to show you now that came specially for me all the way from california,usa.
yup!for me..all these lovely goodies for me..
dear carolyn send me these lovely goodies :)
on being her 100 follower on her blog and that is
there is
a lovely pouch..i love the colors so much.
and the cutest needle book..
and my fav LHN chart..(cant wait to stitch it)..
and the super cute card..i am going to frame it and i will keep it in my is so special to me..
thank you dear carolyn.
i love everything so much..i am so thankful you for my lovely gifts.i am more than happy.
a big smile on my face today..

ok off to kitchen..
lunch time.
wish you all will have a lovely weekend ..
happy stitching and lots of smiles for you all.
love from the cove!


Hippywitch said...

Hi Cucki,
Love the santa! I'd be claiming it too if I lived in your house :-)
What a lovely parcel to get, you're winning blog giveaways all over lucky girl! Hope you get your witch soon, she's on her broom and flying your way.
Lori xx

Anonymous said...


What a cute Santa. Yay everything made it! Have fun with all of it!

butterfly said...

Hello Cucki, What a beautiful Santa. And lovely gifts, Have a great weekend.

Sara said...

Your Santa is gorgeous :)and what a lovely goodies you got :)

Joysze said...

Santa is so cute!! Congrats on the win too! :D

Chris said...

Gorgeous little santa fellow and some lovely goodies too :)

Patty C. said...

Ok - That little Santa is tooooo cute ;)

Crafty-Laura said...

That is a lovely little Santa Cucki! And wow, another parcel of lovely goodies! Lucky you!

Jenny said...

Oh, your Santa is so sweet - great job Cucki!
All the gifts you got from Carolyn are really pretty too!

Rhona said...

What an adorable wonder you son wants him!

♥ Nia said...

I love how you put those pompoms!! So cute =)))
And Santa is coming early, you are already receiving presents! :D hehehe lucky you! :D

Kay said...

Very cute Santa!! I love it!

MysteryKnitter said...

That Carolyn must be a nice stitcher, just like you are, Cucki. I am glad you got such a nice surprise.