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Monday, 24 October 2011

**lots of love in the mail **

Hello my dear friends,
HAPPY MONDAY....i hope you all had a wonderful weekend like ME..
it is really a very warm day hot today..the weather changed so quickly..
i think SUMMER is here...
i just had to show you these two lovely gifts that came in mail today :)
i am feeling so blessed and so lucky...
recently i won a giveaway from "LORI"
she has a lovely blog
she sent me the most beautiful is full of love and lots of kindness in it..
in the parcel is the most beautiful kitty bag...and the most lovely witchy was nicely sitting in it with the cute heart and the yummy cup cake card...
                                                                   lovely kitty bag
here is my new lovely friend witchy sitting on my stitching chair comfortably...she is bit tired with the traveling..she came all the way from uk..
she is so happy with me..just missing lori so much..and sending her lots of love.
the most beautiful heart with the yummy card :)
dear lori, thank you so much,,you so kind and so sweet.i will always treasure these lovely gifts from you.
still some more kindness to share with you all ..
my dear lovely friend "LILIAN" send me the most lovely gift too..from uk too..
she has a blog
when i read the lilian name on the just made me so happy too..
really my day today is full of love and smiles because of all of you my dear friends..
i open the parcel and there was the most beautiful hand made box and the cutest biscornu inside it..and the stunning hand made card too..
look at the lovely box and the biscornu was inside it..
this is the front of my darling biscornu..
is'nt it sweet?
i love it so much...
look at the pretty back of it..
it is really very sweet biscornu with lovely colors and the beads..
this is the most beautiful addition for my biscornu basket..
                                              the lovely hand made card and the inside is more
                                                                          magical :)
i love it lilian so much..the card is really so pretty..i just love those leaves and flowers..i wish i have a magic wand and then i can jsut wave it and the change the weather outside my window too..made it just like this card.
LILIAN thank you so mcuh for your love and friendship..and your kindness.
i will always treasure my lovely gift from you..
i am just feeling so lucky..the most lovely gifts from my two lovely friends..
i love treasure pile is growing everyday..
JO, my sal friend posted on her blog about having a carpet and on which everything small (like our naughty needles) can easily get lost..sweet post jo..and then after that i read on my another sal friend "kathy's"blog about the carpet and it really made me laugh so i thought i also share my carpert picture with you because i have a similar problem too..
i think we all have something in common :)
 here is my flying carpet...
wishing you all lots of blessings and a lovely start to your week.
have a blessed day and thank you for stopping by..
i love your visits so much..
lots of smiles from cucki.



butterfly said...

Hi Cucki, What lovely gifts, you are such a very nice person full of love and everyone ones you, so glad your friends know you are special.
Have a great week

Shannon said...

What wonderful gifts! :)

TammyK said...

Cool gifts :-)

Anonymous said...

What wonderful friends you have. The witch is so adorable. What a cute biscornu and lovely handmade card to go with it. Love the flying carpet. I wish I had one to ride to your house so we can sit together and stitch.


Cindy said...

oooo what lovely gifts your friends sent :D....i think the little witch is adorable. I read about the rugs also and your flying carpet is darling...i have one too!

Penny said...

What lovely gifts ~ I especially like the little witch. :) Beautiful biscornu and homemade card too.

Hippywitch said...

YAY! She arrived! She must be worn out flying that far to be with you :-)
So glad you loved the parcel Cucki, I picked the kitten bag just for you as I knew you'd love it.
And what a gorgeous parcel from Lilian too, it's been a good post day for you!
Sending hugs,
Lorraine x

Jordan said...

All the gifts are lovely! I like the ami witch :0)

Crafty-Laura said...

Wow, fabulous post day Cucki! Lucky you! I love the witch and heart, gorgeous, and what a lovely biscornu and box from Lillian! Fab! Enjoy everything- I know you will!

♥ Nia said...

Here we had hot weather until last week, this weekend rain, cold and strong winds =/ I think winter has arrived and we just skipped autumn! LOL

Lovely gifts that you received!! lucky you =)
Oh I love that cupcake card!! yummy!! eehehhehe
Happy week to you mey friend :D

Joysze said...

What gorgeous gifts, Cucki. :D You deserve every one of them!

Carol said...

You're so lucky to have warm summery weather there, it is turning cold and blustery...

What fun gifts from your stitching friends--they are the best, aren't they?

Claudette497 said...

I wish our weather would turn colder too. Your gifts are lovely.

Anne said...

Those gifts are so beautiful!! You definitely deserve them :D I especially love that handmade card! WOW! That lace and design are so delicate!!


Teresa said...

Love all the goodies, that little witch is too cute!
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Lilian said...

Glad the parcel arrived safe and sound. You deserve all your gift you are a lovely lady. love all your other gifts as well. The witch is cute. Take care my friend. Love and hugs

Lumiruusu said...

I have allways said that
stitchers are the most generous people in the world!!
Enjoy your both gifts!!
I think I have a flying carpet too ,it is on my living-room floor..
I will flye to the beautifull Africa some day with my carpet..
Do You know I live only some hundred kilometres from the Polar Circle!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What lovely presents, such a cute witch.
And Yay for a carpet picture, I love the randomness of the blogging world :-)

Kay said...

Wow, such pretty goodies you got in the mail from your dear friends!

MysteryKnitter said...

Lillian is awesome friend, I believe that. She sent such a marvellous package for you.