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Saturday, 17 December 2011

My bear pinkeep and happy post in a fine day ;)

hello dear friends and folks,
what a good saturday morning..i just opened my magic black box(my computer ) and the saw the good news..i won the giveaway on "MICHELLE'S STITCHCRAFT PLACE"
so happy wee ME
thank you michelle :)
i've been  busy busy busy flying around here and there making preparations for our holidays,fixing the house,making the garden gave me his last help now he is off too..he is gone away to Natal back to his he will come back after the new the i am the only care taker of the garden now..completely in my hands..
Things are coming along nicely and I'm having soooo much fun :)
we leaving on next week tuesday morning and we will come back ..after christmas..we all so excited for our special holiday time..
me such a forgetful lady..
i fixed my basket..then i chose the material..took out the thread..
my material all ready..
i put my first cross............................................. x
i dont know when i put it aside
and i start making myself

This little gal makes my heart sing and makes me so happy :)
my new friend...she is such a special lady..
oh how do i love making these pin keep :)
THE weather is finally cooled off her after all the rain we is such a lovely summer day..
The temps have dropped a little bit and the air smells fresh again.
The garden blooms are dancing.
after this i am thinking to do something productive again today...
BUT where i put my cross stitch the one i started...
i better go and look for it and finish it because it is a wee gift for my hubby for our anniversary :)
  i wanted to say thank you to dear jo Serendipitous Stitching for my lovely gift :)

all the way from uk..the most precious gift for me..
hand made christmas card..lovely book plates..the kitty on it just look like my maloo :)
and the most cutest material is so sweet..look at all the lovely pictures on it..
this is the most beautiful material bag i have now..i will treasure it forever..
this is the last IHSW of the lets grab our stitchy basket and start stitching together..i am going to do the lets sit together wherever we are and STITCH

happy hermitting  xxx

i am listening something..
here is my maloo..
                            what is the time cucki?oh dear! i am sleeping from the last three hours ^0^
ok off to look for my stitching..
and the news is ..i still didnt found my book yet..the one i keep safely
until`~~~next time..
i cant say to all my overseas friend STAY COOL who are already having lots of snow..
so YOU all keep warm......and ME keep cool.
wishing all of you....a very happy, sweet, joyful weekend.


Dawn said...

I love your pinkeep Cucki, it's so pretty.

Stitching Noni said...

Hi Cucki, your pinkeep is lovely. I can so see why you just had to finish her :o)
Maloo is beautiful, what a lovely kitty! Love your kitty hugs too :o)
Jo's gift is a gerat - lucky you :o)

Enjoy your holiday and your Christmas!


Shirlee said...

Congratulations on winning Michelle's giveaway! I was just on her site & saw that you won. Couldn't have happened to a nicer person : ) Sophie sends her love to Maloo : ) Blessings, Shirlee

Trace4J said...

Congrats to you Friend
What a lovely way to start your day!
Love & JOY

Anonymous said...

I feel happy to read your lovely post.Maloo is so adorable. The right Maloo is also pretty.

Lesleyanne said...

Congrats on winning Michelle's giveaway. Lovely gift from Jo. Love your bear. Great picture of Maloo.

Dani - tkdchick said...

What a lovely gift from Jo. Nice pin keep!

Friendship Crossing said...

Hey Cucki,
Just wanted to say thank you for all your sweet comments you've been leaving on my posts! You are too sweet!
Love your bear pinkeep~ very cute! and lovely gifts you received.
Can't wait to try your sugar cookie recipe from an earlier post.

Merry Christmas to my new friend!

Christine said...

Congratulations on your win and what a lovely gift from Jo. Maloo is gorgeous

Jordan said...

Your pin keep and Maloo are both really sweet! :) xx

Anne said...

Congrats on your win Cucki!! And Jo's presents are so lovely!! Your bear pin keep is adorable!! I LOVE MALOO!! He is just the sweetest lil' thing!!

Chris said...

O cucki, your gifts are lovely! And Maloo looks exactly like my cat MeMe (on my blog) they could be twins lol Thanks for coming by my way and following me too, just noticed this morning :)

Michelle said...

Lovely pinkeep Cucki and what a lovely gift from Jo. x

Hippywitch said...

Well done you on winning another giveaway! I love the bag too :-) Gorgeous pin keep, how sweet is that little bear!

Maloo is a gorgeous kitty, Poppy and Daisy say hello to her :-)

Kay said...

You have been keeping busy with your stitching! Beautiful as always!Congrats on winning another giveaway.

Meari said...

Adorable pinkeep... just adorable. What a sweet face on your kitty.

Mindi said...

Your little bear pinkeep is so cute and adorable, no wonder it makes you smile!

TammyK said...

Maloo is soooo cute :-)