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Monday, 21 November 2011

here i am....IHSW november stitching...2011

hello dear friends, here i am with happy monday smile and
the rest is going fine..what a busy weekend it was a warm weekend..
but today it is looking much much better.
it is raining..
it is.. and making me smile too..rainy days are coming..
i had a fine stitching time and managed to finish my fav stitching picture..
in between running here and there..
in between crying and smiling...
well i love frogs so much..really i do..they are cute little fellows but not this stitchy ones..

and he visited me quite a few time so i have to stitch this..i will frame it and i am going to put it in front of my stitchy chair..there ME and FROGGIE can see it nicely and everyday he he he
it is a free pattern from ..i changed the colors little bit.. and used my own colors..and add ribbon rose on her dress..i mean on MY dress..its ME..
and the other stitching ...
here it is

again ME :( now in this i am looking sad..
cant believe it...
a good news is that i won a lovely surprise from "Teresa Heartfelt Stitches".
thank you Teresa it is really a very lovely surprise for me...i am so so happy and so thankful to you.
you so sweet my dear friend :)

i finished my dear pollyanna book and now i got another one..

ohh i love miss read books..they are my another favourites ones..i started reading it last night..first chapter strats from month january and all about snow...
it says... snow had fallen,snow on snow,
snow on snow.
                       christina rossetti
ohh it made me big wish for snow...i am loving this lovely book.
it is always so lovely to talk to you all..i am feeling so happy and glad are all my lovely friends and my big family..
now time for a big mug of tea and a big fat rusk with..
hope you are enjoying the day and thank you for stopping by to visit.
till next time..keep well
and ME loves you ALL..and missing My Friend,My DEAR HUbbY


Sally said...

Both of your finishes are so sweet Cucki. It will soon be Wednesday and your husband will be back :)

Chris said...

Your finishes are sweet cucki!
Your husband will be home soon! I hope that he does well on his exams.
Happy Monday!

Kerryp77 said...

beautiful stitches cucki, wednesday will soon be here so keep stitching to keep you occupied. xx

Penny said...

Lovely finishes! I especially love the frog. :) I enjoyed reading the Miss Read stories too. Hoping time passes quickly and your husband is back before you know it. :)

Anonymous said...

awwww! You miss your husband so much. Don't worry I will keep him in my prayers for a safe trip home. (((Hugs)))

I like both of your stitching pieces. I really love the sad one. It is adorable with the flower attached.

It looks like you have another great read to keep you happy.

I am so glad that I found your blog. It is a great joy to read each day. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the rain drinking your tea!

Christine said...

Lovely finishes, the sad girl is so sweet.
Hope the time passes quickly until your husband gets home

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely stitching. Hope hubby's exam goes well. Great book.

Joysze said...

Good luck to hubby on his exams. He'll be home soon! :D

The froggy piece is cute as is the sad girl. :(

TammyK said...

Cute stitching Cucki :-) Good luck to your hubby...

Carol said...

Very cute finishes, Cucki--I'll bet you are counting the minutes until your husband gets home :)

Sherry said...

Both pieces are cute!!

Kaisievic said...

Hi Cucki dear, thanks for your kind wishes, I had a good night's sleep and now I feel so much better. I love Miss Read, too, although it is years since I read her books - just the mention of them brings back so many memories. I love your two sweet stitcheries - your DH will be back soon. Is he doing exams for his medical degree or doctorate?

Have a great day and I hope that the rain comes and it gets cooler.

lots of hugs, Kaye xoxox

Shirlee said...

Oh Cucki ... I LOVE Miss Read!!! Every book she has written is a gem ... & this is the time of year to read her Christmas books! I was only familiar with 3, but I just found out a week or two ago that she wrote another Christmas book that I have never seen before! Hubby bought it for me on & I can't wait to start reading it : ) Blessings, Shirlee

Lumiruusu said...

Oh,Cucki I feel I like give you a hug..please dont be so sad anymore,
your DH will come back soon.
I know how you feel beacause my DH is a trucker and he often drives to long distance away from me.

Lovely stitching!!
I keep you in me prayers !

Caitlin @ Naughts Cross Stitches said...

Awww so cute :D I love the sad face!

The great thing about pollyanna is it is a series of books as she grows up and has a family.

If you like those books have you read Anne of Green Gables? They're lovely as well.

Karen said...

I read several Thrush Green books a good while back. I had forgotten about them. Lovely stories.

Ranae said...

Cute finishes.
It will be Wednesday soon.
There's a saying "Absent makes the heart grow fonder"

EvalinaMaria said...

Here is a big {{{{{hug}}}}} for you! Thank you for sharing pictures. I love the I hate frogs! (must find the pattern...)

Anne said...

Lovely frog Cucki!! It is very sweet! I'm sorry to hear you are sad about your husband being away...he will come back soon! Big hugs for you!

Congrats on winning Teresa's giveaway! You deserve it for being such a lovely person :D


Loredana said...

Oh your blog is just marvellous and we both share a love for cross stitch and cats. I have two cats myself. I will be following your postings regularly and hope to keep in touch with you!

Kay said...

Your finishes are wonderful! Congrats on winning the giveaway!

MysteryKnitter said...

Nice stitching again! I am sure your DH will come back soon. Time has wings, you know.