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Monday, 26 September 2011

Alot of new yummy stuff..and my new friend xx

Happy monday to all my dear friends,
woshhhhhhhhhhh weekend was like this..i was thinking to do this and to do that just gone..and its monday time..
well it is start of another week and monday is always crazy here in cucki's cove..
from the morning i am just running around now finally i found some ME time..
i wanted to share some of my recent yummy treats..
 here is my wee birdie trying to eat the worm..finally it is done..i really love it so much..
again i did ribbon embroidery for the flowers and needle painting for the bird body..i nearly gone blind to stitch his body alright..but now i am happy..he is ready to go framer..
and this is my little needle book..i made it with was so quick to make and i enjoy making it :)
and my pin cushion..another one??
yup..ohh this was really so much can see a little doll is sitting there to look after my needles from naughty pixies:)
you can see i really had a busy weekend..but i really had lovely time..
here the weather is changed a it is getting warmer but still the nights are cold.
our garden is really coming back to spring and grass is getting greener too..we need little rain then it will be fine..and lots of birds are coming to my bird houses..
i wanted to say  a big thank you to all my friends for you lovely comments on my humble post..really it always made me so happy and i am so thankful for your love and friendship..i love and treasure your comments..
love you all so much :)
happy cucki:) can i forget my sweet angel..
sorry dear..i just saw her face turning more pink while i am typing and rattling and not showing her pictures to you all..she is sitting in front of me..
she is my new angel friend..
her name is angela..
she is my sweet another dear friend..i nearly forgot to post her picture then i saw her sad face..
aww so sweet..
now what am i going to do? i think i will walk around in the garden for little while and then i will stitch.. it is cross stitch time..i still have to make another biscornou for my exchange and then i will be it is going to be the last stitching for my exchanges..
then i will stitch something special for me..
keep well dear going to have a ghostly walk in the garden..
then after that it will be ME and my STITCHING..
so you all take care and and have a lovely week
me love you all so much.
happy stitching..
big hugs ..


butterfly said...

Woooow love all your stitching, such a sweet little bird and what a lovely pink Angel .So pretty.

Anonymous said...

What fabulous finishes you have. They are all so cute. I really love your angel friend. I will be getting your package in the mail today or tomorrow. I will email you when it is done. Have a great week!

Ali O'Donnell said...

Such lovely finishes! Nice work =)

Lumiruusu said...

The embroidered bird and the pincushion are so beautiful,again I have to admire your stitching skills again!

Thank you for sweet comments on my blog!!
Enjoy your garden :)

♥ Nia said...

Happy Monday sweetie!! :D
I love your blog head banner! So pretty and cute :)
Oh! What an adorable pincushion! Lovely lovely lovely =)
Beautiful works, all of them! Congrats :)
Hugs&smiles to you!!

Sara said...

You're truly a gifted stither:)
Your finishes are simply gorgeous.
Congratulations Cucki and thanks for sharing it with us :)

alliecat said...

Aww you do make some gorgeous things! So talented :) love the bird and the fairy!!
Allie xo

Teresa said...

Your bird is just wonderful. Love the pin cushion and the sweet angel, we must not forget her.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Jenny said...

Hi Cucki - I love your little bird! what a wonderful design and you did such a beautiful work on her.
Your angel is so pretty too - you have a really good friend there and I know that you deserve a special angel!

Carol said...

Oh, your little bird is so sweet--beautifully done, Cucki :)

Sally said...

Your stitching is beautiful Cucki. I love the bird. It is so pretty.

Jordan said...

The bird is beautiful! well done :D xxx

Hippywitch said...

WOW you been really busy! I love the birdy, the pincushion is really fabulous, you can never have too many :-) The angel is adorable, you couldn't forget her!

MysteryKnitter said...

Your stitching is lovely! I am sure the local framer there in your country selects the right frame for your picture.