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Monday, 5 September 2011

some embroidery time..and cute treasure..

                             hello my dear friends,
                                                        5th of september today..and really it was a warm day here..i think we are stepping into summer so fast..but its least now i can wandered around in my garden without thick wooly sweaters..even i can see maloo is like a wild wind..
my one of the fav embroidery picture..i am sending it for framing tomm..but firstly i so much wanted to share it with you all..
i really enjoy making it..the cat,, hat,,the cute bow on the hat,,flowers,,everything,,
i did ribbon embroidery and free style embroidery on this picture..
well i did mention about my treasure..
yup!my family gave me this..i think i am a good girl now a days..he he he
 are'nt they so cute? i love them so much..
and few of my fav things u can see..bears,,sewing machine,,basket of threads, books,,scissor,,
they are so cute..
sitting together..
maybe thinking..
what to stitch next?one is already reading a pattern..
one nice story is already coming in my mind of three stitcher friends:)
it is must one of my treasure..straight going in my room and a cornor of my heart too..
i really had a lovely day today my diary and dear friends..
just thinking that i must stop thinking and day dreaming and start stitching fast..i really need to catch up with my exchange stitching and so many things..phew..
keep well dear..cucki is off for stitching now..
with all my love and elephanty hugs xx


Teresa said...

Such beautiful ribbon flowers, just lovely. Cute little bears.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

♥ Nia said...

Ribbon embroidery?! woooww that doesn't seem easy :p Great job!! Congrats :)

Parsley said...

What lovely work you do. Such pretty ribbon flowers.

butterfly said...

Love your ribbon work . Great job very pretty.

Kaisievic said...

Love your new blog and your ribbon work is so sweet.

Jenny said...

Great job on your ribbon-work kitten! Your bear collection is adorable!

Kerryp77 said...

beautiful embroidery

Hippywitch said...

Love the kitty embroidery Cucki! The ribbon flowers are gorgeous, I've never tried that yet. I love your treasure, I'm a big bear fan and that is so cute! :-)

Jordan said...

The stitching is beautiful! And the ornament is really sweet :)

Crafty-Laura said...

Oh that embroidery is just stunning!!!

Kay said...

The cat in the flowers embroidery is so adorable. The bear ornament is sweet as well.

MysteryKnitter said...

Stunning work! You sure can make things I couldn't even figure out! I just needlepoint, but I enjoy that as much as you enjoy that more complicated stitching of yours.