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Thursday, 15 September 2011

two more down..

me so happy for that..
happy thursday to everyone and good morning!
today here the morning is very lovely..and i decided to be a early bird today..
i finished two of my exchange stitching and feeling so good..finally i am getting there..
here is my stitching for one exchange..
 and the other one is called "star sign exchange"i have to stitch the star sign of my partner..her star sign is gemini.
and for my next exchange threads and material is ready..going to stitch shortly on that too..
in my last post you like the bird nest so much..i find out some more nest in our back garden too.
that bird is called "southern masked weaver"it is a small yellow bird..
here are some pictures for you all to see..
he start making his nest like this..

here he is with complete nest:)

he is so sweet and sing so beautifully..they are my lovely stitching buddies too..i listen to them and stitch:)
keep well dear all..and happy stitching xx


butterfly said...

Wow love your stitching,its so pretty . And what a beautiful bird i wish we had some of the beautiful birds you see in other parts of the world We have a few but most are brown or black.

Teresa said...

Cute stitching, really like Count Your Blessing.
What an unusual bird nest. Beautful bright yellow bird, we have nothing like that.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Hippywitch said...

Gorgeous stitching Cucki! I love that little bird, how pretty and very clever to build a nest like that :-)

Crafty-Laura said...

Beautiful stitching Cucki! And wow, I love those photos of the little bird and the nest! Amazing! Thanks for sharing!!!

Anne said...

Adorable stitching Cucki!! I love the pictures of those little birds and their nests!! So pretty!


Anne...thanks for joining my blog :D

Jenny said...

I love the bird pictures - they are very talented! Your finishes are also pretty! :-)

Sally said...

Hello:) I am new to your blog. Your finishes are beautiful.

The bird is so pretty. We don't see many bright birds here but I do love watching them anyway.

Hannah - City Stitcher said...

hello Cucki - I lvoe the post nests, I have never seen birds next like that before, we don't have any like that here in the UK.

and your sitching looks great too! x

Lilian said...

I love th count your blessing stiching and wll done on getting then finishd. The star sign one is sweet as well.
Love the bird pictures you are so lucky having the close.
Take care love

Kay said...

Love your finishes! Lizzie Kate is always cute and to the point with the designs! I love the bird nest photos. Back at our old place every year a bird would build its nest by our kitchen window, it was always nice to see every summer. I miss that.