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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

lots of ramblings from cucki :)

Helloooo a big warm hello from sleepy cucki ^ ^
it is night time here 11:30 at the moment and me sitting here with half open eyes.. but i so much wanted to share so much  with you all..
firstly my maloo remember monday we have to took her to the we took her and the doctor said she is perfectly fine..even the swelling is gone now..yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee
but he said just give her the antibiotics for 4 more days for the safe side then stop it..
so it is really good news for all of us that she is really well and a happy maloo again..even i can see that she is doing well because today she was hanging with my wall hanging..he he he
so cucki and maloo are both doing happy dancing..
thank you my dear friends for all your prayers and love for my maloo..
what am i stitching?
i am stitching for one of my secret the morning i was busy with the house ..finally feeding the hungry birds i sat with my stitching in the afternoon and i stitch quite a bit..
so far i am here with my i will stitch the bottem border tomm and it will be finished..then i am going to stitch something for ME..
i found another book for my lovely collection..

i am going to read it soon because my prunella is nearly finished..few pages left..she was really fun reading..
today when i was keeping the book in my rack..i said to my mom..i think i need another book rack because this one is full now..and she said.."i think you need another house" am still giggling..
yup..a very sweet giveaway from the "hippywitch crafts blog"
it is a very sweet little amigurumi "witch" and a felt "heart hanging"..
aww that witch is so cute..i love her much..lori made both of them by herself.
thank you dear lori for such a lovely gift.i am so happy for it and so excited..cant wait to receive it..
love you lori xx
when i will receive it then will post the picture of my sweet new witchy friend..
now i am really off to bed..i am sleeping here..he he he
lets continue praying for all our friends, our family and our fur babies.
good night..sweet dreams and i will meet you soon..
good night kisses


Joysze said...

Glad to hear that Maloo is fine and well and congrats on the giveaway win. :D Love the ostrich piece... they're so cute. :)

Myra said...

Cute start and congratulations on your win. I had to go to her blog and see the little witch - so cute! Glad to hear Maloo is well and Cucki is too. :o)

Crafty-Laura said...

Hey Cucki! Congratulations on winning the giveaway, lucky you!! So glad to hear that Maloo is better now! :D Love your new book and your stitching of course. Have a nice day! Laura x

mdgtjulie said...

Lovely Cucki. It's always fun to win something!! I've won a couple of blog giveaways, and I love it! Also, I love the house comment. I could use a bigger storage space and lots of bookcases. I have about seventeen boxes of books in the basement!! Your stitching is lovely. Have you picked out what you're gonna do for you yet?

butterfly said...

Great news sweetie for Maloo, congrats on winning your giver away. Lve your stitching. Looks a good book.

Kerryp77 said...

glad maloo is better cucki. i love reading too and my bookcases are over flowing like yours too. the stitching is very sweet too and congrats on wining lori's giveaway

Cindy said...

i am so glad Maloo is better and what a wonderful thing to win a giveaway.....congratulations...i love to read also and my shelves are full too...i agree with your hubby that we should just get a bigger house, hehehe...hope your day is great.

Sally said...

I am glad that Maloo is feeling better:)

Congratulations on winning the giveaway!

Lovely stitching :)

Mindi said...

Cute little flamingos! I solved the problem of too many books in the house by getting an e-reader. All electronic books, and no one can tell how many I have!

♥ Nia said...

Glad to know the good news from Maloo!!! :D

MysteryKnitter said...

Oh, I am so glad Maloo is better! Stroke that soft fur for me, will you? And that bird stitching is lovely.